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Evolution of Disc Golf Equipmment – Disc Golf History

  When you play a round of disc golf, you likely aren’t paying much attention to the equipment you are using. You may not know it but the disc you are throwing and the basket you are trying to hit are actually the end result of a lot of change that has taken place in […]

Does disc golf cost money to play?

Cost to play disc golf

Does disc golf cost money to play? I’ve always said that one of the nice aspects of disc golf is that it is such an inexpensive sport. At least it can be. If travelling to tournaments is your thing, or you like to collect discs, this sport can really cut into your budget. However, for […]

Bead vs Beadless Putter

This post is going to cover the physical attribute of a bead vs beadless putter. Lately we have covered a lot of comparisons, we’ve compared aspects of flight, types of discs, to name a few. Our most recent comparison was that of a midrange vs a fairway driver. Be sure to check those out if […]