The Best Disc Golf Carts for 2023

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The most crucial factor for a player when playing disc golf is to be comfortable and convenient on the field. After all, how they feel during the game will eventually reflect the result and outcome of the game. Because of this, all disc golf players need the best disc golf carts to bring all their disc golf stuff, including the disc golf discs, which for me is the most essential equipment in the game.

Unlike the disc golf bag, the cart brings a new dimension to offering comfort and convenience. It reduces the effect of carrying the weight of the bag, thus minimizing backaches and other pains on the body. For this reason, we are reviewing 5 of the top disc golf cart in the market today. All our recommendation is based on our team’s experience in using the bags on the field. We also include relevant information to help disc golfers choose the correct disc golf cart for their usage.

Best Disc Golf Cart Reviews

1. ZUCA Dynamic Discs Compact Cart

zuca dynamic discs compact cart

The most crucial part for a disc golf player is to be comfortable when playing the game. To ease the burden of carrying equipment and allow players to focus on the game, consider the Zuca disc golf cart. It offers compact storage, comfort, and convenience for all disc golfers.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its ability to hold up to 300 lbs of weight. I was impressed by how it can keep many discs and other stuff needed by the disc golf player in the game. Thanks to its durable and patented frame, which can hold the massive weight while also offering a seating solution. Yes, you heard it from me; you can use and convert this cart into a seat if you need to.

The storage capacity is also another feature that I feel genuinely impressed with this product. To start with, its ability to hold 15 discs should be enough for disc golfers at any skill level. There is also an adjustable inner top shelf and 2 huge stretchable pockets, which should provide additional space for the other things you want to bring in the game. Finally, the two large-size water bottle holders will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the match, and the mini pouch provides extra space for your use.

I have known fellow disc golfers who have previously used this cart, and they share similar views regarding the excellent quality of the product. Overall, this is a great cart and should be suitable for players of advanced age. Its ability to carry more than 15 discs should provide enough comfort for players with weak or bad knees, typical for older people. The best thing about this bag is that you do not carry it, thanks to its telescopic handle, which should help navigate the course quickly.

Also, this cart’s ability to bring a lot of stuff without carrying it on your back should physically provide comfort to the player. You will just roll it, pushing or pulling it on the course, whatever you like. And its capacity to be converted into a chair should make many disc golfers happy.


  • The telescopic handle gives easy navigation on the terrain
  • Tubeless foam tires provide rugged performance
  • Ability to carry massive weight
  • Offers lower seat solution
  • Compact but large storage capacity


  • Difficulty in navigating uneven terrain

This product is for disc golf players looking for a compact but huge-capacity disc golf cart. This product is a good option for a disc golf player with all the features and benefits it brings. And the way it can be converted into a chair is the difference-maker when it comes to owning this disc golf cart.

2. Dbest products Trolley Dolly Cart

dbest products trolley dolly cart

While this trolley dolly cart wasn’t initially designed for disc golf, disc golf players have seamlessly adapted it to meet the sport’s requirements. I’ve personally observed numerous disc golfers utilizing this product, and I was impressed by how it assists them in transporting their gear on the course. A disc golfer looking for a unique and excellent disc golf cart can consider this product from Dbest.

One of the outstanding benefits of this product is the ability of the disc golfer to relax and comfortably sit while waiting for his turn to throw the discs. This product stands out as one of the few carts with seats available in the market, which, in my opinion, is an excellent feature. I was also impressed by the padded foam seat cushion, which offers convenience to the user. Not only that, the back support will help the player relax and calm while resting or waiting for his turn.

I have tried and tested this cart on the field, and the way it moves was impressive. It is easy to push regardless of the weight and was very balanced. Thanks to its beefy and oversized wheels, which can navigate any type of surface or terrain. And the best thing about it, storage will not be a problem since it can easily fold down in half. You can easily store it because it does not require vast space to do so.

Another benefit that this cart brings to the table is its flexibility and versatility in using other tasks. I know we are looking for the best disc golf cart, but if you can use the cart for other activities or tasks, that should be impressive. This product is a multi-functional cart that will serve different purposes, such as a shopping cart, grocery cart, and foldable cart. And the best thing about it, it does not require any assembly, which makes it easy for the user.

The only issue I see in the product is the design of the seat. It is not in the upright position, which should cause some discomfort and inconvenience to some players. But this is a minor issue which the manufacture should correct soon.


  • The bag has 7 compartments for storage
  • The seat is with padded foam seat cushion for comfort and convenience
  • With heavy-duty and oversized wheels for easy navigation
  • It can be easily folded down for better storage
  • It can be used on other tasks apart from disc golf


  • The seat is not in an upright position

If you are looking for a disc golf cart that offers flexibility and can be used on other activities or tasks, this cart is a good option. Apart from disc golf, this product is designed to use when doing grocery, shopping, and other related things you can do.

3. ZUCA Dynamic Discs Backpack Cart

zuca dynamic discs backpack cart

We all know many disc golf players use disc golf bags in carrying their discs and other accessories. There are several upsides to using this accessory, but some downsides may also affect the player’s performance in the long haul. What I was saying is that the more you put weight into the bag, the more it will take its toll on the player physically. A heavy backpack can cause back pain and other physical aches, leading to being uncomfortable in the disc golf course.

This is why the brand Dynamic Discs has created a disc golf cart design to provide a space for their high-quality disc golf bags. It will turn all the bags into a rolling backpack to make it easy for disc golf players when playing on the field. The best thing about this bag is it will create lesser effort and stress, which should benefit the player and possibly transfer it in his performance during the game.

But one of the primary purposes of this disc golf cart is to provide the disc golf player a sturdy and portable solid seat. Yes, this disc golf cart has a dual purpose and can be converted into a chair if the player needs it. The best part is that it features a frame made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and robustness. It can support up to 300 lbs of weight which is very impressive.

Another purpose of this disc golf cart is to make it easy for you to navigate rugged terrain in a disc golf course. The tubeless foam tires will be able to deal with different types of surfaces. Whether it’s sandy, rocky, snowy, and rough terrain, the pair of tires will successfully handle this with ease. Meanwhile, if you are looking for more space, the wheels can be detached and removed to accommodate more space for you.

Meanwhile, the telescopic handles will bring more comfort and convenience to the player. It will be easy for him to pull or push, depending on the player’s preference. The length of the handle is just enough for anyone using it, regardless of height.


  • The telescoping handle is long enough o provide comfort and convenience to anyone
  • Wheels can be removed to add and accommodate additional compact spaces
  • Can fit large specialized backpacks
  • Tubeless tires are designed to navigate different types of terrain
  • Seat convertible which can carry up to 300 lbs


  • Support bar under the seat makes it difficult to access the top

This product is for disc golf players who own huge disc golf bags and wa]]want to say goodbye in carrying them. Using this disc golf cart will say goodbye to body pains, backache, and the hassle of bringing the bag to your back.

4. Bag Boy Quad Push Cart

bag boy quad push cart

When looking for a disc golf cart, you need something light and easily pulled or pushed. This allows the disc golfer to navigate various terrains on the course with ease. The Bag Boy Quad Push Cart is a reliable option for effectively transporting your bag and ensuring comfort as you move around.

Comparing it with the other product we reviewed, this is a 4-wheel pushcart which should provide an additional advantage on the disc golf course. The benefit of having a 4-wheel push cart is that it gives stability on the surface, navigating on an uneven surface, or pushing it on rough terrain. It gives your bag a sense of security when going to different positions on the disc golf course.

And the best thing about it, this disc golf cart is designed to accommodate the bag easily. This disc golf cart comes with a bag holder, making the bag sit nicely on the cart. The best part is that you will see your bag secured and will not move or swing even when navigating on uneven surfaces on the disc golf course. I have experienced it using in a hilly course, and the bag just sits nicely and is very secure.

Another thing that impresses me was the compact foldable size which should bring convenience when storing it. It will also get a lot of portability to the cart when transporting it from your home to the disc golf course. Keeping the cart is easy and transporting it is easy as well, which should bring comfort to anyone using this disc golf cart.

However, the only issue I see in the product is the quality of the brake. It is challenging to assemble and sometimes will not function as expected. The manufacturer has an excellent opportunity to improve this part of the cart.

  • Provides easy storage and transport
  • With handle mounted parking brake
  • 4 wheels offer stability even on rugged terrain and uneven surfaces
  • It comes with a large accessory bag
  • Bag to cart attachment provides security to the bag


  • Brakes difficult to assemble


This disc golf cart is for players looking for stability and security in their bags when dealing with unfriendly disc golf courses. The 4-wheels and the secure bag holder will make you comfortable during navigation on the field with uneven surfaces and challenging terrain.


5. ZUCA Dynamic Discs Transit Cart

zuca dynamic discs transit cart

If you are an active disc golfer who is constantly participating in disc golf tournaments, this transit cart from Zuca by Dynamic Disc is an excellent option. This product will provide different features and benefits to the user once it is used in the field. From navigation on various surfaces to carrying a good number of discs, this product has it all and will help make you comfortable during the game.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the durable and robust frame which can be converted into a portable seat. I have personally inspected the frame, and it was so strong. I feel that it can accommodate and carry up to 300 lbs of weight. Also, the seat can be quickly flip up to give access to the location of your discs.

I also found the bag’s quality and durability impressive. It can carry at least 25 discs, providing ample space, and it’s constructed from high-quality polyester, a durable and water-resistant material. Furthermore, there’s a spacious zippered pouch on the front of the bag, offering extra storage for game essentials. There is also a zipper door opening in the bag, which provides easy access to all of your discs.

On the field, the cart feels nice and very light when used on the disc golf course. Also, the wheels will just roll smoothly, and the tire feels very good in moving the surface. Thanks to its tubeless foam performance tires, which give the ability to handle different types of terrain. Whether you are playing in rocky, sandy, snowy, or rugged terrain, this cart can take it with ease.

Another benefit of using this cart is it will bring so much good to your body. Having to use a disc golf bag will make you pick up the disc for every throw, and this can cause back strain and pain all over the body. Using this cart will eliminate that and will bring comfort to the body.


  • Ability to take on any terrain
  • It can be converted into a portable seat and can take up to 300 lbs
  • Offers great storage capacity
  • It comes with a removable and hand-washable insert bag
  • Tubeless foam performance tires can handle different types of terrain


  • Axel knobs tendency to fall off

If you are a disc golfer looking for a cart for tournament play, then this disc golf cart is just right for you. It can be converted into a portable seat which brings comfort and convenience to the player while waiting his turn. The storage capacity and the other features will help you in improving your game results.

How to Choose Disc Golf Cart

Design of the Disc Golf Cart

The design of the cart will all depend on your objective in acquiring the disc golf accessory. Do you want your cart to be a chair or not? Or you want it integrated where you can comfortably sit and still carry the disc golf equipment you are using in the game. You can also have the option to bring your stool and leave the cart to taking other things.

For me, having something to sit in a disc golf cart is my preference. A cart that I can sit on comfortably during break or when I am not throwing my discs. I also like the idea of having a few more wheels on the ground because it will be easy for me what I am driving over.

In my years of playing disc golf, I would prefer the 3-wheel option most of the time. The single front wheel in front is easier to lift when navigating any rough terrain. The upside of three-wheeled carts and strollers is they are better for courses that are less cart-friendly. The two-wheeled carts are more challenging to handle, especially on bad and rugged terrain.

Storage Capability

The storage capability of the disc golf cart will all depend on your preference as a disc golf player. Do you tend to travel light or travel heavy? Do you like to bring more things apart from the disc golf equipment? Please note that some carts have many extra spaces dedicated for additional items like coolers, zip-up packing bags, and a whole lot more.

In my experience, I’ve found that space will fill up as I enter the game, whether it’s with extra discs, clothing, water bottles, bug spray, beer, or other items.

My advice is to create a list of your discs and other essentials for the disc golf course. Avoid purchasing a model with unnecessary compartments to keep your load lighter. Carry just what you need. Additionally, consider the specific disc golf course you’ll be playing on. For instance, in a hot course, think about adding an adjustable umbrella holder for your cart.

Dedicated Cart or Carrying Cart

This factor is all about you and your purpose of having a disc golf cart. Do you expect to use the cart exclusively? Or will you switch back and forth between a disc golf bag and a cart? Now, if you are going to change, do you look at moving or reorganizing your discs or course equipment as a hassle? Or are you comfortable doing it before and after the game?

The answer to all the questions above will determine if you are leaning towards having a dedicated cart or going into a cart that carries an existing bag. In my situation, I own a backpack, but I don’t mind using a disc golf cart that can hold it and other things that I can bring toward the game with the extra space.

Push or Pull Disc Golf Cart: What Cart to Get?

One way to distinguished the disc golf cart is the way the player carries it. One way is pushing it, and the other is pulling it in the course. The question is, which is the best cart for you? The answer to this question will depend on you and your preference. Do you like pushing the cart just like Rovic? Or do you mind pulling a cart like the Zuxa brand?

The answer to those questions above will determine your preferred disc golf cart. Personally, I learned that it is much easier for my shoulder to push the cart compared to pulling the others. But this is on me, and my preference and yours will be different too.

What About Cart Friendly Courses?

If you play a course full of big roots, hills, bridges, and uneven terrain, that course isn’t cart-friendly. My advice for this is to use a backpack in the game. Although you insist on using golf carts, my suggestion is to use three-wheeled carts and strollers because they are better for this situation. Meanwhile, two-wheeled carts are more difficult to handle on rugged terrain. Using it will bring discomfort and inconvenience to you once you use it in that type of situation.

Bag or Cart: Which Suits You Best?

For Disc Golf Cart

Disc golf cart brings many upsides should you decide to use it in the disc golf game. If you are playing in a course that reaches over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, you will need to carry a ton of water in this situation. Therefore, you need that extra space for your rehydration which the disc golf cart can give. You also want to carry all the extra stuff, such as the cooler, chair, and disc retriever.

The disc golf cart will save tons of energy for the player and will help in minimizing their fatigue. The more storage for everything plus a portable seat will bring many comforts to you. If you had an injury or getting old, the disc golf cart will minimize the impact of playing on your body.

Using a disc golf cart will not put additional weight on your back. Additionally, it prevents the need to carry a backpack all day, which can tire your arms during long throws. I recommend using the cart in flat, open areas and avoiding trails, hills, dense woods, and mountainous terrain.

For Disc Golf Bag

A disc golf bag also brings a lot of benefits to the disc golf player. In fact, many players choose the bag because they are easier to carry and is easier to travel with. As for me, I always prefer smaller bags for hillier courses and making quick trips while playing the sport. Also, a disc golf bag is way cheaper compared to a disc golf cart.


There are many things to consider in looking for the best disc golf cart. But one thing is for sure, choosing the right product is crucial when it comes to helping you during the game. We hope that our team has provided relevant information and tips in choosing the right disc golf cart for you. After all, we only want the best for our readers which is to select the right product for their disc golf game.