Divergent Discs – Brand of the Week

This week’s featured brand is Divergent Discs—a beacon of uniqueness in the homogenized world of disc golf. Unlike their competitors, who tailor their discs to seasoned pros (because apparently, they need all the help they can get), Divergent focuses on the fresh faces, the weekend warriors, and the folks who think “hyzer flip” is a new dance move.

Divergent Discs

Divergent offers a smorgasbord of disc options, none of which are designed to satisfy the advanced disc golfer—sorry, elite throwers, you’re not the target audience here. Instead, they cater to a colorful crowd of beginners, women, children, senior citizens, and casual players just looking to not embarrass themselves too badly.


Divergent dishes out two different putters. Their flagship, the Narwhal, feels as magical as its namesake and is perfect for those picturesque straight throws. But let’s be honest, its domey top might not be everyone’s cup of tea for actual putting—unless you like a challenge. On the flip side, the Nuno putter is the flat-topped hero we all need, boasting a stability that makes greenside throws a breeze.


Meet the stars of the midrange lineup: The Leviathan is the go-to for beginners trying to make the disc go right without performing a ritual dance first. The Kapre is as straight as they come, giving you the reliability of a Swiss watch. And the new kid on the block, the Kataw, brings the muscle against the wind, ensuring your disc politely refuses to veer off course.

Fairway Drivers

From understable to “is this even moving?” the fairway drivers like the Tiyanak allow even the greenest of players to feel like a pro with minimal power. If you’re after consistency in your game, reach for the Kraken. But if it’s excitement and twists you crave, throwing a Minotaur will make every round an adventure – perfect for showing off or giving those squirrels something to talk about.

Distance Drivers

Divergent’s distance drivers are like training wheels for the speed-challenged. The Basilisk is the beginner’s best friend—unless you’re a seasoned athlete, in which case, it’s as temperamental as a cat on a hot tin roof. The Lawin adds a tad more stability for those who’ve graduated from complete noviceness.Super Soft Disc

Super Soft Discs

Then there’s the “Stay Put” line, made from a silicone blend that’s more flexible than my diet plans. For those times when you find yourself throwing over undulating terrain toward precariously placed baskets, these are your go-to discs. Super soft discs won’t skip or roll. The Alpas is your easy-going approach buddy, the Golem is so overstable it’s practically a doorstop, and the Wyrm, well, it’s the Golem with aspirations of grandeur.

Divergent Discs Starter Packs

For those new to the game, Divergent shines with their Starter Packs. Choose from a variety of sets designed to build your collection piece by piece, or dive headfirst into the sport with the 8-disc complete set—bag included, because we’re classy like that. And if you’re gathering the clan for some disc golf fun, the family set or putter packs will keep everyone busy and minimize the trekking to retrieve those wayward throws.

Ultra Low Prices on Divergent Discs

And the cherry on top? These discs won’t break the bank. Without MAP pricing, Divergent lets us offer deals so good, they make other brands’ prices look like they’re from a luxury catalogue. Grab a bulk pack and get a taste of variety at the cost of what the big guys charge for a single disc.

So, if you or someone you know swings their arm more slowly than a lazy Sunday afternoon, give Divergent Discs a whirl. Explore the world of disc golf with gear that doesn’t take a professional to master but might just make you feel like one.