Star vs Champion Plastic – An In-Depth Comparison

Disc selection plays a crucial role in disc golf, with players often having a selection of go-to discs and even backups of their favorite molds. Different discs appeal to different players, and one key factor that affects a disc’s performance is the type of plastic it’s made from. In this post, I’ll be comparing Star and Champion plastics, discussing their differences, similarities, flight patterns, and which type of player each is best suited for.

Star Plastic Qualities

Star plastic is a blend of polymers known for its high grip and durability. It’s as resilient as Champion plastic, according to Innova, but with the added benefit of extra grip.

Discs made with Star plastic have a flight pattern similar to those made with Champion plastic, but Star plastic discs tend to be slightly less stable. They offer predictable flight paths and have a softer feel due to the polymer blend, making them more flexible than their Champion counterparts.

Overall, Star plastic discs are favored for their longevity and superior grip, ensuring they will perform consistently over time.


Champion Plastic Qualities

Champion plastic is crafted from a high-tech blend that offers equal durability to Star plastic. Champion discs have a clearer, brighter appearance and are designed for skilled players because they have more stability and firmness.


The standout feature of Champion plastic is its consistent performance in a variety shots. Its firmness makes it ideal for players with strong arm speeds, and it resists wear and tear, maintaining its flight characteristics over time.


Star vs. Champion Flights

which players suit star vs champion plastic

The flight patterns of discs in the same mold but made with Star or Champion plastic don’t differ significantly, except for the stability. Champion plastic discs tend to fly straighter and have more stability, depending on the disc’s turn rating.

For a right hand backhand (RHBH) throw, a disc made of Star plastic will be likely to turn a little during the fastest part of the flight. In contrast, a Champion plastic disc will fly straight before fading at the end.

Using the Innova Thunderbird as an example, with ratings of speed 9, glide 5, turn 0, and fade 2:

– On a hyzer release, the Star plastic shows a slight turn and solid fade. The Champion disc remains stable, holding the hyzer line through the flight.

– On a flat release, the Champion plastic flies straighter, even in a headwind, has a harder fade. The Star disc goes slightly right with a subtler fade.

– On an anhyzer release, the Star disc veers sharply right and fades gently, while the Champion disc starts to straighten up sooner, and still rolls over to a good fade.


Which Players Benefit Most from Star vs. Champion Plastic?

Star plastic is recommended for beginners and amateurs because it offers the same durability as Champion plastic but with extra grip, which can help newer players as they develop their skills and arm speed.

Champion plastic is more suitable for experienced players with higher skill levels. These discs are firmer, more suited to high-speed throws, and are a reliable choice once a player gets accustomed to them. The longevity and retention of flight characteristics make Champion plastic a valuable option for seasoned players.



When comparing Star and Champion plastic, the choice ultimately depends on the player’s experience and preferences. Star plastic is ideal for beginners or those working on their technique, while Champion plastic is designed for experienced players who prioritize control and reliability in their discs. In terms of durability, both plastics are on par initially, but Champion holds up longer. In the grip category, Star plastic is the grippier, softer choice.

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