Star vs Champion Plastic – An In-Depth Comparison

Discs play a huge part in the success of disc golf players. Professionals even have their go-to discs or even their own lineup of discs. There are discs that just speak to different players. One aspect of discs that affect their performance is the plastic that they are made of. In this post, I will compare Star vs Champion plastic.

I will examine their differences and similarities. I will also discuss their respective flight patterns and which kind of players suit them best.

Star Plastic Qualities

Star plastic is made of various blends of polymers with high grip and resilience. It is highly durable – Innova even claims that it is as durable as the Champion plastic. However, it has more grip.

Discs made with Star plastic have almost the same flight pattern as discs made of Champion plastic. The only difference is that a Star plastic disc is a little less stable than Champion plastic of the same mold. They are very predictable in their flight patterns. However, because of their resilient polymer blends, Star plastic discs are not as firm as their Champion counterparts.

Overall, Star plastic discs are preferred for their durability and superior grip. Anyone can be sure that these discs will last long and will perform predictably well.

Champion Plastic Qualities

Champion plastic is made from a special hi-tech plastic. It is equally durable to Star plastic. Appearance-wise, Champion discs have a clearer and brighter look. Because Champion discs are designed for highly-skilled professional players, they are more stable and firmer than their counterparts made of other plastics.

The primary boasting feature of discs made of Champion plastic is their reliable performance even in various terrains. Aside from that huge advantage, Champion discs are also firm, perfect for players with incredible arm speeds. Plus, its firmness means the Champion plastic doesn’t wear as easily as other discs. It will retain its intended flight characteristics longer.

How They Fly

which players suit star vs champion plastic

The flight pattern of discs of the same mold but in Star and Champion plastics don’t differ much. The only difference is that discs made from Champion plastic are more stable. They will fly a little straighter, if not to the left, depending on the turn rating of the disc.

For a right hand backhand (RHBH) throw, a disc made of Star plastic will likely turn a bit to the right even if it has a -1 turn rating. If the same disc mold is made of Champion plastic, it will likely fly straight before fading at the end.

The Champion is a great disc for advanced players. However, it takes a while to break it in. That’s the only problem I had with mine. But once I managed to break it in, it performed really well for me. Champion flies reliably. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same grip as the Star.

Using the Innova Thunderbird as the mold, I managed to pinpoint the differences in their flight. The Thunderbird has the following ratings: speed 9, glide 5, turn 0, and fade 2. All shots discussed here are.

On a hyzer release, the Star plastic has a very visible turn. And its fade is aggressive. The Champion disc, however, has a very stable flight which it maintains until it fades very slightly.

On a flat release, the two discs are very similar. The Star plastic flew very straight but with a hard fade. The Champion went a little to the right and had a subtle fade.

On an anhyzer release, the Star disc went right hard and faded hard. In contrast, the Champion disc tends to fly right only slightly but with a big fade.

Which Players Suit Star vs Champion Plastic

In my opinion, amateurs and beginner players can get more out of the Star plastic than the Champion plastic. Why? Discs made with Star plastic have equal durability as Champion plastic, but with more grip.

When I first started playing disc golf, I needed more grip out of my discs while I’m developing my skills and arm speed. The stronger and more power behind my throws I got, the less I needed grip.

Discs made of Champion plastic are more suited for players with higher skill levels. These discs are firmer and more suited for high-speed flight. Plus, if the player gets used to using a Champion disc, the disc can become his go-to choice. The durability of the Champion plastic and its ability to retain its flight characteristics for longer are huge assets for seasoned players.


Star vs Champion plastic – which is better? In my opinion, Star is better for beginners or those who still need to develop their technique. Champion plastic, like the name implies, is better for seasoned players who want a reliable and manageable disc. The extra stability of a Champion disc allows for more control, especially for tricky shots. But regarding durability, they are almost equal out of the box, but Champion retains its durability longer. When talking of grip, Star wins.

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