The Best Disc Golf Bags for 2023

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A disc golf player needs all the right equipment and accessories to be comfortable in the disc golf course. The player needs the right set of discs, but the next best thing is to have the best disc golf bags. The bag is an essential piece of equipment to carry and organize the disc during the game. The player can also put other personal stuff and belongings for safety when inside the disc golf course.

Selecting the right disc golf bag is crucial, and in this article, we will review 12 top disc golf bags based on our experience, fellow players’ feedback, and test results. Our goal is to provide our readers with the best recommendations for their bag selection.

Best Disc Golf Bag Reviews

1. Infinite Discs Huck Pack


When looking for a disc golf bag, comfort should be your priority for carrying it on the disc golf course. The bag should not hinder your game while also serving as your assistance in bringing the discs. With all these requirements, the Huck Pack disc golf backpack from Infinite Discs is what you need to provide comfort while carrying all the discs you need in a disc golf round.


Testing this bag, I immediately felt its durability and lightness. Thanks to the 600D Cordura Nylon materials, which makes it one of the most lightweight bags you can ever use. It is one of the primary features that this bag offers, along with the padded straps and the padded back panel. These features provide comfort and convenience when carrying the bag on the disc golf course.


Other notable features in this disc golf bag are the three external pockets and the two insulated water bottle holders. I have used the external pockets for my wallet, phone, keys, and even scorecards. You can put other things in those pockets if you want to. For the water bottle holders, a 32 oz. water bottle will fit nicely into them and should be a great help during the game.

Overall, my personal opinion is that this disc bag is impressive with all the features I have mentioned. As a bonus, you will find a velcro that holds the flap, which makes the access of all the discs so easy. The top pocket is for the putters, giving easy access during the game. For me, this is a nice extra feature to have.

However, one minor drawback that I see is the quality of the zipper. I feel like this is the first one to give up if it is used continuously. The manufacturer should consider replacing it with a high-quality zipper just to improve its quality.

  • Provides durability and lightness with its high-quality materials
  • Holds 22 or more discs
  • An external
  • Provides two insulated water bottle holders
  • Padded straps and back panel provides additional comfort
  • Subpar zipper quality

This product is perfect for beginners and intermediate disc golf players looking for an ideal disc golf bag. I highly recommend it for purchase due to its exceptional quality and the other benefits that you will be getting when using this backpack on the disc golf course.

2. Infinite Discs Slinger Bag


Infinite Discs is one of the well-known brands which is known for manufacturing among the disc golf community. But their line of products is not limited to the discs as they also produced top-notched accessories, including disc golf bags. This review features of the Slinger Bag, one of the best backpack disc golf bags from the company that offers many benefits to disc golfers. It is a feature-packed bag that can be a good companion for any disc golfer on the disc golf course.

After using the bag for many days, I have seen many benefits from using this bag on the disc golf course. For one, the main compartment is surprisingly large, which means it can hold a good amount of discs if you want to. The bag will keep them well and will be secured throughout the round. Carrying the bag also feels comfortable on my back, thanks to its padded shoulder strap.

Another benefit that I saw while using the product is that it can hold other things outside of discs. The storage capacity is decent, allowing me to bring my mobile phones, wallet, keys, and other things secured in those extra pockets. This bag makes great for a minimalistic player.

However, I see a few minor drawbacks, including the difficulty of retrieving the discs when the compartment is full. The discs will somehow crowd the compartment’s opening, which will make it difficult for the player to get the desired disc. I also have some difficulties in tightening the backstrap, but all of these were manageable as I use the bag more.

  • Lightweight
  • Padded strap and handles bring comfort to the user
  • Well-made and stylish design
  • With a huge compartment and additional three external pockets
  • Includes a water bottle pocket
  • Difficulty to retrieve the disc once the compartment is full

This disc golf bag is perfect for beginners and experienced disc golfers who want a minimal bag. I recommend this bag for purchase because this bag brings comfort and convenience to anyone who uses it on the disc golf course.

3. Prodigy BP-2 V3

When looking for the best medium disc golf bag, you need something slim and lightweight. A bag that is easy to carry and provides comfort to the disc golf player. This is precisely what this backpack from Prodigy BP2-V3 offers, a small but functioning backpack that helps any disc golfer bring all the things he needs to the disc golf course.

I have personally used this disc golf bag before, and I can say that my experience from using it was excellent. The quality of the product is top-notched, and the materials are durable. Even in its finest details, the bag was of high quality. I was impressed by the quality of the zipper and how it slides well when opening or closing it. It shows how durable the bag is when it comes to design and manufacturing.

The bottom part of the bag was also impressive, with a reinforced bottom it holds up well when you put it on the ground. Finally, the storage capacity was excellent. I have consistently brought around 10 to 15 discs whenever I played, but I know that this bag can hold more. There is a flap tuck with a velcro on it, which keeps the discs secure all the time in the compartment. Also, the zippered side pockets can accommodate anything other than the discs, such as mobile phones, keys, towels, and other things you will bring to a disc golf game.

When it comes to the benefits that this product brings, there are plenty, but the one the stands out is the seamless way that the disc pulls out of the bag. I have seen other bags in which the discs are hard to pull out, especially if it was full, but this bag is different. Best of all, this backpack provides convenience and comfort on my back even if I was carrying it the whole day. It is probably because of its design and the equal distribution of weight.

The only issue that I see with this bag is that the material is thin. The material is a good material, but it does feel thin.

  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Many external side pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Rubberized bottom
  • Material feels thin

I recommend this product to all disc golfers looking for a good bag but can still carry everything needed on the disc golf course. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced disc golfer, this bag is the perfect fit for you.

4. Infinite Discs Stealth Bag

If you are looking for a disc golf bag made by a true disc golf player, then this backpack from Infinite Discs is the best way to go. This product is one of the best small disc golf bags you can find, and its design is to enhance the player’s experience on the disc golf course. The designer of this bag was a disc golfer himself, which means he knows the requirements of all the players on the field.

One of the outstanding features of this disc golf bag is the water bladder. Unlike other bags with a bottle holder, this backpack has an additional water bladder that can be purchased. This will keep the player hydrated during the game.

Another feature in this bag that impressed me was the the carabiners. It is a perfect storage space for attaching other accessories such as the towel. Meanwhile, there is also a bottle holder for an extra water supply, or you can bring an extra soda if you like. The bottle holder can accommodate a can or bottle of coke if the player wants to.

Compared to the previous bags that I reviewed, this backpack is different in so many ways. The design and overall concept are not the same, and the disc storage capacity is smaller. This backpack can only accommodate 8 discs, while the other bags in this blog can accommodate more. But the most significant difference is the add-on water bladder which is unique in this disc golf bag. You can see the intention of the designer to keep the player hydrated during a disc golf round.

However, one minor issue that I see in the product was the difficulty in pulling the disc. The need to take the bag off my shoulder was a little bit inconvenient. I was hoping that I can wear it all the time during the game and not take it off when retrieving the disc. But anyway, this was just a minor issue, and it does not affect the quality of the backpack.

  • Includes a carabiner for attaching accessories
  • The concept and design were made by a disc golf player
  • Bottle holder for additional water supply
  • Difficulty in pulling the disc

With the way this disc bag was designed, this bag will be perfect for all disc golfers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this backpack can help in so many ways during a disc golf round. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a disc golf bag because it will benefit you and your disc golf game.

5. Prodigy Disc BP-1 V3 Disc Golf Backpack

The next product we will review takes pride in being one of the biggest disc golf backpacks in the market. The storage capacity of this bag is so huge that it can accommodate more than 30 discs and many more accessories. Based on my research, this bag is also the most durable by having water, tear, and scratch-resistant features. So, if you are a disc golfer looking for a bag with a bigger disc storage capacity, then this product is the right one for you.

This disc golf bag has room for everything. The statement should be the most accurate way to describe this disc golf back. It exceeded my expectations in the testing process regarding the storage capacity as I have inserted 30 discs in the main compartment alone. And if you try to add additional discs to the expandable side pockets, you can fit approximately 40 discs in total inside the disc golf bag.

I also find the umbrella sleeve unique in each own way because there are not that many disc golf bags that offer the same feature. Also, the two water bottle holders come in huge sizes, meaning they can hold water bottles of 32 oz, which is impressive. I was also impressed with the strap because it provides comfort to my shoulder and back once I carry it. I know that this bag will be heavier once fully loaded, but overall, I was impressed with its quality.

Once you have this bag, you will have plenty of benefits in return. For one, the large disc storage capacity can maximize all your disc golf disc collections while thoroughly organizing them on the bag. With the extra space, you can bring other things on it such as your mobile phones, keys, towels, among other things. You can even bring snacks if you want to and still fit them inside the bag.

Perhaps the only drawback that I see in this product is the assembly. There are internal plastics that you need to install, which require effort and patience from the buyer. Otherwise, this was a great disc golf bag to have.

  • Lightweight yet durable disc golf bag
  • Provides large disc storage capacity
  • Includes 2 insulated bottle holders
  • With umbrella sleeve
  • With expandable side pockets and magnetic accessory pockets
  • Difficult to install

This disc golf bag is one of the most durable and sturdy disc golf bags that I know. It is made with premium, requires high-quality materials, and offers water, scratch, and tear-resistant features. I recommend it to all disc golfers regardless of skills because of its huge disc storage capacity and durability.

6. Infinite Discs Tournament Bag

If you are looking for a simple yet unique disc golf bag, this bag from Infinite Discs should be an excellent option. This product is a tote bag which is different from the previous bags we reviewed but still offers many features and benefits in organizing the discs and other disc golf accessories. I can say that the quality of this bag is up to standard and can help any disc golfers during the game.

Perhaps, the outstanding feature with this particular disc golf bag is the detachable padded strap.  Also, you can have the option to detach the strap and buy backpack straps. These back straps can be adjusted and configured to make it more comfortable for the disc golfer. It offers lumbar protection and ergonomic support, which results in maximum comfort to the disc golf player even if the bag is full and heavy.

Based on my experience using this bag, I was impressed by the overall quality and its features. I was impressed with the zippers, which are of sound physical quality. The water bottle holder is big enough to accommodate a 1-liter water bottle which is impressive. The other extra pockets can accommodate other accessories such as mobile phones, keys, and other accessories.

Comparing it with the other bags, this is different in terms of the concept and the design. The previous bags that I reviewed, such as the one coming from Latitude 64 and Innova, were all backpacks. This disc golf bag is a tote bag and should be a unique option if you do not like backpacks as your disc golf bag. In my opinion, this bag is perfect for beginners because its capacity is enough to hold a good amount of disc golf discs.

However, I notice one drawback is the lack of structure in the bottom part, which means it can lose its form.

  • Provides easy access to all the discs
  • With padded and detachable shoulder strap
  • The adjustable strap provides lumbar protection and ergonomic support
  • With four plastic feet
  • An insulated water bottle pocket can hold a 1-liter water bottle
  • Bags bottom lacks structure

For disc golf players who are just starting to learn the sport, this disc golf bag from Athletico is the best fit for you. This bag has one of the best disc golf bag straps you can use for comfort and convenience. Also, its disc storage capacity, and other features are enough for disc golfers to organize their discs while learning and improving their game. ,

7. MVP Disc Sports Nucleus Tournament Bag

mvp disc sports nucleus tournament bag

When looking for the best disc golf bags under 100, you need to find something that offers durability and enough storage space despite the low pricing. Because affordability should not compromise the quality of the product. This is where the MVP disc golf bag takes pride, especially when talking about these two factors. The product is the answer to all looking for an affordable product that provides reliability and efficiency in organizing the discs.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the impressive disc storage. Thanks to its large compartment, which can hold between 22 – 32 discs. This number is enough to accommodate all disc golf players at all skill levels. Whether you are just starting or a professional player looking for a disc organizer, this bag is a good option. Its storage capacity should accommodate what you need on a disc golf game.

I also like the dividers inside the bag as it gives you the chance to separate the discs according to your preference. There is a velcro that will hold the disc securely and make it in place all the time. The velcro will also be helpful to make the bag firm and strong even if the bag is not full. Also, I can say that the durability of this bag is top-notched with a hard-shell bottom and thick padded walls.

Meanwhile, the product’s primary purpose is to help every disc golfer carry many discs inside. The ability to accommodate more than 30 discs speaks well to the storage capacity of this disc golf bag. It should be perfect for professional players to help them carry and organize their discs in a disc golf game.

Lastly, the purpose of this bag is not limited to organizing and securing the discs of a disc golf player. It was designed to work with a disc golf cart, and other supporting accessories such as quad straps carry system and a shoulder strap.

  • Provides large disc storage capacity
  • Perfect for putting sessions
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Built with thick padded walls and hard shell bottom
  • It can be used with a disc golf cart
  • Issues with stitching

This bag is for disc golfers in all skill levels looking for an organizer of their discs. I recommend you to buy it because the bag has one of the biggest disc storage capacity in all the disc golf bags that I know. In addition, if you like to use a Rover cart when playing, this bag can fit in nicely.

8. Infinite Discs Slinger Deluxe Bag

This disc golf bag is one of the most unique bags that I have encountered in a while. The design and concept revolve around ease of use. So, if you are looking for a disc golf bag that provides storage space you need for all your game equipment and accessories, this is an excellent option to consider.

The product feature standing out in this bag is the availability of storage spaces for all the equipment and accessories. Apart from the main compartment, which can hold around 12-14 discs, the disc has a putter pocket that can hold up to 2 discs. Meanwhile, the side zippered pockets will be able to accommodate other things such as your mobile phones, keys, among other things.

Physically, I feel that the bag’s design and layout are terrific. The bag is compact but has to use the size and space well. In terms of quality, I can say that the construction is well-built and the material used is of high quality. The zippers are solid and thick, while the stitching is of excellent quality. I like the support stitching that they made, even on the small pockets dedicated to the pencil and the strap cushion.

However, one minor issue I see in the product is the size of the insulated drink pocket. It is too small and is unable to hold a 1-liter water bottle.

  • Offers ample storage spaces for discs
  • Well-designed and durable disc golf bag
  • Offers water-resistant features
  • The padded shoulder straps provide comfort
  • Lightweight
  • The drink pocket is small

This disc golf bag is for beginners who are looking for a durable and well-built bag. All disc golfers should buy this bag because of its unique design and concept, enabling it to provide storage space for all equipment and accessories.

9. Divergent Discs Disc Holster


Small but dependable is what I like to describe with this disc golf bag from Divergent Discs. This versatile disc golf bag suits players of all skill levels, offering both space and reliability for organizing discs during your game.


The outstanding feature of this disc golf bag is its design. I can say that the bag has a minimalist approach in its design and concept. With only two compartments for the discs storage and one water bottle holder, this bag is the simplest that I tried on the field. But in terms of quality and durability, this bag is in good condition. Thanks to its durable waxed canvas, which provides sturdiness and durability to the bag.


I also like how the storage space is organized in this compact disc golf bag. With two compartments to use, you can arrange the discs according to your preference and your needs in the game. Also, two magnetic buttons will protect and secure the top flap when moving. You will never feel and experience a loose bag once you are on the field.

If you think that the bag is too small to hold several discs? Think again. The bag may look very compact, but this product can have about 10 discs, enough to do multiple rounds of disc golf. In the main compartment, I can say that it can hold around 7 to 8 discs, while the front putter pocket can hold 2 discs.

Overall, the best use of this bag is to provide disc golfers a small but reliable bag that will hold and protect their discs while playing.

  • Lightweight
  • Provides durability and sturdiness
  • Minimalistic design
  • The water bottle holder is small

This disc golf bag is for any disc golfer looking for a small but reliable bag to use in their game. Whether you are a newbie looking for a spacious bag or an experienced player who only needs small space for your essential discs, I recommend this bag for purchase. Its minimal design and small size can bring comfort and security while playing on the field.

10. Driven Slingshot Disc Golf Bag


Black holster disc golf bag

The Holster will serve new disc golf players looking for a small yet reliable bag in a disc golf game. The designer made sure that the bag is easy to use and provides a different approach in the discs usage. While other disc golf bags needs you to remove, unzip, and pull out the disc, the Holster does not require you to remove the disc golf bag but just pull out the disc and prepare for your shot.


This bag is built in terms of its physical features, and its storage spaces are well-placed. The main compartment can carry about 3-4 discs. When I carry the bag, it fits nicely on my hip and it can be easily adjusted according to your frame.

If you are looking for a small bag that can carry your essential discs, I would highly recommend the Holster. The bag is easy to use, and most of all, the pockets are easily accessible.


If you are an experienced disc golfer, this bag can serve as your backup bag or as a putter pouch for your cart. However, if you are just a newbie or a casual disc golfer who only plays the game occasionally, this is the perfect bag for you. This bag is the most convenient way of carrying the basic stuff you need on a disc golf course.

  • Provides easy access to the discs
  • Promotes comfort and convenience when carried
  • Designed for players who needs lesser discs on the field
  • Made with lightweight, strong, and durable material
  • Provides great storage space
  • Holds a small amount of discs

This disc golf bag is for disc golf players who are just starting to learn the sport. This disc golf bag is also for players who only need their essential discs and do not like carrying many discs. I am recommending this bag to all players due to its unique design and its durability.

How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Bags

best backpack disc golf bag

Size and Disc Capacity

Generally, the are four classifications of a disc golf bag in relation to their sizes and disc capacity. Please see the list below:

Small Disc Golf Bags

This product is the smallest disc golf bag when it comes to its size and disc capacity. It is often the go-to bag for many newbies and other disc golf players who play the sport occasionally and casually. When it comes to its disc capacity, small disc golf bags can carry 5 to 8 discs which should be enough for beginners and casual players.

Large Disc Golf Bags

These disc golf bags are the go-to bags for pros and even active competitors in disc golf tournaments. Its disc capacity should be around 8 to 14 discs, enough for professionals and disc golf competitors.

Economy Backpacks

I love how backpacks help you organized and think differently in the game. The economy backpacks are smaller than the regular backpacks but bigger than the first two types of disc golf bags. It helps you organized the placement and strategized your game at the same time.


The regular backpack is the largest disc golf bag that a player uses in the game. It is being used by all players regardless of skill level and has the largest capacity to carry several discs. Also, apart from the discs, you can bring a lot of stuff such as bottled water, snacks, mobile phones, and a whole lot more.

Choosing the suitable bag size will depend on the number of discs and the other things you will bring to the disc golf course. Carrying water bottles will need you to check the size to know if it fits the bag’s water holder. The number of water bottles you bring will depend on the availability of spaces in the disc golf bag.

The type of bags will also depend on the disc golf player using it on the field. Some people want a bag holding discs and other stuff related to disc golf. Some people use the bag for other non-related disc golf items such as mobile phones, wallets, keys, towels, and a whole lot more.

I always allocate space from my disc golf bag to store my keys, wallet, towel, insect repellent, and other important stuff. I also own a bag with an umbrella holder and can fit a personal jacket during rainy conditions.

The Design of a Disc Golf Bag

I like a bag with a dedicated pouch or pocket for my putters in terms of design. Calling it the putter pouch/pocket helps me reach all my putters quickly during the game. I also like a disc golf bag with a dedicated bottle holder that can hold a decent water bottle size. Meanwhile, a bag that does not collapse and always stays upright when it sat down is also recommended.

Another feature to consider is the availability of the hard bottom in the disc golf bag. I am referring to the plastic bottom rails, which also come with solid inner support and reinforcement. This part of the bag helps keep it off the ground when the courses get muddy, especially in rainy conditions. The feet also help to prevent the effects of wear and tear to make the bag last longer.

When it comes to the bag’s weight, I suggest keeping the weight closer to your body weight because it is suitable for your back in the long term. Meaning, you want to look for a bag with the ability to carry large weights such as military bags or hiking backpacks. These two types of bags always keep the weight as close as possible to the body.

Keeping the bag always hanging on the back will pull your shoulders down, which may cause back tightness and soreness. It can also affect the center of your balance, making you exert more energy as you carry the bag on the disc golf course.

The Strap of a Disc Golf Bag

best small disc golf bag

You will probably ask what’s the importance of the bag’s strap to the disc golf player? To tell you honestly, it is as important as the disc golf bag. The strap will provide comfort when you are walking around the disc golf course. They will let you sometimes forget the bag and just swing both arms when walking.

The strap can significantly reduce the amount of energy you spend on any given day, making me recommend using the backpack-style bag. The comfort and convenience it brings to the disc golf player are simply off the chart. Also, you need to choose bags with high-quality straps and actual back support. The layout of the bag should be the priority, as well as the quality of the construction and back support.

Type of Materials Made

The quality of the materials plays an essential role in the durability and longevity of the disc golf bag. When you are taking the bag outside, the materials will be tested to resist the effects of the weather and other outside elements. An excellent example of high-quality material is a polyester fabric which is known for its sturdiness and durability.

A bag made with high-quality materials also offers a water resistance feature to protect it from the threats of rainy and watery conditions. Always remember that disc golf is an all-weather sport that continues to play in different types of conditions. Whether it’s windy, snowy, or rainy, you need to have a bag that will let you play in the wet courses and rainy conditions. Meaning, you need a water-resistant bag when it comes to dealing with these types of situation.

Water Resistance in Bag

A water resistance bag will help keep the discs and other things dry during a heavy downpour.

Two parts of the bag contribute the water resistance: the zipper and the fabric. The zipper is the most vulnerable part of the bag, with all the tiny holes found on it. I highly recommend coated zippers because they can keep the water out of the bag.

High-quality fabrics can help in making the bag resistant to water. Materials such as sailcloth or polyester come with multiple layers that should protect all the things inside the bag from water invasion. Avoid low-end fabrics because they will always have tiny holes in them where the water can penetrate all the time. Many fabrics come with a coating to repel the moisture, but it will not last long.

Conclusion on the Best Disc Golf Bags

Choosing the best disc golf bag is essential to any disc golf player regardless of skill level. Whether you are a beginner who is just looking for the right bag or an experienced disc golfer looking for the one that fits your disc preference, choosing a bag that can help your game is essential. The bag will help organize the disc and assist in making you comfortable during a disc golf game. So, choose wisely.