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Evolution of Disc Golf Equipmment – Disc Golf History

  When you play a round of disc golf, you likely aren’t paying much attention to the equipment you are using. You may not know it but the disc you are throwing and the basket you are trying to hit are actually the end result of a lot of change that has taken place in […]

2023 Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a special disc golfer in your life, or perhaps you’re the one with a passion for hucking discs. Whichever is the case, you’ve found the perfect blog because we’re about to welcome you to world of disc golf gift ideas! We’ve put together an extensive list of […]

Disc Golf Etiquette

Becoming a new part of a group is always a little nerve wrecking. We all want acceptance, and we all don’t want to stick out either. This post is to help you understand the norms of disc golf, or, the disc golf etiquette while playing out on the course. Some of these are only applicable […]

Fairway Driver vs Midrange Disc

Disc Golf is a lot like golf . . . except for the fact that the gear used is not standardized. Meaning, in Golf, everyone’s club head angles are pretty much the same. A Callaway 9 iron will be highly similar to a Taylormade 9 Iron. Whereas in disc golf, a Discraft 9 speed fairway […]