Discmania MD3 vs MD4 vs MD5: Examining the Improvements

discmania md3 vs md4 vs md5

Sometimes, a disc golf brand creates a disc mold that flies so well and which many players love. The disc golf brand then tries to improve on that original design to get more players to buy from them. Sometimes, the “improvements” don’t work, and sometimes they do. What’s the case with Discmania’s numbered MD discs? […]

How to Putt Disc Golf

how to putt disc golf

A common consensus among experienced disc golf players is that putting is an essential skill that all must learn in playing the sport. In fact, most of your throws will be in the form of putting unless you are throwing a long shot. The quality and skill of your putt will make a huge difference […]

Hyzer vs. Anhyzer

hyzer vs anhyzer

If you are still learning disc golf, it is normal for you to hear terminologies that are so unique to the sport. These are terms that you probably never heard before but are something that you need to be familiarized with since it is essential to disc golfers like you. Two of these words are […]