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Pharaoh 13 Speed Driver

Our featured brand of the week is Infinite Discs. While Infinite Discs is highlighted, you will see extra savings on all Infinite Discs, including X-outs, providing the most affordable way to acquire Infinite Discs.

The Infinite Discs line includes exceptional discs with unique stunning artwork. Every run of stock stamp features a different image and flight numbers for that specific run. Infinite Discs are manufactured by Innova utilize the best Innova molds.

Infinite Discs Line

Infinite Discs offers a complete line of discs for players of all skill levels. They sponsor numerous professional players who love and use these discs, but they also offer several discs that are very beginner-friendly. Their plastics are slightly different from Innova plastics, focusing on both boutique rare plastic blends like color glow metal flake and Swirly editions, and a more affordable plastic blend called I-Blend, which is exclusive to Infinite Discs. I-Blend is very similar to Star plastic but is a bit grippier and partially made from recycled disc plastics. Most of the discs that Discount Disc Golf carries are the inexpensive I-Blend variety. So, with these affordable American-made disc golf discs, plus our additional sales available on Infinite Discs this week as Infinite is featured as our brand of the week, this is the best way to get Infinite Discs for cheap.

Distance Drivers

The Infinite Line boasts an impressive selection of distance drivers that are very similar to the most popular Innova molds. The Emperor is much like the Innova Destroyer, while the Aztec is similar to the Wraith, which are two of the most popular Innova molds for advanced players. If you don’t quite have the arm for the more overstable drivers, then the popular Pharaoh and understable Maya are the distance drivers to choose.

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Fairway Drivers

It’s not just the Distance Drivers in the Infinite Line that are great, but the slower speed fairway drivers are also outstanding and among the best-selling online. The understable, easy-to-throw Sphinx is described as a cross between the Innova Roadrunner and Valkyrie. The popular Dynasty offers a little bit more distance, while the slower speed Centurion is perfect for those looking for a dead straight flight path to navigate tight tunnel fairways. If you’re looking for an overstable, wind-fighting, reliable disc, you can’t beat the Infinite Discs Scepter. This disc utilizes the Innova Firebird mold but goes through a flat-topping process to ensure that it is always flat and without a dome, making it more like a Sexton Firebird.

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Midrange and Approach Discs

The Infinite midranges are designed to fit every gap in your midrange linup. The Anubis is a dead straight flyer with a wide diameter that amateur players prefer, while pros prefer the slightly more stable Chariot for their straight flight choice. Among the most popular slow-speed throwing discs is the Infinite Discs Tomb, which has its own cult following. This approach disc is often used off the tee by disc golfers of all skill levels. If you’re looking for something with a little more stability, the Raze is the disc to choose, and for stability and a little more distance, the Ra or Inca (similar to the Innova Roc3) will complete your bag with an all-Infinite Line. If you’re looking for something understable, try either the Raze or the Kon Tiki.

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Infinite Discs has one of the most popular putters in all of disc golf in the Infinite Discs Alpaca. This disc uses an Innova mold that previously belonged to the Discmania P2. When Discmania and Innova parted ways, Infinite took over the rights to use that mold for the Alpaca. The Alpaca is excellent for putting, but professional players like Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon also excelled using this mold as a throwing putter. For those looking for the original Discmania P2, the Infinite Discs Alpaca is the way to get it.

In addition to the Alpaca, the Infinite line offers the beaded version of this disc, the Myth, and the Scarab putter which utilizes the Innova Aviar top and the Myth bottom. The Scarab provides more glide and a more aerodynamic feel than the Alpaca and Myth.

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Three Infinite Discs

Best Infinite Discs

Top Selling Discs in the Infinite Line

While all of the Infinite discs are great and very popular among their fanbase, these are the top selling:

  1. Emperor
  2. Alpaca
  3. Tomb
  4. Pharaoh
  5. Sphinx
  6. Dynasty
  7. Maya
  8. Centurion
  9. Aztec
  10. Roman
  11. Anubis
  12. Czar
  13. Exodus
  14. Chariot
  15. Scepter
  16. Slab
  17. Conqueror
  18. Raze
  19. Cohort
  20. Myth
  21. Inca
  22. Kon Tiki

Best Infinite Discs for Beginners

If I were to recommend three Infinite Discs for beginners (which I have done several times before), they would be the Sphinx driver in a lighter weight, the Khonsu midrange, and the Alpaca putter.

Other great beginner discs in the Infinite line include the Kon Tiki, an understable approach midrange that serves as an excellent all-purpose disc for brand new players who prefer to use only one disc at a time. The Centurion is also a consistent driver that beginners will love and can grow into. Once you’re ready for more distance, newer disc golfers should consider the Maya as their first distance driver. Its understable nature allows new players to achieve extra distance unattainable with other disc molds. Additionally, I would recommend the Scarab putter for its glide and flight characteristics, which are more similar to a traditional Frisbee than other discs in the Infinite Line.


With so many great discs to choose from, this week is the perfect opportunity to improve your game with attractive and cost-effective Infinite Discs. Shop now.

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