Sometimes a new product is released that you know is going to be hot, that you know you will want, and that you know you want to be among the first to get. This is very common with hot new releases from major brands, especially tour series discs from MVP and Simon Lizotte.

There are many advantages of buying discs at preorder including receiving them early and being among the first to get the hottest new discs. Many items we list for pre-order are limited editions where the only way to ensure you will get them is by purchasing them as a pre-order.

Pre-Order Discs Currently Available

Any discs that are currently available for pre-order will be listed here. If we do not have any pre-order discs, there will not be any product pictures.

Pre-Order Policies

Selecting Weight and Color

Due to the nature of our pre-order system, we are unable to offer specific selections for the color or weight of the discs. When fulfilling pre-orders, we randomly select discs from our inventory. However, if you order multiple discs, we will endeavor to provide a variety of colors and weights, although this cannot be guaranteed.

The unpredictability of stock regarding color and weight makes it impossible for us to promise specific options. We keep our prices rock-bottom by cutting down on the time spent hand-picking and sorting items. Typically, new releases are available in limited weight ranges (usually within 2-3 grams), which inherently limits the variety available.

For customers seeking specific colors or weights, we advise waiting until the release date and then purchasing the discs directly from, where specific preferences can be accommodated.

Timeliness of Pre-Order Shipping

We are committed to shipping all pre-orders as promptly as possible, adhering to the release schedules set by the respective disc golf manufacturers. Shipping dates may vary, as some manufacturers allow for shipping on the release date, while others permit shipping earlier for arrival on the release date.

All pre-ordered items will be prepared and packaged in advance, ensuring they are ready for dispatch the moment we receive authorization from the manufacturers. We’ve got everything set up to ship your pre-ordered discs lightning fast, as soon as we get the green light from our suppliers.

Pre-Order Return Policy

Our return policy for pre-ordered discs is consistent with our standard return policy. You may return any unthrown discs within 45 days of purchase for a full refund, excluding shipping costs. Please note that the customer is responsible for covering the shipping costs of any returns.

Additional Pre-Order Considerations

  • Stock Limitations: Pre-orders are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to stock availability. We recommend placing your pre-order early to secure your disc. In many cases we are limited to the number of limited edition discs that we can purchase.
  • Notification and Updates: Customers who pre-order will receive email notifications regarding the status of their order, including any potential delays or early release information.
  • Exclusive Releases: Some pre-order discs may be exclusive or limited editions. Owning these special pre-release discs gives you a piece of cinema that might be hard to find once they hit the mainstream market.
  • Got a burning question about your pre-order, or hit a snag? Our customer support squad’s on standby to lend you a hand. For any queries or concerns regarding your pre-order, our customer support team is available to assist you. Our team’s here to make sure your pre-order sails through without a hitch, every step of the way.

By pre-ordering with, you are agreeing to these policies and procedures. Thanks for teaming up with us—get ready to score the latest in disc golf essentials that are just about to drop.