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Disc Golf Products Currently Available for Pre-Order

This list below is regularly updated with the products we currently have available for pre-order. If you’re anxious to make sure you get new and special edition discs, be sure to pre-order these products now.

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Understanding Disc Golf Pre-Orders

When it comes to ordering disc golf discs online, being ahead of the curve is often the key to snagging the best products, especially when it comes to new releases and the collectors market. One way to ensure that you get all the hot products is through "disc golf pre-orders". But what exactly does this mean? A pre-order is a commitment made by a customer to purchase a product even before the retailer has it in stock. Retailers cherish this method as it offers them a way to gauge the product's demand, thereby aiding in their inventory decisions. Imagine knowing beforehand just how popular a specific disc would be - it's a retailer's dream! Pre-orders provide a window into the anticipated demand for a particular product before having to make an order from the suppliers.

Advantages of Pre-Orders in Disc Golf

With disc golf pre-orders, you can secure a sought-after disc, especially if it's anticipated to be rare or quickly sell out. Often, you can obtain it at a reduced price, which aligns perfectly with Discount Disc Golf's ethos. Additionally, pre-ordering often comes with benefits such as free shipping and other special perks or items. An additional advantage of disc golf pre-orders is the potential to receive the product a day or two ahead of those who purchase it on its official release date. While manufacturers establish specific guidelines for when disc golf retailers can dispatch pre-orders, we typically prepare these packages for shipment on the release morning. Consequently, our pre-orders are usually ready for the morning mail collection. In contrast, highly sought-after discs ordered on the release day might not be ship out for a few days, especially if there's a surge in demand that exceeds or shipping capacity.

Potential Drawbacks of Pre-Orders

There are also drawbacks to pre-orders. When pre-ordering discs, you won't have the luxury of selecting the specific disc you desire, including your preferred color or weight. When offering pre-orders we are uncertain about the variations in the discs that we will receive and so cannot make those options available. Another limitation of disc golf pre-orders is that if you purchase additional items alongside the pre-ordered product, they won't ship out until the pre-order's release date. In our experience doing pre-orders we've found that there are lots of issues that happen when listing products that aren't actually available yet. While we can promise you that you will receive a product, we can't guarantee the weight or color.

Disc Golf Companies that typically allow Pre-Orders

When it comes to new releases, many disc golf companies offer the option of pre-orders. However, this becomes particularly relevant for products that are in high demand, such as limited editions. For standard stock releases, pre-ordering may not be as essential, as these items are typically continuously available and regularly restocked. Currently, several popular companies have seen their items swiftly sold through pre-orders this year, including:
  • Axiom Discs
  • Finish Line Discs
  • Innova
  • Lone Star Discs
  • MVP

Disc Golf Brands that Don't allow for Pre-Orders

Some of the major brands like Discraft don't even allow for pre-orders because they cause a lot customer service issues with overzealous customers who are excited about a product, but then disappointed because they didn't end up getting what they were looking for.
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