Stacks of Disc Golf Packages waiting to shipDiscount Disc Golf not only offers the lowest internet prices on disc golf discs, bags, and accessories but also provides FREE SHIPPING on every order of $35 or more.

This means you can add any of our outlet-priced items to your cart and qualify for Free Shipping. We truly are the LOWEST PRICED online disc golf store.

The True Cost of Shipping

The fact of the matter is that shipping is never free. When disc golf retailers offer free shipping, what they really do is include the cost of shipping in the product price. Disc golf discs are not a high profit margin product and shipping is expensive. In some cases, the price of the first product, including free shipping, may be lower than buying a single disc without free shipping, but once you add a few products, the incorporated shipping costs make your total spending considerably more expensive. This is especially true for Amazon. While Amazon has led the world to believe that shipping is entirely free, the reality is that independent sellers still incur shipping costs.

For example, our price for the popular Infinite Discs Alpaca is $7.49. If you purchase this same disc from Amazon, the cost is $11.49 because the “free shipping” cost is factored into the product price. If you only buy this one disc, you might save a few cents by purchasing directly from Amazon, but when you add other products, including our daily deals, you’ll still save money by buying directly from us.

Any website that claims to offer free shipping with now minimum level will have higher prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free shipping on Disc Golf Discs?

It’s simple. Add discs, bags, clothing, accessories, daily deals, mystery boxes, or any combination of products to your cart that totals $35 or more, and you’ll qualify for free shipping.

Is free shipping available for other disc golf products?

Yes. As long as the total product value exceeds the free shipping threshold, all products are eligible for free shipping. This includes mystery boxes, rangefinders, bags, and more.

What are your shipping rates when the order amount is less than $35, and I don’t qualify for free shipping?

For disc golf discs when your purchase falls below the free shipping threshold, the shipping cost is a flat fee of $3.48 per order for US orders within the lower 48 states.

If you add 2, 3, or 4 discs to your cart and still fall short of the $35 threshold (which is quite possible due to our affordable disc prices), you will still pay only the $3.48 flat fee for shipping.

If your cart is close to the $30 range, it’s a better idea to simply add the deal of the day to your cart. In this scenario, you essentially get an extra disc for the same cost.

Other products have a slightly higher flat fee for shipping, but by merely adding something else to your cart, you WILL qualify for free shipping.

How do you offer prices so low, and free shipping?

As an outlet store, we procure our products at clearance and closeout prices. In many cases, we pay less than the wholesale cost for many of our items, acquiring products that companies are eager to liquidate for tax-saving purposes. Our acquisition costs are lower than those of conventional retailers, enabling us to maintain a more significant profit margin and provide competitive prices while still offering free shipping at a very affordable total purchase price.


In conclusion, shipping is never actually free, but you won’t pay anything for orders of more than $35 at If you shop at Discount Disc Golf, you will save money. For the lowest total purchase price, we offer the lowest disc golf prices on the internet.