Misprints-disc-golfMisprint Disc golf discs are not properly stamped. Most of the major disc golf manufactures use a process¬† called “hot stamping” to put the logo or disc design on a stamp. Every so often, an error occurs during the stamping process, and the manufacturers then discount the price of the disc and sale it as a misprint. Disc Golf Misprints are especially common with custom and tournament stamp designs that are very intricate.

The nice thing about purchasing misprint discs is that these discs have nothing physically wrong with them, the only error is cosmetic. Misprint discs were expected to be sold at regular price until the hot stamper and/or machine experienced the issue. Typically the misprinted discs come at a heavily discounted price, although they don’t look as good. However, if you don’t mind how your disc looks and just care about the flight, misprints are the discs for you.


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