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Discount Disc Golf operates in partnership with Infinite Discs, which is a major disc golf distributor and the largest disc golf retailer in the world. 

InfiniteDiscs.com targets the die hard, ultra passionate disc golfer who lives and breathes disc golf. These are the guys you see at the course who have backpacks and carts full of discs. Ultra passionate disc golfers are very particular about the specific plastic types, mold runs, disc weight, and stamp design of the discs they buy. Disc golfers like this don’t just buy the discs they need, but like to try out all the newest discs from their favorite brands.

Discount Disc Golf Mission

Discount Disc Golf has a much different mission than Infinite Discs.

This website is designed for recreational disc golfers whose primary motive in disc golf shopping is value. Here we don’t have individually photographed discs or exclusive releases of rare limited edition discs. Instead only quality disc golf products that we can sell for ultra low prices are listed on DiscountDiscGolf.com. 

We try and list products like misprints, x-outs, factory seconds, bulk discs, blemished discs and lesser known brands. If you like plastic, but don’t like spending a lot of money, this is the website for you!

Why are you able to sell your disc golf discs for such a low price?

The reason we are able to offer discs at such a low price on DiscountDiscGolf.com is because the discs listed on this website include only those products that we are able to purchase at bulk discounted rates. Additionally, the products listed here are the same ones we list on mega retailer sites such as Amazon.com, EBay, and Walmart Marketplace. We are able to offer them directly at discountdiscgolf.com at an even lower price because we do not have to pay the expensive third party fees associated with selling on the power eCommerce platforms. 

While we are able to sell discs for the lowest price on the internet, we only sell good quality products. We test every disc we sell and won’t sell it if it isn’t a solid disc golf disc.

Don’t be fooled by less expensive disc golf discs found on Amazon or Walmart. If you find discs that are less expensive there, it’s likely China made junk designed by people who have never even played disc golf. If you buy junk from those websites, you will be disappointed. At DiscountDiscGolf.com we promise you the lowest prices on discs that can be used by disc golfers of all skill levels. 

For the lowest priced discs, be sure to check out our frisbee golf store page

Shelves of Disc Golf Discs

Do you Wholesale Discs?

While we have a number of ultra cheap discs, school sets, and package sets that often give you prices as low as wholesale prices, we do not actively have a wholesale program. If you are a retailer looking to stock more discs or carry more disc golf brands, check out Infinite Discs wholesale program here

About Our Blog Authors

Discount Disc Golf features several expert bloggers dedicated to provide you with excellent product advice and recommendations. 

Turbo Ted

Turbo Ted Hegemann is an independent disc golf author and promoter with nearly a decade of experience in the industry. He has performed extensive research while writing articles for the annual State of Disc Golf publications. In addition to his writing, Ted has also worked as the customer service specialist for Lucky Discs and Infinite Discs. Ted has successfully given expert disc golf advice and recommendations to thousands of disc golfers. 

Ted is an avid promoter of disc golf. He runs local disc golf leagues and tournaments. Ted actively designs and improves disc golf courses and is the inventor of the Power Pocket cart putter pouch. 

The Great Simon

Simon has contributed greatly to the content on Discount Disc Golf through his work with Keystone Disc Golf. If you’re looking for reviews and recommendations from a professionals take, be sure to pay attention to Simon’s articles. Simon is known for his comprehensive knowledge of a wide variety of different disc golf products. 

Kirk Salisbury

Kirk was one of the original founders of Infinite Discs. After selling out of the company in 2014 he pursued a career at Utah State University, and started various other new businesses. But disc golf called him back, and at the end of 2023 he took over as the head of the Discount Disc Golf outlet store