Does disc golf cost money to play?

Cost to play disc golf

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Does disc golf cost money to play?

I’ve always said that one of the nice aspects of disc golf is that it is such an inexpensive sport. At least it can be. If travelling to tournaments is your thing, or you like to collect discs, this sport can really cut into your budget. However, for most of us disc golf isn’t a terribly expensive way to spend our time. In this blog we’ll look at some of the possible expenses associated with disc golf and answer the question, “Does disc golf cost money to play?” We’ll look at different aspects of the sport and figure out a dollar range associated with that aspect.

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One of the things that is pretty much necessary to play disc golf is a disc. Fortunately, discs can be very inexpensive to acquire. Here at Discount Disc Golf, we have been interested in saving people money on disc golf discs and accessories from the beginning. Our prices are always amazing! Here are a few tips to help you save even more money:

Sales – Always keep an eye out for what is on sale so you can save even more money than our usual low prices. You might have to wait a while, or get a different but similar disc. But if you’re looking to stretch your disc golf dollars, sales are a good way to go. Click HERE to see the Daily Deal at Discount Disc Golf.

Plastic types – Not all plastic types are created equal. Some are considered ‘premium’ plastics and are more expensive. The plus side is that they are more durable and will likely last longer than cheaper, or ‘base’ plastics. On the other hand, the base plastics are less expensive. If you are trying a new mold and want to save some money, get the new mold in base plastic. Then if you end up liking it you can save up for the premium plastic.

X-outs or misprints – Some discs end up with less than perfect stamps, or plastic that has minor blemishes. These discs fly the same as a ‘normal’ disc, but usually cost a few dollars less. When the disc is in flight, no one will know whether it’s pristine, or has some minor imperfections. Look for X-outs when you are shopping Discount Disc Golf!


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Although not strictly necessary to play disc golf, accessories provide us with a better experience on the course. Accessories can include anything from bags and carts, to water bottles or towels. Rangefinders, umbrellas, or stools to sit on are other things to think about to make your disc golfing more enjoyable. How much you spend on accessories depends on what you want, and your budget. Let’s look at a range of prices for the things we can use to carry our discs.


When most of us start playing disc golf we don’t have enough discs or accessories to justify spending much money on an expensive bag. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost bag options to fill our need until we grow out of them. For around $10 we can get a simple bag that will carry all of our discs. As our disc collection grows and we include a few accessories with our round of disc golf, we can look into getting larger-capacity bags. The price for bigger bags ranges from $30 bags with a strap that goes on our shoulder, to backpack bags that cost around $500. A $200 backpack bag will serve most of us well.


There are different types of carts that are used to carry discs. Some have pockets or places to carry discs, while other carts simply carry your existing bag. The ones that carry your discs but not your bag are the most expensive. If you are looking for an economy cart, check out the MVP Rover. It is a low profile cart that totes around your current bag. It comes in at less than $120. If you want to have a cart that carries discs (without your bag), you can pay between $300-600.


Playing disc golf

Thankfully, an overwhelming majority of disc golf courses are free to play. These courses are usually at public parks or other public venues. You may be limited in your choice of local free courses, but at least you have the option to play for free.

Pay-to-play courses typically cost anywhere from just a couple dollars, up to $39 for a round at Eagle Crossing disc golf course. The Fort in Ogden, UT (Home to the 2021 World Championships), has a fee of $2 and is on the honor system to pay. At the other extreme, Eagles Crossing in Hawk Point, MO, charges $39 for a round of disc golf at the Champion Course. With that fee players also get access to other property amenities, but the bottom line is that if you want to play that course, you’ll have to pony up $39 bucks.


Moving up the ladder from casual to competitive disc golf play means more expenses. Strictly examining the entry fee will eliminate other possible expenses, such as travel and food. The entry fee for various competitive events vary based on the type of event. We’ll look at a variety of events to see possible ranges.


Getting together as a club to compete in regular events is one of the fun parts of disc golf. How these competitions look and how much they cost will vary from club to club. Infinite Discs posted a blog listing the average weekly activities. The fees ranged from free to over $50.


Disc golf competitions outside of league range from casual (from a rules perspective) to more serious (rules strictly enforced). Some are sponsored by manufacturers and feature a disc or discs that everyone must use. Others are major tournaments that attract touring pros.

Disc golf players at a tournament waiting at a tee



                This type of tournament is only semi-competitive. You are usually playing for either a small prize or trophy. Rule enforcement is more casual. The cost is usually nominal, but might cost a little more if you get several discs to play with as part of the player’s pack. The entry fee for this type of tournament ranges from $15-40.

Competitive unsanctioned

There are competitive tournaments that are simply unsanctioned. In a tournament like this you might see things that are illegal in a formal sanctioned tournament. Odd shaped baskets, alcohol consumption, or crowd interaction with players are things that are not PDGA legal, but acceptable in an unsanctioned tournament. These events usually fall in the $25-75 range.

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This is the highest level of tournament play. There are international rules that must be followed and certain standard of play that must be met. Even so, there is still a wide range of entry fees for competitors. A local C-tier may be as inexpensive as $35, while A-Tier and Pro Tour events can run several hundred dollars. Even amateurs playing in the 2024 Las Vegas Challenge had to pay $255 to compete. Typically, amateurs receive a player’s pack that is valued above the entry fee.

Does Disc Golf Cost Money?

With all of the options available for us as players, it’s easy to see that we can spend as little or as much as we want. Granted, if we want to participate in certain events or acquire certain discs or equipment, the cost to play can spiral upward quite a bit from zero. However, does disc golf cost money to play? Not necessarily!