The Best Disc Golf Shoes for 2022

best shoes for disc golf

Although disc golf has increased its popularity through the years, it is still not the same as other big-time sports where shoe manufacturers have made specially-made shoes for them. Every disc golfer needs to find the best disc golf shoes in other related sports such as hiking and running. But this issue does not stop every disc golfer, including myself, from finding the right shoe for my disc golf needs.

This review will feature 12 of the best shoes you can find to meet disc golf’s needs and demands. Most of the shoes were personally tried and used by me while my disc golfer friends used the others. All of the shoes were used and tested in an actual disc golf course and environment. We also include different features and benefits in this review to give every disc golfer all the information they need when looking for the correct disc golf shoes.

Best Disc Golf Shoes Reviews

1. Adidas outdoor Terrex Swift R2 GTX

adidas outdoor terrex swift r2 gtx

When looking for disc golf’s best shoes, you need to have a pair that covers everything— durability, comfort, waterproofing properties, are my main factors that help me as a player stand out on the course. And this is what this trail hiking shoe from Adidas has. As it offers the best features needed for every disc golfer. No wonder this is one of the go-to shoes for top professional golfers, including Paul McBeth, Simon Lizotte, and many more.

I have personally used the shoe, and I can say that this is one of the best waterproof disc golf shoes on the market. I have tried and tested it in wet conditions, and it holds pretty well, protecting both of my feet and keeping them dry all day long. The manufacturer uses a unique material called GORE-TEX membrane to enhance the shoe’s waterproofing features.

Another feature that stands out with this trail hiking shoe is its impressive design. I feel that its overall design was made for athletes, including those that are playing disc golf. A breathable ripstop mesh upper with TPU overlays ensures the shoes’ durability and supports them from the damage of constant movement on the field.

Also, I was also impressed with the sole of the shoe. The cushioning is perfect, and it provides comfort and added support on the feet. As a bonus feature, every disc golfer will also like how easy it is to lace up the shoe and make adjustments during the game with its Bungee lace-up system. It has provided me a lot of comfort when adjusting the shoe as far as lacing is concerned and changing to another pair of shoes if I want to.

The only issue I have with this hiking shoe is the quality of the laces. They are too thin and are the first to give up. Primarily if the shoe is used extensively, these laces wear out easily. You do have the option to replace it with a more durable lace if you want to with some aftermarket laces.

  • Provides waterproofing properties to keep your feet dry even in wet conditions
  • Promotes comfort and durability
  • Laces are easy to adjust
  • Ability to grip the ground well
  • Used by top professional disc golfer
  • Subpar laces

2. Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

salomon x ultra 3 gore-tex hiking shoes

This shoe is another hiking shoe that provides many features that fit many disc golfers’ needs. With my extensive years of playing disc golf, I have tried and tested several types of shoes for my disc golf game, and this shoe is one of them. I feel that this brand has one of the best insoles for golf shoes which is fit for a disc golf game. It is rubberized, which provides a lot of durability to the shoes.

If you are playing on courses with many descents and hikes, this shoe is highly recommended. I have used this shoe on hike-esc course, and the way it handles challenging drops and similar playing conditions has helped me during my game a lot of times. It holds up well when you go up or down steep inclines. This shoe is durable enough to withstand the effect of this type of condition with its Descent Control Technology.

Meanwhile, I have also trusted this shoe in wet conditions, especially when it is raining continuously during the round. It offers waterproofing features that keep my feet dry all the time, even on a rainy round day. As a disc golfer, I do not like my feet soak with water as it will affect my performance during the game. This sentiment is similar to other disc golfers, as no one wants their feet soaked with water during gameplay, this shoe will keep both feet dry even in wet conditions.

This shoe also provides comfort to both of my feet when playing my disc golf rounds. Another thing that I like about this shoe, is its molded sock liner that offers enough breathability and comfort to the feet. You can also feel the comfort on the midsole as it is made with high-performance EVA foam that provides shock resistance features to the feet.

However, the only issue I have with this particular shoe is the size of the toe box. It is too small and is a little inconvenient if you have a bigger foot.

  • Provides a lot of comfort and durability
  • Ability to deal with steeply inclined courses
  • Always keeps your feet dry with its waterproofing feature
  • The rubberized sole provides toughness and durability
  • It gives a lot of ventilation to the feet
  • Small toe box

3. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoes

merrell moab 2 vent hiking shoes

This product is another hiking shoe that fits well for use by disc golfers during the game. I am a big fan of the brand, and I consider this shoe one of the best Merrell shoes made for disc golf. I have personally used it in some of my rounds, and I can say that the way it is designed fits well with the demands and the needs that every player needs in a disc golf round.

What impresses me the most with this shoe is its durability and toughness. It is made with high-performance leather and a mesh upper, enabling it to withstand any damage from constant movement and gripping of the ground during gameplay. It is sturdy enough to last long, even if I have used it frequently in playing several rounds of disc golf. Also, the weight is just enough for me to do any type of shots out on the field or course.

When it comes to comfort, this shoe is the most comfortable that I have ever used on the course and field. The air cushion found on the heel provides shock absorption and stability, while the breathable mesh lining gives some ventilation to both of my feet. Furthermore, the midsole offers additional stability and comfort to my feet, especially when dealing with steep and inclined surfaces.

This shoe also protects the toe of your feet with its protective rubber toe cap. I have worn out many shoes because the toe gets destroyed, but this one is entirely different. Due to the protected toe, this shoe lasts much longer. It provides a lot of comfort to every part of your feet as well. Meanwhile, the zonal arch and heel support make this shoe one of the best arch support golf shoes you can use.

However, one minor issue that I see on this shoe is the toe box’s narrow fit. I feel that it gives some discomfort to the toes and the foot overall. Adjustment in the measurements will make a lot of disc golfers happy.

  • With breathable mesh lining
  • A protective cap provides comfort and protection to the toe
  • Designed to provide durability and toughness
  • The synthetic sole provides extra durability
  • Heel cushioning offers extra comfort
  • Some discomfort on the toes

4. KEEN Targhee 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

keen targhee 3 waterproof hiking shoe

When looking for the best disc golf shoes, I want something that gives me everything from above on the course. The shoe must meet the demand that every disc golfer needs comfort, durability, and waterproofing to name a few. Since there are still no shoes designed specifically for the sport, you need to find something related, and this shoe from Keen is one of them because of all the features it brings to the disc golfer.

This particular shoe is one of my go-to when dealing with wet conditions on the field. I have used this shoe as an alternate when it comes to playing on a rainy day. I have even used it when there is snow, and I can say that it survives all the difficult wet and muddy conditions in which it has been used. It has successfully kept my feet dry even under those conditions, and I was amazed at what this shoe offers.

Also, this is one of the best Keen shoes for disc golf because of all the features it brings to the table. For one, this is an all-terrain shoe, which makes them perfect in mountainous and rocky disc golf courses. I was impressed by the high-traction grip it it has, I was impress on how easily it griped the ground when I used it on the course. Dealing with uneven and hilly courses means nothing with this shoe. It will help you navigate going up and down even to the steepest inclines on the field.

I was also impressed by how this shoe provides a great fit and comfort to both of my feet. I like the padded pad and collar as it provides comfort on the upper portion of my feet. Meanwhile, the insole or footbed gives extra arch support as it stabilizes the foot’s natural form. I know it is hard to find a shoe that provides comfort, especially when playing disc golf, but Keen’s shoe is different. It gives comfort to every disc golf player’s needs, especially in extreme weather conditions and demanding courses.

The only issue I have with this Keen shoe is the narrow toe box. For the people who have a pair of wide feet, this will bring a lot of discomfort.

  • Pure textile and leather
  • Rubber sole provides extra durability to the shoes
  • Ability to deal with different types of terrain with its all-traction grip
  • Promotes excellent fitting and comfort
  • The Torsion Support System gives stability to uneven surfaces
  • Narrow toe box

5. New Balance 481 V3 Trail Running Shoes

new balance 481 v3 trail running shoes

The New Balance is known for its running shoes, and some of these shoes can be on the large side when used on a disc golf course. Like the model 481 V3 which takes pride in having fantastic traction perfect in navigating different disc golf courses. I am pretty familiar with the shoe because some of my friends are using it. Many of them thought this is one of the best golf shoes for flat feet.

But what impresses me the most is the comfort that this shoe provides to the disc golfer. I took a closer look at the shoes’ midsole and saw an ultra-soft cushioning that offers a natural comfort for the wearer’s foot. It provides the best feeling and stability to the underfoot, while the soft insert adds additional coziness and snugness to the user. It is extremely comfortable, even when dealing with uneven surfaces.

Meanwhile, the rubberized sole gives added toughness and durability to the overall foundation of the shoe. The outsole was impressive as it holds well, giving enough traction on the ground. It is grippy even on steeply inclined surfaces, making it perfect for hilly or rocky golf courses. Based on my observation, this shoe is excellent, especially when using on dry courses, which need tough and durable disc golf shoes.

I like the comfort collar, which hugs the ankle to provide a great fit and prevent irritation. The leather and mesh upper adds extra toughness and prevents any distraction when playing a round of disc golf. It’s a shoe that provides excellent fit and protection for your feet when used on the course.

One downside I have observed with the shoes is the size and fitting issues. I feel that the brand’s sizes were too large compared to the standard shoe sizes and fittings.

  • Cushioned support and insert provides comfort to the foot
  • Comfort collar and durable upper adds extra comfort and secure fit
  • The rubberized sole provides durability
  • Made of leather and textile
  • Provides traction on different types of disc golf courses
  • Issues on sizes and fittings

6. Adidas outdoor Terrex Ax3 Hiking Boot

adidas outdoor terrex ax3 hiking boot

This item is another shoe from Adidas that is typically used for trail hiking or running, which can also be used for disc golfers. If you are looking for the best throwing shoes in a disc golf game, I recommend this shoe due to its rubberized outsole that provides a better grip to the ground when doing the x-step or forearm run-up. This shoe is the best option to use if the course is concentrated on a single area and not as rocky or hilly as other courses.

What I like best about this shoe is its durability and toughness. The rubberized sole adds extra toughness and durability to the overall foundation of the shoe. It is strong enough to last long, even if I have used it frequently in playing several rounds of disc golf. I have personally witnessed how this shoe survives a lot of punishment, even on challenging courses. Also, the weight is light, which is enough for me to be comfortable doing different shots.

As for the comfort, I can say that this shoe is one of the most comfortable that I have ever used on the disc golf course. The lightweight EVA midsole provides comfort on the underfoot while the shaft is measured approximately ankle-high from the arch to add coziness and additional tightness. Furthermore, the molded toe cap provides extra comfort to the feet, especially when having constant movement during gameplay.

Also, this shoe comes with a rubber outsole for a fantastic grip on the ground. The grip of this shoe was especially noticed in dealing with uneven surfaces. It provides a lot of comfort to every part of your foot, despite the complex surface condition. Meanwhile, the easy lace closure system helps me adjust the lace to where I am comfortable during the game. Changing the lace can be done quickly with this particular shoe.

One minor issue I see in the shoe is in the backside around the heel as it is a little bit loose. It gives some discomfort when dealing with rugged terrain in the disc golf course.

  • Provides regular fitting to the feet
  • The rubberized outsole adds extra durability to the shoes
  • 100% synthetic shoes
  • Can adjust the shoelaces quickly
  • The toe cap was designed to give added comfort to the feet
  • Heel a little bit loose

7. Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoes

oboz sawtooth ii low hiking shoes

This product is another hiking and backpacking shoe that also works well when used on a disc golf course. I like the shoes when I used them on the course the other day, specifically its overall design. I feel that the way the shoes were constructed and how it was manufactured is perfect for the demand of the disc golf course. I am impressed with the insole, midsole, outsole, and other parts of the shoe.

For me, the insole of the shoe stands out in terms of providing comfort to my feet. It was designed so that it gives the right feel and fits both of my feet. The convenience it provides is impressive. Meanwhile, the midsole adds extra cushioning and stability, while a nylon shank provides additional support underfoot.

Since I am also a hiker myself, the outsole is also my favorite in its design. But when it comes to the disc golf course, I like the flexibility and versatility in adjusting to different golf courses. Whether it’s a flat course or a rocky ground, the shoe can adapt without any significant issue. The outsole plays a vital role in supporting the overall durability and foundation of the shoe.

I was also impressed by the shoe’s upper design and how it was manufactured with durability and sturdiness. It was manufactured with abrasion-resistant textile and high-quality leather, which for me, can last longer even with the problematic conditions of the disc golf course. I am confident enough to say that this shoe can withstand any amount of punishment when used on the field.

However, one downside I noticed, is the poor arch support. It gives some discomfort to the foot, especially the first time you wear it. It needs improvement as far as the manufacturer is concerned.

  • Constructed and shaped to provide the best fitting to the feet
  • Upper designed made with high-quality materials to add durability
  • The midsole adds extra cushioning and stability for additional comfort
  • The outsole promotes versatility and flexibility
  • An asymmetrical collar provides additional support to the ankle
  • Poor arch support

8. ALTRA AL0A4PE5 Lone Peak 4.5 Trail Shoes

altra al0a4pe5 lone peak 4.5 trail shoes

When looking for a disc golf shoe, you need to find something that offers durability and sturdiness. The great demand for disc golf comes from using it on the course, and this will challenge how strong and well the shoe is manufactured. However, when it comes to being sturdy, trail running shoes provide the sturdiness and durability the disc golfer is looking for. The quality is the reason I recommend this shoe from Altra to all disc golfers in their disc golf activities.

Comfort-wise, this shoe offers the same level as the previous shoes that I’ve reviewed. I have personally used it on a disc golf course, and overall, the feel was excellent. I like the trimmed down layer and the Eva midsole that provides cushioning to the foot. The balanced cushioning between the heel and the forefoot regarding the ground encourages a low-impact effect to the shoes.

On the course, I was impressed with how this shoe holds onto the grounds regardless of the type of surface. The outsole was designed to provide a firm grip and traction to the ground to navigate regardless of the kind of terrain on the disc golf course. Whether you are playing on a naturally flat surface or dealing with a rocky or mountainous course, this shoe can handle the challenge with ease.

I also like the insole design, especially on how it was designed to fit the foot inside. The shape allows both of the toes to relax while spreading out naturally. This will bring a lot of comfort when it comes to the movement of the feet inside. Meanwhile, this shoe is also easy to lace up, adding convenience when changing to another pair of shoes between disc golf rounds when needed.

The only issue I see in the product is the narrow toe box. I will not recommend this shoe to big-footed individuals as it might bring inconvenience when being used.

  • The rubberized sole provides durability and sturdiness
  • The outsole design provides traction and grip to the ground
  • The insole and midsole were designed to give comfort to the feet
  • Easy to lace up
  • Made in the USA
  • Narrow toe box

9. Columbia Crestwood Hiking Shoes

columbia crestwood hiking shoes

Another hiking shoe that fits nicely for use by disc golfers is the Crestwood made by Columbia. I am a big fan of the shoe brand because of its advance design and technology to improve the shoe’s performance while providing convenience to the disc golfer. I have used it in some of my disc golf rounds, and the way it is designed fits well with what every player needs in a disc golf game.

What I like the most about this shoe brand is its versatility and style. Using it on the disc golf course has given me many advantages in navigating different types of terrain. The high-quality exterior leather and soft mesh provide durability and sturdiness to the shoe. This shoe was strong enough to last longer than other shoes, even though I frequently used it on the field.

Comfort-wise, this shoe is one of the best that I have ever used on the disc golf course. I was impressed with the midsole regarding its durability and comfort. It provides superior cushioning, perfect tightness, and significant energy returns. Furthermore, the durable mesh tongue increases the shoe’s breathability for added comfort.

Also, this shoe provides the best grip into the ground regardless of the type of topographical feature on the course. I have worn other shoes, and it holds up well in dealing with different kinds of terrains. A dual-zone winter tread pattern makes sure that the shoe fits well and has a firm footing on other kind of surfaces.

However, I have some issues with its size and fittings. I feel that its size preference is smaller compared to the standard shoe sizes and fit.

  • Uses advanced technology to provide durability, comfort, and sturdiness to the shoe
  • Rubberized sole enhances durability
  • Promotes versatility and style
  • Provides traction and grip to any type of surface
  • It comes with an easy adjustment lacing system that promotes convenience
  • Size and fitting issue

10. Fila Midland Trail Running Shoes

fila midland trail running

The Fila brand was a household name when it comes to making basketball shoes several years ago. A few years ago, I saw this Fila hiking shoe on one of my friends and I was interested right away. I acquired one to test it out on the disc golf course, and was impressed by the shoe’s performance right from the start.

But what I like most about the shoe is the comfort that it provides to the disc golfer. I was amazed by the midsole and how it gives comfort and a snug fit to both of my feet. It provides the best feeling and stability to the underfoot while the padded footbed provides additional comfort to the user.

Meanwhile, the rubberized outsole gives added toughness and durability to the overall foundation of the shoe. This feature was the most impressive part of the shoe as it holds well and provides traction and grip. It is grippy even on steeply inclined surfaces, making it perfect for hilly or rocky golf courses. I strongly feel that this shoe is excellent, especially when used on dry courses, which needs durable and sturdy shoes.

I also like the contrast stitching and the fabric mesh that enhances the overall appearance of the shoe. After all, this was the brand’s trademark when it was still prevalent in the basketball industry. The leather and mesh upper provide additional toughness to the player when playing rounds of disc golf. It’s a shoe that offers a great fit while also providing protection to both feet when used on the disc golf course.

However, the only problem I had is the sole’s quality, especially on the toe area. This part was the first one to peel off. It needs improvement as far as the quality is a concern.

  • Made of 100% fabric
  • Lace-up closure provides a secure fitting
  • Padded footbed gives extra comfort
  • Provides sturdiness and durability to last long on the disc golf course
  • Made in the USA
  • Subpar sole quality

11. CAMEL CROWN Hiking Trailing Shoes

camel crown hiking trailing shoes

This shoe from Camel Crown is another hiking shoe that also provides the excellent performance when used on the disc golf course. I was impressed when I used the shoes on the field and they handled the adversities on the course. Whether it’s the difficult surface or the constant movement and navigation on steeply inclined surfaces, this shoe takes the different challenges with ease. I feel that the way the shoes were constructed and their design, this shoe is perfect for the disc golf course’s demand.

For me, the insole of the shoe stands out when providing  a snug and comfortable fit to my feet. It makes me feel like was manufactured to give the best feeling and a great fit to my feet.
The term is ortholite stretchy insole provides the most comfortable insole, even to the toes and heels. An added shock-absorbing material offers extra comfort, while the toe cap provides the fitting to be snug around the toe.

This shoe also has the most impressive outsole in terms of its design. When it comes to the disc golf course, I like the anti-slipping feature that helps the shoe hold on to the ground even in cold temperatures. The outsole was manufactured to improve cushioning and wear resistance and for the shoe to withstand possible damage while in use. In my wearing the shoe, the outsole plays an essential role in supporting this shoe brand’s overall durability and foundation.

I was also impressed by the large area mesh and the inner moisture-wicking mesh feature that enable the airflow from circulating efficiently. The circulation is both from the inside and outside portion of the shoes. The rugged and anti-slip laces also help in securing your feet even with constant movement on the field. I am confident enough that this shoe can withstand and prevent damage when used on the field.

However, the only issue I have with the shoe is the lack of cushioning. Although it offers comfort to the foot, the cushioning is still lesser than the other shoes reviewed. There is room for improvement on the part of the manufacturer.

  • Promotes efficient airflow in and out of the shoe
  • The robust outsole provides sturdiness and durability to the structure of the shoe
  • Enables non-slip and shockproof features
  • Provides a snug and comfortable fit
  • It gives strong traction and grip to the ground
  • Lack of cushion

12. Skechers Outline-SOLEGO Trail Oxford Shoes

skechers outline-solego trail oxford shoes

This product is another shoe that is typically used for trail hiking and can be used by disc golfers. Skechers is a brand popular among shoe lovers and little did I know that they are also making this type of shoe that can conquer the challenges of a disc golf course. Upon learning about it, I was interested right away and bought one to test it on the field. The performance impressed me right from the get-go. The waterproofing feature makes this shoe one of the best spikeless and waterproofed golf shoe that a disc golfer can buy.

What impresses me the most about this shoe is its sturdiness and durability. The synthetic sole gives additional toughness and power to the overall structure of the shoe. It is strong enough to last longer even if I wore them multiple times on the course without any rest. I was impressed by how this shoe survives a lot of punishment and the constant movement on the course. I also like the shoe’s weight, which gives me enough comfort in moving in the course with ease. I didn’t feel like I had weights weighing my feet down while I moved.

When it comes to comfort, I feel that this shoe is one of the coziest and snuggest fits that I have ever used on the disc golf course. Air-cooled memory foam provides the much-needed coolness and comfort when use used. Meanwhile, the midsole provides comfort on the underfoot, while the rounded toe designed gives enough breathing space for the toe to relax.

Also, this shoe provides a reinforced bumper, padded tongue, and collar that contributes to the shoe’s toughness outside. The lace-up design promotes a secure fit and enables the shoes to fit well on both of my feet. I wore the shoe on courses that were very uneven and that provided a lot of different terrain types. It provides a lot of comfort to every part of your feet despite the complex surface condition.

However, one downside of this shoe is the absence of arch support. As a disc golfer, this missing feature gives some discomfort to my feet when used on the course. For me, this is an opportunity for the manufacturer to enhance the design moving forward.

  • Provides waterproofing properties
  • It comes with breathable fabric lining
  • The rubberized outsole gives better grip on the ground
  • Shock-absorbing midsole provides additional comfort
  • The lace-up design offers a secure fit
  • Absence of arch support

How to Choose Disc Golf Shoes

best waterproof spikeless golf shoes

Type of Shoes

Honestly speaking, finding shoes that are specifically made for the disc golf sport is challenging. With all the disc golf movements, including the force you put in and the momentum on the shoe’s side when pivoting quickly or grinding the heel or toe, there are not many types of footwear that I know of which can handle this.

Also, shoe manufacturers cannot make shoes for that purpose alone since disc golf is still a small market compared to other sports. Maybe, we wait until the sport grows in popularity, similar to regular golf, and who knows, in the future, we will have a particular shoe design that is made specifically for disc golf.

What’re the Ideal Shoes for Disc Golf?

With my years of experience playing the sport, hiking shoes and trail running shoes are the most common and highly recommended. These two types of shoes can be used in any kind of terrain, making them perfect for the sport. Also, the course design or what the tee pads are made of doesn’t affect the choice of shoe all that much.

Hiking shoes are more sturdy compared to trail running shoes which means they will last longer. Generally, hiking shoes do not breathe, and trail running shoes are much lighter. If you are only playing once or twice a week, trail running shoes will work out just fine for you.

Depending on the type of course and climate, a regular pair of running shoes may work out just fine for you. The shoe must be durable and robust enough not to roll over the sole when planting the foot laterally on the ground. Also, ultra-lightweight running shoes are uncomfortable. I feel that they are too flimsy, with the foot sliding sideways when it is planted to the ground, which will cause the foot to jam into the laces.

What about Flat Shoes?

I am not recommending regular flat street shoes because the grip is terrible, especially in the non-urban terrain type of a disc golf course. Plus, those types of shoes break down quickly from the different throwing motions.

Durability is also a big issue when choosing the type of shoes used in playing disc golf. Some shoes will just break down quickly with the uppers failing apart somewhere, or the outsole will just wear out.

Design of Shoes

When it comes to shoe design, shoe width is more critical in disc golf than any other sport. The foot must not move left or right inside the shoe when it is firmly and comfortably laced up. Also, your heel must not lift from the bottom of the cup at any time.

The heel cup is another important factor in disc golf when it comes to design. When doing lateral movements, the shoe’s stability is essential and should not flop from left to right. The shoe must provide a smoother transition of weight from the inside of the plant foot to the outside. The player should not feel like he is rolling over on top of something.

The Thread and Outer Edge Design

A disc golfer need not have a super aggressive tread design for a pair of shoes in disc golf. It would be preferable to choose a tread pattern designed for lateral traction instead of those designed for forwarding movement. Please take note that the more aggressive the tread, the less material there is in the shoes. It will be better to have a light tread so there is as much material as possible for better durability.

Meanwhile, the outer edge should be reinforced to facilitate a firm plant without your foot rolling over the sole. There are many shoes that are trying so hard to be lightweight but suffer from having no lateral support.

There are plenty of shoes with a woeful amount of mid-foot tread pattern than the outer lugs’ depth and size. Small internal lugs will quickly wear while leaving the player with bad traction in non-heel-spinning drives.

The Outsole

The outsole must be molded around the side of the shoe. If it is only glued on the base of the EVA outsole, then the constant movement and twisting will eventually separate the sole from the shoe’s edge.

I find a big rocker in a shoe to help because it makes planting toe-first then the ball and heel a lot easier. It then moves the ball’s weight off the foot more quickly, but then again, it may not be everybody’s liking.

Waterproof and Breath

best throwing shoes

So, what if it is raining outside during the game day? The waterproof shoe is the answer and is good when it is wet outside, and the temperatures are low. This type of shoe is ideal when it is a cold rainy day or snow on the ground. The more humid it is, the more effective they are during the game.

If you consider waterproof and breath as two factors when looking for disc golf shoes, the truth is they are at odds against each other. The more waterproof a shoe is, the less it is breathable or the other way around. Waterproof and breathable are not doable at all when it comes to the shoe manufacturer’s perspective.

Wearing Waterproof Shoes in Dry Conditions

Wearing waterproof shoes in dry conditions will make them very wet inside from your feet sweating because of the lack of air flow. Making your toes feel like they’re sitting in a bath. Always remember that sweat is an enemy of the shoes because it wrecks and damages them. Similar to wearing them when damp and not allowing them to dry naturally and entirely between usage.

The ideal situation is to own two pairs of shoes for a disc golf player. One shoe should be water-resistant and not breathable to be used on wet or cold weather rounds. The other one is a breathable shoe that will be used in summer or dry conditions.

There is no need to own a waterproof shoe if you do not play in the rain or mud at all. But if you do not mind playing in those conditions, you can always wear them when playing disc golf rounds.

The Sole

When looking for a pair of shoes for disc golf, do not forget the insoles. It is annoying to own expensive shoes worth $100 and the insoles only cost 5 cents each. Besides, the sole needs to be as durable as possible using the most durable rubber you can find.

I would prefer to see an exclusive design with multiple materials. There could be a patch of extra durable materials inserted in the place where it needs the most while the other surrounding areas will be more grippy. I would prefer a one-mold sole for the mold’s construction because two-mold soles or more can be torn apart quickly.

The Disc Golf Course

The type of disc golf course you are playing can also play a significant role in choosing your disc golf shoes. It will all depend on the disc golf course’s condition and how rugged it is to play. If the course terrain is not as intensive, a pair of vans may be the best type of shoes that you can use. If the course is rocky or mountainous, I would suggest using trail or hiking shoes.

How to Choose the Right Socks for your Disc Golf Shoes

Apart from the shoes, you need a good pair of socks to make your feet more comfortable on the course. The shoes are just half of the equation, and you need good socks to be more pleased. I have been using cotton socks when playing the sport. All of which are cheap and comes from bulk order purchases.

Meanwhile, wool socks are better for keeping your feet warm as they are good at absorbing moisture as well. Sweating a little bit will not be a problem with a good pair of wool socks. It is suitable for absorbing sweat and helping it evaporate by spreading it out into the wool fibers. As for me, I wear wool socks during wintertime where I need extra warmth on my feet.

I also tried synthetic socks, and can say that they surprised me a little bit. They are usually made with a combination of rubber, lycra, rayon, and other materials. They do not absorb the moisture well as they wicked it away from your foot, based on experience. The feel is that the foot is wet, but it does not feel wet. At least, not as soggy wet compared to when wearing cotton socks.

Durability Tips for Disc Golf Shoes

  • Depending on how you wear your disc golf shoe will have a significant impact on its longevity.
  • Wearing a disc golf shoe when not playing will result in the shoe to self-destruct very quickly.
  • Wearing the identical shoe two days in a row and failing to let them dry appropriately between them will drastically reduce the shoe life.
  • If you can, please do not wear them for other activities aside from disc golf rounds. Avoid wearing them casually at all costs.
  • Wearing the same shoes for two rounds means you must at least change your socks. Let them completely dry out before wearing them again for additional rounds. Believe it or not, this will make the shoes last twice as long compared to not doing it.


Apart from having the right disc golf disc and improving the skill sets, a disc golfer also needs the best disc golf shoes when playing the game. It brings many advantages when you are comfortable with your footwear because it gives a lot of confidence when navigating the course and meeting the disc golf game’s demands. I can say that a disc golf shoe will play an essential role in the performance and the overall result of every disc golfer. For this reason, choosing the correct disc golf shoe is crucial before a disc golfer goes to the battle and starts throwing the disc.