What are the best disc golf brands?

Disc Golf Brands

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Discount Disc Golf Brands

In addition to having amazing prices on disc golf discs and accessories, we at Discount Disc Golf work to bring our customers a wide selection of brands to choose from. In this blog we would like to point out the brands that we carry, and talk about the pros and cons of each brand. With this information you will hopefully learn about new brands to try out. Let’s jump right in and see what we have to offer.

MVP & Axiom


MVP is a brand that has been part of the disc golf scene for over a decade. Their approach to disc golf manufacturing revolves around their ‘overmold’ technology, which is a separate ring that makes up the outer rim of their discs. The outer rim gives their discs a gyroscopic effect when they fly. It also serves to act as a buffer when the disc hits hard objects. MVP is the parent to Axiom and Streamline brands

PRO:  MVP/Axiom has a wide variety of molds available to suit any skill level.

CON: They aren’t always in stock, since they aren’t always available.

Check out available MVP and Axiom Discs.


Alfa Discs

The Norwegian brand Alfa Discs has been producing discs golf a couple years and has a handful of molds. They produce premium plastics for Norway and disc golfers around the world.

PRO: Premium plastics

CON: Small selection of molds and flight types.

Check out available Alfa Discs HERE


Clash Discs

Although Clash is a relatively new brand, it has produced an armful of molds with some yummy-sounds names. Clash Disc Golf got its first mold approved a little over two years ago and has been making new discs on a regular basis. Their plastic feels amazing! Even though they are a young company, they sponsor some top pros on tour.

PRO: Wide selection of molds, many that are beginner-friendly.


Check out available Clash Discs HERE




This German company released its first disc over a decade ago, but hasn’t released a lot since then. They used to sell carts, but have stopped production for now. They offer a premium plastic for some of their molds.

PRO:  Fairly established brand that may have more molds in the works

CON: Until they get more options, their discs may not be what you are looking for.

Check out Crosslap Discs HERE


Divergent Discs

This is a brand that was started to give less experienced players options with lighter weights and more understable flight numbers. Their disc are made in premium plastics, yet they are still affordable.

PRO: Inexpensive discs that are beginner friendly and made with premium plastic.

CON: As you skills improve, Divergent may not have molds that suit your skill level.

Check out Divergent Discs HERE


Doomsday Discs

Doomsday Discs is a unique brand that relies on its fans for naming discs and products. The Doomsday community is loyal and creative. Although the company is relatively new, they have a good selection of molds to choose from, each with an interesting doomsday-themed name.

PRO: With Doomsday, you’ll be getting a great disc AND joining a great community.

CON: Not all of their molds are PDGA approved.

Check out Doomsday Discs HERE


Dynamic Discs


Dynamic is a huge company with a large variety of molds, plastics, and products. They are big enough to sponsor many touring pros. Located in Emporia, Kansas, Dynamic has been producing discs for over a decade and are a well-known, respected brand.

PRO: Huge selection!


Check out Dynamic Discs HERE


Finish Line


Finish Line is a brand started by Drew Gibson with a goal to create the best discs available! They released a couple molds the first year (2022) and several more last year. More to come!

PRO: Awesome discs!

CON: They are still adding to their library, so you might not find what you’re looking for.

Check out Finish Line Discs HERE


Infinite Discs


The massive online retailer also has a growing line of disc golf molds. Their plastic choices and variety of stabilities make their discs desirable for beginners through touring pros. Infinite has a number of pros that they sponsor.

PRO: Great discs for any skill level


Check out Infinite Discs HERE




One of the oldest and largest disc golf companies, Innova has been making discs for decades. Many older disc golfers grew up throwing Innova molds that aren’t even produced any more. Other molds have been in production since the early days of disc golf as we know it.

PRO: The largest selection of molds and plastics to fit any need and any gap in your bag.

CON: If you like supporting smaller brands, this one is not that.

Check out Innova discs HERE


Latitude 64


This Swedish company that is known for producing amazing plastic. Starting in the 2000’s, Latitude has grown into a large brand with many disc choices, touring pro sponsorship, and a reputation for quality.

PRO: They have a beginner line of molds that are perfect for new players and more experienced throwers.

CON: They are made in Sweden, so if you are looking for Made in USA, you’ll have to pass on Latitude.

Check out Latitude 64 Discs HERE




Legacy is a family-owned company out of California. The family has been playing since the 80’s and bring all of that experience to their brand. Legacy offers two speed 14 discs, the Cannon and the Rampage.

PRO: Molds that are designed by and for professionals.

CON: Not as large of a selection as bigger brands

Check out Legacy Discs HERE


Lone Star


Although Lone Star Discs is not even four years old as of this writing, they have a disc selection that rivals much older brands. Their company is in Texas and all of their designing and manufacturing is done there. They’ve already started sponsoring touring pros.

PRO: Their disc selection will only continue to grow.


Check out Lone Star Discs HERE




Prodigy celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2023. They were started by several world-class disc golfers to bring the best discs to market. Their plastics and mold designs satisfy the needs of beginners to touring pros.

PRO: Although initially created for pros, their lineup is also beginner-friendly.


Check out Prodigy Discs HERE



This Finnish company strives to produce the best plastics, a variety of molds, and help the disc golf community grow. Their Jokeri putter is very popular and highly rated.

PRO: Excellent plastics

CON: Not always available

Check out Prodiscus Discs HERE




RPM is a brand that strives to produce discs and grown the sport in their home country of New Zealand. The names of the molds come from native birds and mammals.

PRO: Supporting a brand that supports local and regional disc golf.

CON: Challenging filling a bag with just their molds.

Check out RPM Discs HERE

Sune Sports


Sune has a goal to supply discs to beginners that are lighter than most discs and less expensive. They operate in Norway. They make their discs using base plastics.

PRO: Excellent for beginners because of cost and weight.

CON: No intermediate or advanced discs

Check out Sune Sport Discs HERE

Thought Space Athletics


TSA has taken disc golf stamps to another level. Starting out designing stamps for other brands, Thought Space started their own line of discs. Popular stamps and plastics make TSA a solid brand.

PRO: Best stamps in the business, along with amazing plastics.

CON: Not as beginner-friendly as other brands.

Check out Thought Space Athletics Discs HERE



Founded as a brand to support educating kids about the sport of disc golf. Sales from Uplay discs help support the Universal Play Disc Golf Foundation.

PRO: Perfect way to introduce beginners to the world of disc golf

CON: Limited selection and not for higher-skilled players.

Check out Uplay Discs HERE


Viking Discs


Another company out of Finland, Viking Discs uses German polymers to produce amazing plastics and molds. Their discs are cutting edge, but their themes go back to ancient mythology.

PRO: Excellent quality and design.

CON: The small selection that accompanies a small brand.

Check out Viking Discs HERE


Westside Discs


Started in Finland, the brand was bought out by Dynamic Discs. Made by Latitude 64, Westside has amazing plastics with a good variety of molds.

PRO: Good feel and flight to their discs.

CON: Many of their molds are too overstable for beginners.

Check out Westside Discs HERE




Wing-it is a Utah company that is making discs that are geared toward beginners, yet still useful for more advanced players. Their discs are colorful and fly amazingly well.

PRO: The best quality beginner discs.

CON: Just getting started, so the selection is slim.

Check out Wing-It Discs HERE



X-Com is a great source of molds that are beneficial to less skilled players. They are available in lighter weights which benefit beginners, and at a cheaper cost than comparable discs.

PRO: Less expensive and lighter weights than most brands.

CON: Not as favorable for higher skilled players.

Check out X-Com Discs HERE


Yikun is a Chinese brand has been in the flying disc business for over a decade and they are expanding into disc golf. They make molds for other brands such as Discmania and Wild Discs.

PRO: Variety of beginner friendly molds, as well as advanced molds.

CON: Many of their molds are only available in base plastics.

Check out Yikun Discs HERE