Viking Discs – Brand of the Week

Viking Discs Logo

Our brand of the week is Viking Discs, a distinguished disc golf brand from Finland. Each disc features a Nordic theme with names and artwork inspired by Nordic folklore. This week, all Viking discs are on sale, with select items available at exceptional discounts of at least 50% off, featured as our deals of the day. You can shop all Viking Discs here, and save even more by purchasing these discs as part of the Viking Bulk Set.

Viking Discs

Viking’s lineup has good variety with 13 different discs molds, covering all sorts of speeds and stability needs you might have. For those just playing for fun, finding the right mix of discs to handle all kinds of shots on the course is possible all within the Viking line.

Viking primarily utilizes three types of plastic. Their base plastic, Ground, is inexpensive and grippy, ideal for putters, though it may not be the best choice for drivers due to its lower durability. The Storm plastic is a translucent, durable blend, while Armor plastic provides extra shimmer and slightly more grip than Storm, with discs typically being slightly less stable and often less domey.

Viking also offers a lightweight plastic version called Viking Air, which is essentially Storm plastic infused with air bubbles. Lightening up the discs means even those of us without a cannon for an arm can watch our throws fly further than ever.

Additionally, some of their discs are available in the Warpaint Line, a full-color version of Armor plastic that features UV print images instead of traditional hot stamps.

Previously, Viking offered a LED light version of Storm plastic known as “Fire,” but this variant was discontinued due to the fragility of the lights, which compromised their use for night play.

Viking Putt & Approach Discs 

White Viking Discs rune in ArmorViking’s putters are among the best-selling in their range. Both of these styles really know how to hold their own on ground plastic, giving you solid performance and a secure grip. The Rune is a straight-flying putter with a large bead around the bottom rim, while the Knife features no bead and greater overstability. Shop Viking Putters here.

Viking Midrange Discs 

The Viking line includes three mid-range discs, all classified as speed four, which is typically slower than most popular mids and often used for approaching. The Axe flies the straightest, while the Nordic Warrior offers slightly more overstability. For those seeking a disc to combat the wind, the Loki is an ideal choice, being as overstable as they come and comparable to the Dynamic Discs Justice. Currently, Viking does not offer any understable mid-range discs. Shop Viking Midrange Discs here.

Viking Fairway Drivers 

Viking currently has two fairway drivers: the Barbarian and the Cosmos. Both are speed 7; the Barbarian offers stable flight similar to the Innova Teebird, while the Cosmos is slightly understable, making it perfect for beginners and players with lower arm speeds. Shop Viking Fairway Drivers here.

Viking Distance Drivers

Viking has focused the majority of their mold development on Distance Drivers, which is logical since everyone seeks more distance. They offer six different distance drivers in their lineup, covering the full spectrum of stability from the understable Berserker to the ultra overstable Odin. Check out our selection of Viking Distance Drivers here.

Viking Disc Golf Sets

Viking Discs stand out for their focus on complete disc golf sets. They offer several 8-disc sets, each featuring discs in the same type of plastic: the Storm Disc set, the Armor set, and the Ground Set, which provides a very affordable option for acquiring eight discs in the less durable Ground plastic.

On top of everything else, there’s something special for enthusiasts – the Hobby Set from Viking offers an assortment of plastic-type discs for those wanting variety of plastic types and Viking disc molds at a low cost. Viking also offers a starter set with three discs, perfect for those just dipping their toes into the game.

Best Selling Viking Discs 

The most popular Viking discs include the Rune Putter and the Ragnarok Distance Driver, with the Rune being a versatile putt and approach disc and the Ragnarok providing maximum distance for average players, making it a favored choice. These are the top selling Viking Discs in order.

  1. Rune Putter
  2. Ragnarok Distance Driver
  3. Fenrir Distance Driver
  4. Berserker Distance Driver
  5. Barbarian Fairway Driver
  6. Thunder God Thor Distance Driver
  7. Knife Putter
  8. Loki Overstable Midrange
  9. Cosmos Straight Flying Driver
  10. Odin Overstable Driver
  11. Valhalla Distance Driver
  12. Nordic Warrior Midrange
  13. Axe Midrange

One of the best features of Viking Discs is their absence of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies, ensuring they are always available at exceptionally low prices here at Discount Disc Golf. Enjoy substantial savings on Viking Discs consistently, but take advantage of even greater discounts and special offers this week as they are our featured brand of the week.