Discount Disc Golf: We’re a little (a lot) different. And that’s probably a good thing.

We love disc golf but let’s face it: Shopping for any one disc can be as overwhelming as shopping for your significant other on Christmas Eve. Or you know what you want, but there’s too many good choices; welcome to analysis paralysis. Online disc golf shops such as Infinite Discs and OTB Discs are tailored for disc golf enthusiasts – individuals well-versed in every disc brand, stability, flight path, mold, and type of plastic. While these websites excellently serve their dedicated audience, the OTB Discs website may present complexities for recreational disc golfers who simply seek a quality disc at an affordable price.

There are several reason’s to make us your frisbee golf store. We’ve made disc golf shopping simple, which actually makes it more affordable too. Our goal is to buy and sell a lot of product with the intent to move it out quickly. It turns out that a lot of people really love this simple approach. This simplicity means you are able to get about twice as much disc golf product for the same amount of cash spent. It may or may not be the season, but we’ll say it anyway: Merry Christmas. Read on to learn more about the following:

Ways To Save

How Our Prices Are So Low

Pallets of Disc Golf Discs

How can you enjoy the savings?

We have five great ways that help you save here.

#1 – Shop at

Our everyday prices are lower than other disc golf stores. We keep them low because we keep our costs low. You don’t have to pay for our crazy overhead our cost of goods with each purchase. The last half of this page is all about that (you can skip to that here).

#2 – Daily Deals

Subscribe to our daily deals. This is the easiest way to take a normal deal and, frankly, we may sell it below cost because we want to get you hooked on Discount Disc Golf. These deals are bonkers. We’re talking lower than wholesale cost. Sure, sometimes it may be a disc you’ve never heard of; that doesn’t mean it isn’t good, it just means they haven’t put their revenue into marketing it. You will come to be amazed at how many great discs there are that you’ve never heard of.

Why do we offer daily deals? 

  1. Honestly, we want to get you hooked.
  2. We believe that you might add a couple other items.
  3. You’ll share us with your other friends at the park, or at league, or wherever you play disc golf.

#3 – Discounted Disc Golf Sets

By packaging discs together in package sets you are able to save an additional percentage off of our already discounted price. Here are the types of sets we offer:

  • Pre-packaged sets (putter packs, variety combo sets)
  • Mystery sets
  • Build your own set

Affordable Viking Bulk PackPackage Sets

Some manufacturers pre-package some of their most popular discs together as a set. With a complete disc golf set you are able to try a selection of different discs that give you a complete arsenal in one bundle. This is the most affordable way to get a starter kit or full bag of discs. The different varieties of Bulk Disc sets we have listed can be found here:

Rune bulk putter packPutter Packs

The second main package set we sell are putter packs. Putter packs give you an excellent way to hone in your putting game by getting a selection of identical discs. Practice your repetitions while practicing your putting. Choose from a bulk supply of identical putters or try a sample pack of different putters to find the one that is just right for you.

Mystery Deals BoxMystery Boxes

If you don’t really know what you want, but just know that you want more discs the most affordable way to get clearance priced discs is by purchasing a Mystery Box. A Mystery box is just like it sounds, a package of discs that you don’t know what you’ll receive until it arrives. We have a variety of different mystery box suitable for many different budgets and skill sets. With Discount Disc Golf mystery boxes, you get a variety of different disc golf brands in every box.

Build Your Own Bulk Set

One of our most popular budget options is our build your own bulk sets. Unlike a mystery box, the Build Your Own Deals Box allows you to choose your own bulk set and get extra savings just by purchasing in bulk. We offer 5, 9, and 18 disc “Build Your Own” sets. The bigger your set, the more money you will save. With our create your bulk set packs you can save as much as 50% over our already lowest prices prices on the internet!

Why do we offer discounts on sets?

If we are going to the effort of building one order, only a fraction of it is in putting the order together. So if we’re pulling one disc for you, it’s not much more to pull two discs. So we save time and you are the winner because of it!

#4 – Aesthetically Tarnished Goods

Disc golf discs with aesthethic imperfections that occur during the manufacturing process or while being hot stamped still work great for a round of disc golf, but are much less expensive. These are called “Factory Seconds” or “Misprints.” We love selling these because these are even lower wholesale cost; pairing that with our get-it-in, get-it-out operational strategy means you will really save on these. Thing is, they usually don’t last that long unless somebody in the factory really messed up and we have tons of them.

Browse our inventory of misprints and factory second discs here.

#5 – Free Shipping

The reality is that it costs money to ship products, including disc golf equipment. While there are many disc golf retailers that offer low prices, we offer both discount prices and free shipping with every order at $35. Yeah, we’re crazy, but we believe in our strategy and people have loved it so far!

How we get disc golf equipment for so cheap

#1 – Efficiency/simplicity

Bulk golf discsWe have everything that we do to be able to move our product out efficiently to players who are more interested in buying great discs at a lower price, rather than the ultra-specifics of discs* (see our asterisk below). You won’t see more details about color, weight, or what each stamps looks like here**.

Do you see the picture on the right? That’s a typical bulk shipment, and it’s not that pretty. (don’t worry, the goods inside are fine, and if they aren’t, they’re sold in a hospital box). Most of the time retailers will break these down and categorize them beautifully. They are awesome for that. Instead, we pull directly from those boxes when fulfilling and it’s fast.

#2 – Purchasing Power

While most disc golf retailers purchase a few boxes of inventory at a time and get it shipped one package at a time by UPS, we often make our purchases by the truckload. So between the transportation and negotiated prices that we have, we’re able to get you a disc right near wholesale cost and still have enough to cover our operations.

Not only are we able to get the price per disc at the lowest possible price, but we are also able to save on shipping. It is far less expensive to get products shipped by the pallet through a trucking company than by the box through UPS or FedEx.

#3 – Uncommon Brands

Compared to most businesses, it’s relatively cheap to get started as a disc golf manufacturer or retailer. So some talented disc golf player with access to an injection molding machine starts putting together some great product; but that’s where the specialty ends because many small brands just don’t realize how much marketing effort it takes to make every disc golfer in America aware of you.

And that marketing means huge portions of most major companies profits goes towards their marketing. For that reason we have get a ton of stock from great disc companies that have been able to get us very low wholesale costs, because they just have less overhead even though they are really phenomenal companies. For example, companies like Yikun actually make discs for big name disc golf brands like Discmania. Purchasing from the generic disc brands allows you to get golf discs for far less money.

#4 – Overstock Supply

Infinite Discs Missed Forecasting

As the largest disc golf retailer in the world, Infinite Discs makes some pretty massive orders from the disc manufacturers. Sometimes they over estimate the demand for some of these products and so have a surplus of inventory. These are great discs that just didn’t have the anticipated demand for whatever reason (usually marketing, see above). For a big disc golf company like Infinite, it’s better to get discs sold at minimal margins to keep the cash flowing rather than sit on inventory for years. Their missed forecasting mistakes become our inventory at a really great rate, which ends up benefitting you.

Other Retailers Liquidations

Over the years we have witnessed many disc golf manufacturers and retailers, online as well as brick and mortar look for ways to liquidate their product. Whether it be from going out of business, or trying to clear surplus inventory from the books for tax reasons we are able to purchase discs for less than wholesale costs. We often work out deals with OTB Discs and Ledgestone to buy their surplus discs. When these disc golf companies need to liquidate, we do what we can to acquire their product and sell it at a bargain price right here.

#5 – Clearance Discs From Manufacturers

It’s hard for manufacturers to estimate the popularity of each individual disc model. Sometimes they underestimate the demand; which causes shortages (and the secondary market really loves that). But often they overestimate the demand which gives them excess inventory (which we love). Sometimes they make specific discs for sponsored professional players, just to have the pros fizzle in popularity or switch sponsors. Rather than incur the costs associated with surplus discs sitting around the warehouse (taxes, storage inventory, no cash flow), many companies liquidate these discs by selling them to us at clearance prices. Again, we pass those savings on.

Over the past few years we have been able to get clearance price discs from manufacturers such as Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, Infinite Discs, MVP, Prodigy, Legacy, Westside Discs, Yikun, and Exel, and Vibram Disc Golf (if only we still had some of those left). Because these are the “excess discs” the ones that they have too many of, we never know what discs we are going to be able to get at clearance prices.

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The Asterisks

* If you want detailed selection, Infinite Discs has got you covered. They’ll show the weight, color, and picture of every disc that you purchase, including those they have at clearance price. It’s super detailed and amazing! It’s just not our thing because that’s way more involved, so we couldn’t keep our prices low and do that.

** Well, there are a couple scenarios that we may get a little bit specific. If we order from a vendor, and they’ve got stacks of identical colors, yeah, we’ll be able to list that specific color. But this is the exception, not the rule.