If you’re looking for the most affordable way to get disc golf equipment, there is no better website than Discount Disc Golf.

Occasionally, we are able to offer discs at clearance prices, prices that are so low that we are able to sell discs for costs almost as low as retailers are able to purchase them directly from wholesale distributors.

Affordable Disc Golf

Top three ways we are able to get you super cheap discs:

1. Bulk Sets

By packaging discs together in package sets you are able to save up to 50% off of the retail price. We offer complete disc golf sets as well as bulk putter packs. With a complete disc golf set you are able to try a large selection of the different discs of varying, types, speeds, and stabilities that give you a complete arsenal of discs. This is the most affordable way to get a full bag of disc. Bulk sets are also a great way to try out the different plastics produced by many of the major disc manufacturers.

The second main package set we sell are putter packs. Putter packs give you an excellent way to hone in your putting game by getting a selection of identical discs. Practice your repetitions while practicing your putting. Choose from a bulk supply of identical putters or try a sample pack of different putters to find the one that is just right for you.

2. Generic Disc Brands

Most of the major disc golf brands have MAP policies. This means that they set a minimum advertised price in which retailers are allowed to sell their goods. While the major brands have these stringent pricing guidelines, many of the smaller brands like Yikun, Viking, and Divergent Discs do not. This allows you to get golf discs from these brands for less money.

3. Free Shipping

The reality is that it costs money to ship products, including disc golf equipment. While there are many disc golf retailers that offer low prices, we offer both discount prices and free shipping with every order at $25. This perfect combination simply saves you money and makes disc golf more affordable.

How we get disc golf equipment for so cheap:

Compared to most businesses, it’s relatively cheap to get started as a disc golf manufacturer or retailer. 

While the entry level of a disc golf business is easy, it is not easy to turn a consistent profit and most disc golf companies fail within three years of business. We are able to get products at ultra low prices by using a few of the following methods below.

Bulk Quantity Prices

Bulk golf discsAs is usually the case, the bigger your order quantity the lower the price the disc manufacturer gives us. 

While most disc golf retailers purchase a few boxes of inventory at a time and get it shipped one package at a time by UPS, we often make our purchases by the truckload. 

Not only are we able to get the price per disc at the lowest possible price, but we are also able to save on shipping. It is far less expensive to get products shipped by the pallet than by residential mail carriers.

Clearance Discs From Manufacturers

It’s hard for manufacturers to estimate the popularity of each individual disc model. Sometimes they underestimate the demand; which causes shortages. But often they overestimate the demand which gives them excess inventory and carrying costs. Rather than incur the costs associated with surplus discs sitting around the warehouse, some manufacturers liquidate these discs by selling them at clearance prices. Because we are able to get these discs at lower than normal prices, we are able to pass the savings on to you with the lowest prices on the internet.

Over the past few years we have been able to get clearance price discs from manufacturers such as Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, MVP, Prodigy, Legacy, and Vibram. Because these are the “excess discs” the ones that they have too many of, we never know what discs we are going to be able to get at clearance prices.

Disc Golf Retailer Liquidation

In addition to clearance price discs acquired from manufacturers, we have also been able to purchase the remaining inventory from closing disc golf retailers like Clearwater Disc Golf store.  

When retailers fail, they liquidate their inventory at near wholesale cost (the price they pay for the product from the manufacturers).

Over the years we have witnessed many disc golf manufacturers and retailers, online as well as brick and mortar go under and liquidate their product. When these disc golf companies need to liquidate, we do what we can to acquire their product and sell it at a bargain price.

These are a few of the ways Discount Disc Golf is able to provide you with the most affordable disc golf discs online.

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