The Best Disc Golf Sets for 2021

best disc golf sets

All disc golfers who are just starting to learn the sport will be overwhelmed by the thousands of discs available in the market. It will be hard for them to choose suitable discs for their needs, especially if they are still starting and clueless. But one way to ease this issue is to buy the best disc golf sets for their disc golf needs. The disc golf sets will give a lot of value and help new disc golfers complete equipment to help develop their game.

In this article, we review 14 of the top disc golf sets in the market today. The list was made based on our team’s disc golf experience, accurate testing on the disc golf course, and information shared by our disc golfer friends and colleagues. Our team also included other related info to aspiring disc golfers to find the suitable disc golf set which fits their disc golf skills and abilities.

Best Disc Golf Set Reviews

1. Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Set

dynamic discs disc golf starter set

When looking for the best starter disc golf set, my preference is always for the product that provides beginner-friendly features and functions. Meaning, I look for a disc golf set containing everything that a disc golf newbie needs when hitting the course. And this is what this disc golf set from Dynamic Disc offers in terms of being a complete package.

What are the outstanding features of this disc golf set? The first thing that impresses me was the overall composition of the product. The backpack disc golf bag was impressive, along with the 3-Disc starter set, the mini-marker, the disc golf towel, the scorecard, and the pencil. I feel that the composition suits best for beginners to give value to the improvement of their game.

Speaking of the disc golf discs, I like the three discs offered in this disc golf set. I was impressed by the company’s choice regarding the disc selection because all were beginner-friendly.

The “Judge” is one of my go-to putters due to its versatility, straight-flying feature, and ability to hold the line. The “Truth” is one of the straight-flying midranges that I know, and its comfort and easy usage feature will help beginner disc golfer develop their game. Meanwhile, the “Escape” is a familiar long-range disc that I also used more often because of its ease of release. All of the discs in this particular set can help all newbies bring their game to the next level.

Using the bag during the game helps me a lot because of its additional features. I like the extra pockets, which give me a different storage area for the other things that I will bring during the game. The golf towel was impressive as well; using its 12” x 12” size was enough to make the disc free from dirt. The player in an actual game can also use the mini-marker, the scorecard, and the pencil.

All in all, the primary purpose of this product is to provide disc golf players who are just starting to learn the game a complete package of equipment to help improve their match on the disc golf course. If you are a newbie who is still learning the game, I highly recommend this disc golf set.

  • Bag’s ability to hold up to 17 pcs. of discs
  • It comes will three beginner-friendly discs
  • Microfibre towel great for wiping the disc and keeping it clean all the time
  • The bag comes with two added zippered pockets
  • Great disc selection for beginners
  • The bag is too stiff

2. Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

innova disc golf starter set

With my years of experience playing disc golf, I believe that the best beginner disc golf set should allow every player to play the course at his best possible form right from the start. Whether it is throwing reliable approaches, keeping the drives in the fairway, or making the putts consistently, the disc golf set should offer the complete package needed by a developing player.

Compared with the Dynamic disc, this particular disc golf set does not come with a bag or other accessories offered by the previous brand. But the difference is that this disc selection gives players the complete discs they need when dealing with different game situations. The set comes with a 5-disc selection that includes a disc for a putter, midrange, fairway driver, a stable fairway driver, and a fast driver. All of these discs can help the player develop his game on the field in different game situations.

When it comes to the quality of the disc, my opinion is that the company did a great job selecting the right disc in the package. For the putter, the Aviar is considered by many disc golfers, I included, to be one of the best putters in the sport, while the Roc3 is always reliable with approached shots and midrange drives. Meanwhile, the Leopard is always an excellent first fairway driver based on my experience, while the Teebird is one of the most dependable stable fairway drivers. If you need a fast driver, I can guarantee that the Destroyer can do well with forehand throws and dealing with the headwinds.

Since the discs are entirely covered, the most significant factor for the player to maximize this disc golf set is consistency in practice. You need to figure out the proper technique when throwing each of the discs on the field. Work on your release, form, and angle, and do it consistently during practice. As your gain more improvement, you will then realize the importance of having the proper technique over finding the correct disc.

The special edition “stars” logo mini disc will mark the shots during an actual game as a bonus for the player. This disc is an excellent additional accessory for any player trying to develop their game.

  • Perfect set for the new player’s development process
  • It comes with ideal disc choices for every game situations
  • Ability to be used at any skill level
  • Come with the best putter in disc golf
  • Includes a special edition mini disc “stars” logo as a marker
  • Colors may vary upon purchase

3. Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Set

discraft starter pack beginner set

As a company, my opinion is that Discraft is one of the top-of-the-line brands in the sport. I believe in the quality of their disc lines, and the company’s overall reputation in the disc golf industry is one of the best. I also recommend this disc golf set to all beginners and even players with higher skills. I like that all of the discs in this package are PDGA approved, meaning you can use the disc in any PDGA-sanctioned tournament everywhere.

My personal view regarding this product is that this is one of the best disc golf disc sets a beginner can use on the field. Using all the three discs on the course myself gives me the best impression of it the set’s quality and reliability. Both the midrange and the putters are well-regarded and provide excellent performance when tested on the course. Also, I always believe that beginners should learn and start using the putter and the midrange first in developing their skills before moving to the long-range drivers.

When tested on the course, I feel that the Magnet as a putter was easy to use and learn and should be a perfect fit for beginners. The disc in this particular set is the Buzzz, which provides the best distance when I throw it on the field for the midrange. It did not fade quickly, and it was forgiving when thrown on the field to give the type of performance that I expected from a midrange. Meanwhile, the X-heat driver is perfect if you want to develop your power which is needed when throwing long-range bombs.

Overall, this 3-disc set is best used for disc golfers who are just starting to develop and polish their game. I recommend this disc golf set to all individuals looking for a set of discs that can bring their game to another level.

Lastly, the quality of the disc is quite impressive. Discraft as a company has been known to make high-quality discs and a trusted brand in the industry. One downside when buying this product is the inability to choose a particular color you want, as color may vary upon purchase.

  • It can be used on all skill levels, especially for beginners
  • All disc are PDGA-approved
  • High-performance disc golf gear
  • Easy to throws discs
  • Lightweight
  • Inability to choose colors upon purchase

4. Latitude 64 Retro Burst Starter Set

latitude 64 retro burst starter set

If you are looking for beginners’ best disc golf set, you need to find a product that offers everything a player needs when playing on the disc golf course. And this is what the Latitude 64 Retro Burst Starter set is offering, a high-quality disc for the development and progress of anyone on the field. The best thing about this package is that it contains three of the best and probably the company’s most popular discs. So, expect a high-quality starter set to help your game improved and develop on the disc golf course.

The best thing about Latitude 64 is that they have a group of professional disc golfers who represents, promote, and used their products in an actual disc golf setting. Whether it’s a real disc golf game or a disc golf clinic, these professional players also help develop new discs for manufacturing. And this includes this starter set, where the players representing the Latitude 64 stable choose to select the discs.

I checked the discs in this particular package and came up impressed by their uniqueness and overall appearance. The three discs are made with unique patterns and striking color combinations to produce one of the most admirable-looking discs you can use on the field. The set includes a straight-flying putter named Keystone, a versatile midrange called the Fuse, and a controllable fairway driver call the Saint.

I tried to test all the discs on the field, and my conclusion is that they are all beautiful discs. Overall, the burst feature is excellent, where the feel of the plastic is comfortable and grippy. The Keystone was impressive as a putter with its straight-flying and easy-to-control features. I did throw the Fuse on a hyzer and flat and still get a predictable flight, while the Saint can be a reliable driver if you will be familiar with its flight pattern. Overall, I like the attributes of all the discs in terms of giving value to all beginners out there.

By the way, there is also a mini disc you can get from purchasing the package. The disc is for marking your position in an actual disc golf game.

  • Provides a great selection of discs
  • Discs were handpicked by Latitude 64 stable of professional players
  • Discs come with impressive colors and unique patterns
  • Includes a mini marker
  • Made in Sweden
  • Plastic’s subpar quality

5. Westside Discs Origio Burst Starter Set

westside discs origio burst starter set

The Westside disc is known for having unique names in their disc golf discs lines. But it’s not the only thing that the company is offering as they are also providing some of the best disc golf discs you can use on the disc golf course. In connection with this, I highly recommend their starter set, the Origio Burst disc golf starter set, which offers a unique and colorful collection of discs for beginners who wants to develop and improve their disc golf game.

In terms of comparison, you will see many similarities with the starter sets of Westside discs and Latitude 64. Their similarities are due to the fact that there is some sort of connection between the two companies as they are collaborating when it comes to disc manufacturing. They are sharing the same burst design, which comes with colorful and unique designed discs. You can also purchase this set in 3, 4, and 5-disc set, respectively.

When it comes to its physical features, the discs feel great after using it in a couple of practice shots. All of the discs were comfortable and grippy, which provides comfort to my hand. As a beginner, this is what you need: comfort and confidence as you develop your form and technique when throwing the disc. I also like the burst design, which makes the disc easy to spot when it lands on bushes or wooden areas.

I will be honest, the plastic feels very soft in hand, and if you use it on rough disc golf courses, you will immediately see the effect of the disc being beaten up so badly. But if you are a beginner, no need to worry because if you have lower arm speed and play on beginner-friendly courses, this disc can stay much longer.

In the package, you can also get a mini marker which can be used when you play a disc golf game on a regular course. It is an excellent accessory to have as you start your journey in learning and developing your disc golf skills.

  • Complete disc selection for all types of throws
  • Provides comfort and grip to the hand
  • Discs are lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly disc golf set
  • Made in Finland
  • Made of subpar quality plastic

6. Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set

kestrel discs golf pro set

What is required to have a reliable disc golf set? For me, if you have a durable disc golf bag and a complete set of reliable discs, then it should be a perfect match made in heaven. Reliable also means that the disc is PDGA approved and has been proven to give the players the type of results they need in the disc golf course. The Kestrel disc golf pro set is just what the doctors ordered if you are looking for reliable disc golf set to use on the field.

I can say that the disc golf shoulder bag stands out when it comes to its outstanding feature. It is well-designed and was made to be used on any disc golf activities. I also like that the bag can carry up to 12 pcs. of discs suitable for players who want different disc options during the game. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and side pocket to give the player additional space and extra storage.

Meanwhile, the 3-disc set includes a fairway driver, midrange, and a putter. I did test it on the field, and I like the flexibility of all the discs. Also, all of the discs provide me the best distance and accuracy that I need on the disc golf course. I firmly believe that if you know the flight character of all the discs involved, it should give you an accurate and reliable disc golf set.

Also, the disc should be perfect for intermediate and more advanced players. The putter and the midrange disc are great, while the fairway driver offers high-speed features, requiring more power for the throw. I like the stability and its ability to hold the line when being thrown on the field. My advice is to play more with the disc on the field to familiarize its flying characteristics.

However, the one drawback that I see on the product is the quality of the side pocket. It was supposed to serve as a bottle holder, but I was disappointed when it was damage right after a few times of use. I am confident that the manufacturer can improve its quality and durability in the future.

  • Includes a well-designed sweet shoulder bag
  • All discs are PDGA-approved
  • Provides durability and reliability
  • Flexible and accurate discs that also provides excellent distance
  • All discs offer great feel and comfort in the hand
  • The bag’s side pocket needs improvement in durability

7. Yikun Discs Professional Disc Golf Set

yikun discs professional disc golf set

Much has been said about Yikun as the first Asian brand to be certified by the PDGA. I have been curious about the company and its quality for the longest time I can remember. I have heard a lot about the company and its desire to be professional and creative in making disc golf discs and other equipment needed for the sport. This review has given me the chance to test and experience what it is like to use their discs on the disc golf course.

There are many similarities in this disc golf set compared to the other disc golf set that I mentioned earlier. For one, this is a 3-disc set similar to the one that Discraft, Latitude 64, or Westside is offering. Although, this product does not provide other extra accessories to the table. Because of this, I feel that anyone who will be interested in the brand will be interested in the discs and their overall quality.

In terms of what is inside this disc golf set, you will get 3 discs upon purchase. The driver name HU, the midrange name KUI, and the putter named GUI. I would like to emphasized that all of the discs are PDGA approved and are built around the standard sizes and weights required by the association. But to find out the quality of these discs, I have to test them on an actual disc golf course which I did.

Physically, I like the beadless and shallow profile of the Gui. It is very comfortable in hand and provides the best grip making it even nicer to throw off the tee. The Kui as a midrange disc offered straight-flying properties and was very comfortable with my hand as well. The Hu as a driver is best to use on control drive shots as it glides nicely.

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of all the discs in this set. They are manufactured with high-quality plastic and are easier to control, which is excellent for be beginners looking to improve their skills.

  • Discs are PDGA approved
  • Discs are built around the standard weight and sizes of the PDGA
  • Made with durability and flexibility
  • Manufactures with high-quality environmental protected materials
  • It comes in unique colors
  • Tendency to get warp when hit in the trees

8. Discraft Jawbreaker Disc Golf Starter Pack

discraft jawbreaker disc golf starter pack

Another 3-discs pack disc golf set coming from Discraft, which I recommend for beginners. This product aims to provide beginners a complete set of game equipment they can use in an actual disc golf game. The discs include a putter, midrange, and driver, which can be used by anyone who wants to learn and develop the skills and form needed in the sport.

Before reviewing the discs involved, I will first discuss one of the outstanding features that make this product worth considering. All of the discs in this disc golf set were made with recycled and environment-friendly plastic, which is impressive. I always like products that support environmental protection and contribute a positive effect to our mother earth. And I can say that Discraft made a good move in having this disc golf set.

For the three-disc involved in this set, the Buzzz is the midrange where everyone knows one of the best-selling discs in Discraft. I have used it so many times, and its straight-flying feature always impresses me during every throw. For the driver, the Sting is dependable when it comes to holding the line and provides easier control to the player. For the putter, the Focus, a beaded and overstable putter, can give you pinpoint accuracy to the chain.

Overall, it is an excellent starter disc for anyone who desires to learn the proper technique and form in the disc golf game. It is made up of 3 discs which can give the disc golfer the appropriate equipment needed in a game. The most important thing for a player is to be consistent in hitting on the field and throwing the disc on the course. Learn from experts and continue to find ways to improve the game.

However, one issue that I notice with the discs involve is the quality of the plastic. I feel that it can be beaten easily, especially if it constantly hitting trees and other obstacles.

  • Made with recycled eco-friendly plastic
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Midrange disc provides straight flying features
  • The putter gives pinpoint accuracy
  • Discs get beaten quickly when hit by trees and other obstacles

9. Discmania Active Soft Disc Golf Set

discmania active soft disc golf set

The following product we will review is another 3-disc set coming from Discmania, one of the most popular brands in the disc golf industry. It includes all the disc essentials that a player needs during the game. It involves a putter, a midrange, and driver discs that anyone can use on the disc golf course. The best thing about

Discmania is its reputation of producing high-quality disc for every disc golfer hitting on the course.
This disc golf set aims to give all players the suitable discs they need in a disc golf game. It was designed to fit all skill levels; whether you are just starting or an intermediate player who wants a go-to disc in your bag, this disc golf set is an excellent option to have. This product is another perfect option for having a dependable and reliable set of discs in the bag for professionals and advanced players.

One feature that stands out with this disc golf set is how the discs are manufactured and designed. The company calls the material active soft plastic, which combines softness and firmness in the disc. I have inspected the disc, and I can say that it feels comfortable in hand. The softness feels well during the throw, while the baseline plastic gives the grippy feeling, which is also needed if you want a solid throw.

Compared with the other 3-disc set that I review, such as Yikun and Discraft, I can say that there’s not much difference in what it offers. It all goes down to the disc preference of the players as its brands offer unique features and benefits between products. It is all about looking for the disc that best suits the player’s need and familiarizing the flying disc traits to maximize the results during the throw.

Overall, this is an excellent disc for beginners and other players with more advanced skills. The brand Discmania and all their disc lines are worth trying for.

  • Designed for all skill levels
  • Provides a unique combination of softness and grippy features
  • Fairway driver can be trusted in different conditions
  • Midrange disc provides straight-flying features and accuracy
  • Low profile putter fits well in the hand
  • Inability to choose colors as it may vary during the purchase

10. Prodigy Disc ACE Line Starter Set

prodigy disc ace line starter set

This review will feature another 3-disc pack from Prodigy, an up-and-coming disc golf company that produces a low-key but effective disc line. The set involves a putt and approach disc, a midrange, and a fairway driver. The best thing about the discs in this set is its PDGA approved, meaning they can be used on tournaments and competitions sanctioned by the association.

The primary purpose of this disc golf set is to provide all players a complete set of discs to begin playing disc golf. It was designed in such a way that a beginner can handle it well during his development process. Meanwhile, the disc can also be used by intermediate disc golfers who want to bring their skills to another level. For professionals and advanced-skilled players, the set is also an excellent option to have.

In terms of its feature, the one that stands out to me is the type of plastic being used on the disc. It is made with a special baseline plastic that provides the best grip and performance even in different conditions. The plastic is of the highest quality and provides comfort to the hand based on what I experience when using it on the disc golf course.

I did test it on the course, and I feel that the weight is just right for me. I think that the weight will be great for people who are just starting to finding their way with the proper technique. The baseline plastic is unique in so many ways, but overall, all the three discs in this disc golf set were all good on the field. The putter gives the best performance and should find a place in my bag.

The only issue I have with the product is its inability to choose different colors during the purchase. Although, this is normal with other brands as well.

  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • PDGA-approved discs
  • Discs are lightweight
  • Provides grip and performance even n different conditions
  • Weights and sizes are designed according to the PDGA standard
  • Colors may vary upon purchase

11. CROWN ME Disc Golf Set

crown me disc golf set

Crown Me as a brand may not ring a bell, but this brand is known for producing durable and high-quality disc for experienced disc golfers. This review will feature their own disc golf set, which offers a 3, 4, 5, 6-disc packed depending on your preference. I will be reviewing the 3-disc packed for the benefit of our readers. I recommend this disc for anyone looking for the right set of discs for their improvement and development process.

Compared to the other disc golf set, this product offers more items and accessories upon purchase. Apart from the high-quality discs, you will get an embroidered towel used in cleaning the disc during the game. It is an essential accessory to prepare your disc right before you throw it. The mini disc marker will also be used to mark your last position on the course before throwing another shot.

This disc golf set was designed to meet the needs of all disc golfers who are just starting to learn and develop their skills in the disc golf course. The three discs in the package are a good selection of molds used in different game situations. The other accessories will be helpful during practice sessions or even in the actual game. It is now up to the player to maximize the opportunities given to him with the suitable disc golf set and the right mindset.

Also, one outstanding feature that I want everyone to know is the quality of the plastic. It is heavy duty and of excellent quality, giving an excellent feel when used during the game. This feature is perfect for beginners, especially in providing comfort and the right feeling in the hand before doing the throw. It gives the much-needed confidence for a player before throwing the disc on the field.

  • Great disc golf set for beginners
  • Available in 4 different discs sets
  • PDGA-approved discs
  • Made with heavy-duty and top-quality plastic
  • Available in vibrant and unique colors
  • Some of the discs are mislabeled

12. WENJIAN Disc Golf Starter Set

wenjian disc golf starter set

Wejian is a brand that may not sound as popular compared to Innova or Discraft but can be a good choice for any disc golf enthusiasts who want to enjoy the sport. This disc golf set is offering a complete package and a whole lot of extra bonuses. So, if you plan to spend the weekend with outdoor activities such as disc golf and it involved many family members, I suggest looking at this disc golf set for your usage.

As I mentioned earlier, the brand does not ring a bell but should be an option for recreational disc golf on the weekend, especially if it involved many people. It is a 6-disc package that includes 2 pcs of putter disc, 2 pcs of midranges, and 2 pcs of driver discs. If you compared it to the other brands, this disc golf set offers more value in quantity. Quality-wise, there should be a big difference with the other brands, but if you are just looking for a disc golf set for your family’s disc golf activity, this product should be a perfect fit.

Another feature that stands out on this product is the disc golf bag. I checked the bag thoroughly, and I find it very durable and sturdy. It is made with nylon and comes with a handle for the comfort of the user. The bag was designed to carry 6 or more disc golf discs and serve as an excellent accessory for any disc golfer.

Overall, the primary purpose of this disc golf set is for golf enthusiasts who want to enjoy the sport on the weekend. It can be used for all beginners and even kids who want to enjoy the sport outside the comfort of their home. It should be a fun activity if it involves disc golf and the whole family playing the sport they love.

  • It comes with a durable and sturdy bag
  • Includes 2pcs of putter, 2 pcs of midrange, and 2 pcs of driver discs
  • It can be used in an outdoor or indoor setting
  • The bag is made with non-toxic material
  • Perfect for family use
  • Discs are heavy

13. 1st Disc Golf Starter Set

1st disc golf starter set

This review will feature another 3-disc pack from 1st Disc, a relatively unknown brand that produces a low-key but effective disc line. The set involves a putter, a midrange, and a driver. It also comes with a 4-discs, 5 discs, and 6-discs package depending on your preference. The best thing about this disc golf set is it involves additional accessories such as the mini disc market and an embroidered black towel.

This product was intended for new players who want to start playing the game with a complete set of disc golf equipment. So, if you are looking for a disc golf set for your kid to learn the sport, enjoy, and familiarize different shots and forms, this disc golf set will be a great fit. This is also a perfect starter set for anyone who just wants to enjoy the sport on the weekend with their colleagues and family.

Quality-wise, this product cannot be compared to the other popular disc golf brands. For one, this is not a PDGA-approved disc, so it cannot be used in competitions under the PDGA. However, this is the perfect disc golf set for starters and people who want to start learning the sport. You can give it to a kid or someone that needs outdoor activities during the weekend, such as playing disc golf.

All in all, this is an excellent product for starters and disc golf enthusiasts who just want to enjoy the sport. The weight of the discs is all good, and it flies well. All the discs should help the users in learning and enjoying disc golf. It may not come with the highest quality but is perfect for new players in general.

  • Perfect for starters and disc golf enthusiasts
  • Includes a towel and a mini-disc marker
  • It can be used in an outdoor or indoor setting
  • The towel is made with non-toxic material
  • Perfect for family use
  • Subpar quality

14. Infinite Discs Beginner Starter Set

infinite discs beginner starter set

The final product we will review is another 3-disc set coming from Divergent disc, a relatively unknown brand in the disc golf industry. It includes all the disc essentials that a player needs in a disc golf game. It involves a putter, a midrange, and driver discs that anyone can use on the disc golf course. The best thing about this disc golf set is it provides value to any player who is just starting to learn the sport.

The intended purpose of this disc golf set is to provide all players a complete set of discs to begin playing disc golf. It was designed in such a way that a beginner can handle it well during his development process. It should give them the medium to develop their skills, technique, and form by spending time on the course using this disc golf set.

In terms of physical features, I like the overall look of the disc. If you are a beginner who wants a turnover-friendly disc, then this should fit the bill. The durability is above average and the flight pattern is good enough for a beginner to handle. The discs are perfect for beginners who want to gain confidence on the disc golf course.

Quality-wise, this product is not comparable with the other brands. However, this is the perfect disc golf set for starters and people who want to start learning the sport. Even though this is not a PDGA-approved disc, many disc golfers can use this for practice or just playing the sport for enjoyment and fun. It is all about maximizing what this disc offers and trying to use it as much as possible on the ground.

Overall, it’s a great disc to have for beginners. The weight of the discs is perfect for newbies to use, especially if they are just starting to learn the sport.

  • Great fit for beginners and enthusiasts
  • Understable disc set for beginners
  • It can be used in an outdoor or indoor setting
  • Discs are easy to use
  • It comes in different vibrant colors
  • A relatively unknown brand

How to Choose Disc Golf Sets

best disc golf set for beginners

When I was still new to the disc golf game, I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices when selecting the suitable discs for myself. I have no clue what brand to choose as I relied on my friend’s advice and pure instinct. Today, it is now easy for new beginners to choose a disc with all of the disc golf sets for beginners available in the market.

Choosing a disc golf set will depend on the needs of a disc golfer and his purpose in acquiring a disc golf set. The skill level will also determine the type of product he will choose to help develop his game. The need of a beginner is different from an intermediate and more advanced disc golfer. Likewise, professional players have other requirements when it comes to acquiring their disc golf equipment.

Disc Golf Discs in Sets

There are a lot of upsides when it comes to buying disc golf discs in sets. For one, purchasing discs in packages will bring a lot of value and savings. Besides getting the best deal out of your money, buying a disc golf set means using different types of discs in a single brand ensures continuity of your learning, especially if you are still a beginner. Sometimes, disc selection is difficult when choosing putters, mid-ranges, and other types of discs. But with the disc golf sets, you will acquire different kinds of discs in a single brand and single package.

The disc golf discs sets are equally crucial to beginners who are just starting to learn the game. For me, starter sets are the best way for beginners to be acquainted and learn all the basics of the sport. The starter sets are the ultimate answer for finding the right equipment to help them improve their form and technique. But once they improve, a disc golfer can still find disc golf sets for intermediate players and so on.

Level of Players

best disc golf starter set

For Beginners

When choosing the disc golf sets for beginners, the most essential factor is disc selection. For a beginner disc golf set, I will select a disc golf set containing beginner-friendly discs. These discs do not need a lot of power and speed to glide during the throw.

We have mentioned different types of disc golf sets for beginners in our review. Among them includes the product’s from Innova, Dynamic discs, Latitude 64, Westside discs, and many more. Most of these disc golf sets contain beginner-friendly discs that will help newbies develop and improve their disc golf game.

For Intermediate

Intermediate players are those disc golfers who have to gain some knowledge on the disc golf game. Most of them already found a go-to disc that fits their needs. But when it comes to looking for disc golf sets, most intermediate players are looking for discs that can be used for their practice sessions. Since they already have a go-to disc in their bag, the reason for intermediate players to look for a disc golf set is to find disc golf set for improving and developing their game on practice.

For Advanced

Do you think advanced or professional players need a disc golf set? Probably not. Experienced and advanced players do not buy disc golf sets anymore. For sure, they already have several discs in their bag for competitions and practice sessions. In other words, advanced players do not buy disc golf sets; they will buy depending on their needs on the game.

Disc Golf Set Brand

With many brands selling disc golf discs in the market, many disc golf companies sell disc golf discs in sets to address the issue. Some of them include the cream of the crop in the industry. Some are also relatively unknown brands but have also caught our attention when making a disc golf set.

Some of the popular brands offering disc golf sets include Dynamic Discs, Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64, Westside, Kestrel, and Discmania. Other relatively unknown brands caught my attention in making good quality disc golf sets. These companies include Yikun, Prodigy, Crown Me, Wenjian, !st Disc, and Divergent. Although not popular, they have still managed to come with the proper selection of disc in creating a disc golf set.

Other Accessories

Apart from having different discs in a disc golf set, there are other accessories that a player will get on a particular set. Depending on the package, some of the additional accessories include:

Disc Golf Bag

A disc golf bag comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. Some bags come in the form of a backpack or a shoulder bag, while some have different styles. But these bags have one thing in common, to carry the discs safely and securely. The capacity of a disc golf bag depends on its size and shape. Some even have additional pockets which give extra storage for the player.

MiniDisc Marker

You will see the mini disc marker as a consistent part of a disc golf set. The purpose of this accessory is to assist players in keeping track of where they will throw in their next shot. The marker will “mark” a player’s lie on the course after throwing.


This accessory is obvious when it comes to its usage. The player can use the scorecard to keep track of his score during a disc golf game.


The pencil will be used to write the scores on the scorecard.


The towel is a multi-purpose accessory that will be helpful to the players in several ways. For one, it can be used to clean a dirty disc to prepare it for throwing. The towel can also be used to warm up the hands of the player before a particular throw.


The best disc golf sets can help when it comes to the development process of a disc golf player. We all know thousands of disc brands and companies to choose from, and selecting the right fit for every player is challenging. But having a disc golf set will give the players the value for their money and its ability to help disc golfers during practice and in the actual game.