The Best Disc Golf Sets for 2023

best disc golf sets

Last updated on March 11th, 2024 at 07:54 pm

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All disc golfers who are just starting to learn the sport will be overwhelmed by the thousands of discs available in the market. It may be hard to choose suitable discs for their needs, especially if they are still starting and unsure of what makes a good beginner disc. One way to ease this issue is to buy the set as detailed in my list of best disc golf sets.. The disc golf set will provide a lot of value and help new disc golfers complete equipment to help develop their game.

In this article, we review 12 of the top disc golf sets in the market today. Our team compiled the list based on our disc golf experience, testing the discs on the disc golf course, and gathering information from our disc golfer friends and colleagues. Our team also included other related info to aspiring disc golfers to find a suitable disc golf set which fits their disc golf skills and abilities.

Best Disc Golf Set Reviews

1. Divergent Discs 3 Disc Beginner Starter Set

We will review another 3-disc set from Divergent Discs, a relatively unknown brand in the disc golf industry. It includes all the disc essentials that a player needs in a disc golf game. It involves a putter, a midrange, and driver discs that anyone can use on the disc golf course. The best thing about this disc golf set is it provides value to any player who is just starting to learn the sport.

The intended purpose of this disc golf set is to provide all players a complete set of discs to begin playing disc golf. It was designed in such a way that a beginner can handle it well during his development process. It should give them the medium to develop their skills, technique, and form by spending time on the course using this disc golf set.

In terms of physical features, I like the overall look of the disc. If you are a beginner who wants a turnover-friendly disc, then this should fit the bill. The durability is above average and the flight pattern is good enough for a beginner to handle. The discs are perfect for beginners who want to gain confidence on the disc golf course.

Quality-wise, this product is not comparable with the other brands. However, this is the perfect disc golf set for starters and people who want to start learning the sport. Even though this is not a PDGA-approved disc, many disc golfers can use this for practice or just playing the sport for enjoyment and fun. It is all about maximizing what this disc offers and trying to use it as much as possible on the ground.

Overall, it’s a great disc to have for beginners. The weight of the discs is perfect for newbies to use, especially if they are just starting to learn the sport.

  • Great fit for beginners and enthusiasts
  • Understable disc set for beginners
  • It can be used in an outdoor or indoor setting
  • Discs are easy to use
  • It comes in different vibrant colors
  • A relatively unknown brand


2. Infinite Discs 2 Disc Beginner Starter Set

As a company, Infinite Discs is one of the top-of-the-line brands in the sport, in my opinion. I have confidence in the quality of their disc lineup, and the company’s outstanding reputation in the disc golf industry supports this belief. I wholeheartedly recommend this disc golf set to beginners and more experienced players alike. It’s worth noting that the discs in this package are PDGA-approved, enabling their use in PDGA-sanctioned tournaments worldwide.

My personal view regarding this product is that this is one of the best disc golf disc sets a beginner can use on the field. Using these two discs on the course gives me the best impression of it the set’s quality and reliability. Both the control driver and the putter are well-regarded and provide excellent performance on the course. Also, I always believe that beginners should learn and start using the putter and the control driver first in developing their skills before moving to the long-range drivers.

When I tested it on the course, I found the Tomb easy to use and learn, making it a perfect fit for beginners. The Tomb offers excellent control and accuracy with a gradual fade. On the other hand, the Sphinx driver is ideal for power development, which is essential for launching long-range shots.

Overall, this 2 disc set is best used for disc golfers who are just starting to develop and polish their game. I recommend this disc golf set to all individuals looking for a set of discs that can bring their game to another level.

Lastly, the quality of the discs is quite impressive. Infinite Discs as a company has been known to make high-quality discs and is a trusted brand in the industry. One downside when buying this product is the inability to choose a particular color you want, as color may vary upon purchase.

  • It can be used on all skill levels, especially for beginners
  • All disc are PDGA-approved
  • High-performance disc golf gear
  • Easy to throws discs
  • Lightweight
  • Inability to choose colors upon purchase

3. Divergent Discs Glow in the Dark Disc Golf Set

These Divergent discs are PDGA approved and have been proven to give the players the type of results they need in the disc golf course. This disc golf set is just what the doctor ordered if you are looking for a reliable disc golf set to use on the field.

This 3 disc set includes a fairway driver, midrange, and a putter. I did test them out on the field, and I like the flexibility of all the discs. Also, all of the discs provide the best distance and accuracy that I need on the disc golf course. I firmly believe that if you know the flight characteristics of all the discs involved, it should give you an accurate and reliable disc golf set.

Also, the disc should be great for more advanced players. The putter and the midrange discs are great, while the fairway driver offers higher speed features, requiring more power for the throw. I like the stability and its ability to hold the line while thrown on the field. My advice is to spend more time with the discs on the field to familiarize its flying characteristics.

However, the one drawback that I see on the product is that the discs only come in the color white. There are no color glow options like other disc golf manufacturers out there.

  • All discs are PDGA-approved
  • Provides durability and reliability
  • Flexible and accurate discs that also provide excellent distance and control
  • All discs offer great feel and comfort in the hand
  • The discs are all white

4. Divergent Discs 2 Disc Set

The following product we will review is a 2 disc set coming from Divergent Discs, a new brand focused on the beginner disc golfer. It includes two discs, which at a minimum is the essentials that a beginner player needs during the game. It involves a putter and a driver disc that anyone can use on the disc golf course.

Divergent Discs has a reputation of producing quality discs for every disc golfer. This disc golf set aims to give all players the suitable discs they need in a disc golf round. The design aims to accommodate all skill levels, making it an excellent choice whether you are just starting or an intermediate player seeking an enjoyable addition to your disc golf bag.

One feature that stands out with this disc golf set is how the discs are manufactured and designed. The company calls the material Max Grip, which combines grippiness and firmness in the disc. I have inspected the discs, and I can say that it feels comfortable in hand. The grippiness of the plastic feels excellent during the throw, while this is a baseline is more durable than other base plastics.

Compared with the other disc sets that I’ve reviewed, such as Yikun and Sune or Infinite Discs, I can say that there’s not much difference in what this one offers to those. It all goes down to the disc preference of the players. As each brand offers unique features and benefits between products. It is all about looking for the disc that best suits the player’s need and familiarizing the flight paths and the disc traits to maximize the results during the throw.

Overall, this is an excellent disc set for beginners and other players with more advanced skills. The brand Divergent Discs and all their discs are worth trying.

  • Designed for beginners
  • Provides a unique combination of softness and grippy features
  • Fairway driver can be trusted in different conditions
  • Putter disc provides straight-flying features and accuracy
  • The discs fit well in the hand
  • Inability to choose colors as it may vary during the purchase

5. Discmania 3 Disc Starter Set

This review focuses on another 3 disc set coming from Discmania. The set involves a putt and approach disc, a midrange, and a fairway driver.

This set provides a solid set of discs to begin playing disc golf. It is designed in such a way that a beginner can handle it well during throughout the learning stages.

What stands out to me about the discs is the use of a unique baseline plastic that provides superior grip and performance in various conditions. The plastic is of the good quality and provides comfort to the hand based on what I experience when using it on the disc golf course.

Testing these discs out on the course I feel that the weight is excellent for beginners and those that have a slower arm speed. I think that the weight will be great for people who are just starting to find their way with the proper technique. The baseline plastic is unique in so many ways, but overall, all three discs in this disc golf set were all good on the course. The putter gives the best performance and has found a place in my bag.

The only issue I have with the product is its inability to choose different colors during the purchase. Although, this is normal with other brands as well.

  • Made with quality plastic
  • PDGA-approved discs
  • Discs are lightweight
  • Provides grip and performance even in different conditions
  • Weights and sizes are designed according to the PDGA standard
  • Colors may vary upon purchase

6. X-Com 3 Disc Premium Starter Set

X-Com is a lesser known Asian brand that has had its hand in disc sports for some time. I have been curious about the company and its quality for a while now. This review has given me the chance to test out their discs on the disc golf course.

This disc golf set shares many similarities with the other set I mentioned earlier, including the fact that it consists of three discs. Although, this product does not provide other extra accessories to the table. The benefit of this is that you get the discs in premium plastic for less than other premium starter sets. This is awesome.

Inside this disc golf set, you’ll receive three discs upon purchase: the driver, Helios; the midrange, Griffon; and the putter, Bennu. Emphasizing that all these discs have PDGA approval and conform to the association’s specified standard sizes and weights is important. But to find out the quality of these discs, I had to test them on an actual disc golf course, which I did.

Physically, I like the beadless and profile of the Bennu. It is very comfortable in hand and provides an excellent grip, making it even nicer to throw off the tee. The Griffon as a midrange disc offered straight flight with a fade at the end and was very comfortable in my hand as well. The Helios as a driver is best to use on control drive shots as it glides nicely. This driver is pretty awesome, and definitely can be used as your skill increases.

In general, the quality of all the discs in this set impressed me. Crafted from high-quality plastic, these discs offer ease of control, making them an excellent choice for beginners looking to improve their skills. XCom discs truly offer some of the best value in all of disc golf.

  • Discs are PDGA approved
  • Discs are built around the standard weight and sizes of the PDGA
  • Made with durability and flexibility
  • Manufactures with high-quality environmental protected materials
  • It comes in unique colors
  • Putter is in a premium plastic which isn’t ideal for putting (but great for throwing)

7. Sune Sport 5 Disc Beginner Set

With my years of playing disc golf, I believe that the best beginner disc golf set should allow every player to play the course at his best possible form right from the start. Whether it is throwing reliable approaches, keeping the drives in the fairway, or making the putts consistently, the disc golf set should offer the complete package needed by a developing player.

The Sune disc selection gives players the complete amount of discs they need when dealing with different game situations. The set comes with 5 discs. That includes a putter, two midranges, a fairway driver, and a distance driver. All of these discs can help the player develop his game on the field in different game situations.

When it comes to the quality of the discs, my opinion is that the company did a great job selecting the right disc in the package. The Flow Motion is an excellent putter to start off with, while the Silent Cruiser is always reliable with approach shots and midrange drives. Meanwhile, the Mad Mission is another stable midrange, based on my experience. While the Night Trooper is an excellent dependable stable fairway driver. If you need a fast driver, I can guarantee that the Short Slacker will well with all types of throws.

The most significant factor for the player is to maximize this disc golf set through consist practice. You’ll need to figure out the proper technique when throwing each of the discs on the field. Work on your release, form, and angle, and do it consistently during practice. As you gain more skill, you will then realize the importance of having the proper technique over finding the correct disc.

  • Perfect set for the new player’s development process
  • It comes with ideal disc choices for every game situations
  • Ability to be used at any skill level
  • Come with the best putter in disc golf

8. Viking Disc Golf Beginner Set

Another 3 disc set coming from Viking Discs. This product aims to provide beginners a complete set of disc golf equipment they can use in a disc golf round. The discs consist of a putter, midrange, and driver, suitable for anyone wishing to learn and develop the skills and form required for the sport.

For the three discs involved in this set, the Axe is the midrange that performs well and can handle some power. I have used it so many times, and its straight-flying tendencies impresses me every throw. The Ragnarok is dependable when it comes to holding the line and provides an easy-to-control disc. While the
Rune is a well rounded disc that can be used in multiple situations.

Overall, it is an excellent starter disc for anyone who wants to learn the proper technique and form in the disc golf game. It is made up of 3 discs which can give the disc golfer the appropriate equipment needed to play a round. An important thing for a player is to learn from experts and continue to find ways to improve their game.

However, one issue that I notice with the discs involved is that the plastic can beat in easily, especially if it constantly hitting trees and other obstacles.

  • Made with recycled eco-friendly plastic
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Midrange disc provides straight flying features
  • The putter gives pinpoint accuracy
  • Discs beat in quickly when they hit trees and other obstacles (not too uncommon for base plastics)

9. Divergent Discs Max Performance Set

Divergent Discs is known for making discs that can fly well for the recreational player. Because of this, I really love recommending their start sets. Hence, I recommend the Max Performance Disc Golf Starter Set, which offers a unique and controllable set of discs for beginners who want to develop and improve their disc golf game.

When it comes to its physical features, the discs feel great, even after using them in a couple of practice shots and rounds. All of the discs were comfortable and grippy, making a comfortable grip. As a beginner, this is what you need, comfort and confidence as you develop your form and technique when throwing the disc.

I’ll be honest, the plastic feels very soft in hand, and if you use it on rough disc golf courses, you will notice the disc’s susceptibility to quick wear and tear. But if you are a beginner, no need to worry because if you have lower arm speed and play on more beginner-friendly courses, this plastic will last much longer this way.

  • Complete disc selection for all types of throws
  • Provides comfort and grip to the hand
  • Discs are lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly disc golf set

10. X-Com 3 Disc Starter Set

If you are looking for the beginners’ best disc golf set, you need to find a product that offers everything a player needs when playing on the disc golf course. And this is what the X-Com set is offering, well flying discs for the development and progress of anyone on the field. The best thing about this package is that it contains some great discs. So, expect a high-quality starter set to help you improve your game.

I tried out all of these discs on the field, and my conclusion is that they are all wonderful discs. Overall, the feel of the plastic is comfortable and grippy. The Bennu was impressive as a putter with its straight-flying and easy-to-control features. I did throw the Griffon on a hyzer and flat and it offered a reliable flight path, while the Helios can be a reliable driver as you familiarize yourself with its flight pattern. Overall, I like the attributes of all the discs in terms of value to all beginners out there.

  • Provides a great selection of discs
  • Disc plastic is comfortable & grippy
  • Includes a mini marker

11. Hero Disc Golf Set

Hero Disc Golf as a brand may not ring a bell, but this brand is known for producing good quality discs for in-experienced disc golfers. This review will feature their own disc golf set, which offers a 3 disc pack. I recommend this disc set for anyone looking for the right set of discs to start off with.

Compared to the other disc golf sets this holds it ground nicely. The plastic is comfortable in the hand, and is up to par to other brands’ plastic of this grade.

The creators designed this disc golf set to cater to the needs of all beginners in the sport, helping them learn and develop their skills on the disc golf course. The package includes three discs, each chosen for its suitability in various in-game situations. It is now up to the player to maximize the opportunities given to him with the suitable disc golf set and the right mindset to get out and enjoy the sport of disc golf.

Also, one outstanding feature that I want everyone to know is the quality of the plastic. It is of good quality, giving an excellent feel when used during the game. This feature is perfect for beginners, especially in providing comfort and the right in-hand feel before throwing. It gives the much-needed confidence for a player before throwing the disc on the course.

  • Great disc golf set for beginners
  • Made with good quality plastic
  • Available in vibrant and unique colors

12. Prodigy Disc Starter Set With Bag & Mini Marker

When looking for the best starter disc golf set, my preference is always for the product that provides beginner-friendly features and functions. Meaning, I look for a disc golf set containing everything that a disc golf newbie needs when hitting the course. And this is what this disc golf set from Prodigy offers, in terms of being a complete package.

What are the outstanding features of this disc golf set? The first thing that impresses me was the overall composition of the product. The disc golf bag was an impressive add-on, along with the 3-Disc starter set, and the mini-marker. I feel that this composition is suited best for beginners, giving them the tools necessary to enjoy the game.

Speaking of the disc golf discs, I like the three Prodigy discs offered in this pack. I was impressed by the company’s choice regarding the disc selection because all were beginner-friendly.

The “P Model S” is one of my go-to putters due to its versatility, straight-flying feature, and ability to hold the line. The M Model OS is one of the straight-flying midranges that I know of, and its comfortable and easy use will help any beginner disc golfer develop their game. Meanwhile, the F Model S is a good long-range disc that I also used more often because of its ease of release. All of the discs in this particular set can help all newbies bring their game to the next level.

Using the bag during the game helps me a lot because of its additional features. This bag is a wonderful starter bag, it has more than enough room for the three discs and mini marker. Allowing room for you to increase your disc selection, all the while keeping all your discs in one convenient spot.

All in all, the primary purpose of this product is to provide disc golf players who are just starting to learn the game a complete package of equipment to help them enjoy the sport. If you are a newbie who is still learning the game, I highly recommend this disc golf set.

  • Bag’s ability to hold up to 6-8 of discs
  • It comes will three beginner-friendly discs
  • The bag comes with a velcro pocket
  • Great disc selection for beginners

How to Choose Disc Golf Sets

best disc golf set for beginners

When I was new to the disc golf game, I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices when selecting the suitable discs for myself. I had no clue what brand to choose as I relied on my friend’s advice and pure instinct. Today, it is easier for new beginners to choose a disc with all of the disc golf sets for beginners available in the market.

Choosing a disc golf set will depend on the needs of a disc golfer and his purpose in acquiring a disc golf set. The skill level will also determine the type of product he will choose to help develop his game. The need of a beginner is different from an intermediate and more advanced disc golfer. Likewise, professional players have other requirements when it comes to acquiring their disc golf equipment.

Disc Golf Discs in Sets

There are a lot of upsides when it comes to buying disc golf discs in sets. For one, purchasing discs in packages will bring a lot of value and savings. Besides, getting the best deal out of your money, buying a disc golf set means using different types of discs in a single brand ensures continuity of your learning, especially if you are still a beginner. Sometimes, disc selection is difficult when choosing putters, mid-ranges, and other types of discs. But with the disc golf sets, you will acquire different kinds of discs in a single brand and single package.

The disc golf discs sets are equally crucial to beginners who are just starting to learn the game. For me, starter sets are the best way for beginners to be acquainted and learn all the basics of the sport. The starter sets are the ultimate answer for finding the right equipment to help them improve their form and technique. But once they improve, a disc golfer can still find disc golf sets for intermediate players and so on.

Skill Level of Players

best disc golf starter set

For Beginners

When choosing the disc golf sets for beginners, the most essential factor is disc selection. For a beginner disc golf set, I will select a disc golf set containing beginner-friendly discs. These discs do not need a lot of power and speed to glide during the throw.

We have mentioned different types of disc golf sets for beginners in our review. Among them includes the product’s from Divergent Discs, Hero, Infinite Discs, Yikun, and many more. Most of these disc golf sets contain beginner-friendly discs that will help newbies develop and improve their disc golf game.

For Intermediate

Intermediate players are those disc golfers who still can gain some knowledge on the disc golf game. Most of them already found a go-to disc that fits their needs. But when searching for disc golf sets, intermediate players are primarily seeking discs they can use for their practice sessions. Since they already have a go-to disc in their bag, the reason for intermediate players to look for a disc golf set is to find disc golf sets for improving and developing their game on practice.

For Advanced

Do you think advanced or professional players need a disc golf set? Probably not. Experienced and advanced players do not buy disc golf sets anymore. For sure, they already have several discs in their bag for competitions and practice sessions. In other words, advanced players do not buy disc golf sets; they will buy depending on their needs on the game.

Disc Golf Set Brand

With many brands selling disc golf discs in the market, many disc golf companies sell disc golf discs in sets to address the issue. Among them are some of the industry’s top performers, while others are lesser-known brands that have piqued our interest when assembling a disc golf set.

Some of the popular brands offering disc golf sets include Prodigy, Infinite Discs, and Yikun. Other relatively unknown brands caught my attention in making good quality disc golf sets. These companies include Divergent Discs, Hero, and Sune Sports. Although not popular, they have still managed to come with the proper selection of discs in creating a disc golf set.

Other Accessories

Apart from having different discs in a disc golf set, there are other accessories that a player will get on a particular set. Depending on the package, some of the additional accessories include:

Disc Golf Bag

A disc golf bag comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. Some bags come in the form of a backpack or a shoulder bag, while some have different styles. But these bags have one thing in common, they carry the discs securely. The capacity of a disc golf bag depends on its size and shape. Some even have additional pockets which give extra storage for the player.

MiniDisc Marker

You will see the mini disc marker as a consistent part of a disc golf set. The purpose of this accessory is to assist players in keeping track of where they will throw in their next shot. The marker will “mark” a player’s lie on the course after throwing.


The best disc golf sets can help when it comes to the development process of a disc golf player. Choosing the right disc from a multitude of brands and companies can be challenging, but a disc golf set offers value for your money and aids players in practice and gameplay.