The Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners in 2023

best disc golf disc for beginners

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If you are just starting out in disc golf you might be overwhelmed by all of the disc choices that you have. There are flight numbers to consider, plastic types, and even the weight of the disc is an important factor in choosing the right mold for your skill level. This blog will help you understand what to look for in a beginner disc.

To a non-disc golfer, disc golf discs might all be the same. But there are disc characteristics that make some discs only useful for experienced players. We’ll take a look at a few molds that are more geared for newer players, and we’ll explain why they are good for beginners.

best putters for beginners

Disc Golf Flight Numbers

Here is a quick refresher about the flight numbers that are so common in disc golf. Knowing what the numbers mean can help beginners determine which discs would be best for them. Keep in mind that the flight numbers are the best we have in our sport, but they are far from perfect. There are many components that determine the actual flight of a disc, but we do our best to represent the flight with the four-digit rating system. Here is what those four numbers mean, and how you can use them to find a disc.

Disc Speed

The first number is the speed of the disc. This does NOT mean that the disc will fly a certain speed. It means that you have to be able to throw that disc at that relative speed for it to fly like it should. Throwing a disc that has a high speed takes skill and unless you have the ability throw the disc as fast as it needs, you will not get any distance and might pick up some bad habits. Beginners should start with discs that are between 1-5 in speed. Then you can move up to faster discs as you start to pick up more distance.

Disc Glide

The second number indicates a discs glide, or how long it stays in the air. Beginners should get the highest glide number possible, generally speaking.

Disc Turn

The third number indicates how much a disc will drift off a straight line when it is traveling its fastest during a flight (usually the first few seconds). The further the number away from zero, the more it turns at high speed. Beginners should get -1 to -4. If you find your disc is turning too much during the first part of the flight, that tells you you need a faster/heavier/less understable disc.

Disc Fade

The final number indicates how much you disc will fade off a straight line at the end of the flight. The higher the number, the greater the fade. Beginners should get numbers closer to zero. Since most beginners can’t generate a lot of arm speed, their discs will not be traveling as fast, so it will have a tendency to fade no matter what.

Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginner

Products Comparison Table


Name Flight Rating Type of Disc
Divergent Discs Nuno Speed: 3 Glide: 4 Turn: -1 Fade: 1 Stable Putter/Approach
XCOM Griffon Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -2.5 Fade: 0 Understable Midrange
Infinite Discs Chariot Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 Stable Midrange
Viking Axe Speed: 4 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 Stable Midrange
Yikun Discs Shu Speed: 4 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1 Understable Midrange
Yikun Discs View Speed: 7 Glide: 6 Turn: -3 Fade: 1 Understable Control Driver
Infinite DIscs Sphinx Speed: 9 Glide: 6 Turn: -3 Fade: 1 Understable Control Driver
Divergent Discs Leviathan Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -4 Fade: 0 Understable Midrange


1. Divergent Discs Nuno

The Divergent Discs Nuno is a straight-flying disc that can be used as a putter, or an approach disc. It is a speed 3 disc, so beginners will find it easier to throw that a higher speed disc, like a speed 12 Destroyer. The lower speed will also help newer players get good feedback as to their form. Higher speed discs can actually encourage bad form and bad habits.

The Max Grip plastic offers a great feel and excellent grip.


  • Straight-flying features
  • Provides a flight path that will help teach proper technique
  • Can be used on the different types of shots and situations
  • Ability to maintain the intended line
  • Comfortable feel in the hand



2.XCOM Griffon

The Griffon is a beginner friendly, understable mid range disc. This disc is easy to throw for those straight lines or turnover lines. It’ll help the beginner find a little extra distance as it will not fade out as early as more stable discs. As a more advanced player, this disc will make great for hyzer-flips, rollers, or turnover throws.

The Durable Plastic will ensure that you get a long life for the disc.

  • Offers minimal fade
  • Easy to control in a tailwind
  • Constant and reliable flight path
  • Durable and can take a lot of beating
  • A smooth curved rim provides comfort to the hand


3. Infinite Discs Chariot

The Infinite Discs Chariot is a perfect example of a beginner disc that can also find a home in the bag of more experienced players. It is an excellent go-to midrange, since it has a neutral flight path, that is easily shapable. The Chariot can handle most lines, from hyzers to anhyzer lines. The neutral flight means that it will stay on whatever angle you release it on, without turning or fading hard.

  • A stable midrange that can be used on a variety of shots
  • Ability to hold the line without flipping over too much even on long approach shots
  • Provides comfort to the hand for the perfect release
  • The rim size is comfortable in the hand




4. Viking Axe


The Viking Axe is a midrange disc, but with a slow glidey flight like a putter. The Axe has a slight dome and a stable flight with a fading finish. This is an excellent precision disc when you need an accurate placement. Its slow speed and glide provide an easy to throw disc for all skill levels. It serves as an excellent disc for a beginner, or a controllable midrange for a more advanced player.Ground plastic is Viking’s base plastic, so it doesn’t cost as much as premium plastic and it breaks in easier.


  • Best to use on controlled approaches and midrange drives
  • Ideal for a variety of situations
  • Can be relied on to provide a straight finish
  • Provides good grip and comfort in the hand




5. Yikun Discs Shu

The SHU is an interesting midrange that has a shape like a low-speed driver with a sharper outer rim. The rim, however, is still narrow enough to be a slow-speed flyer, meaning that players do not need power to throw the SHU. It is a great beginner disc that will feel like a very easy-to-throw driver at a midrange speed. Its understable design means that it will act resistant to fade for new players. This Yikun Disc is very fun to throw.


  • Easy to throw midrange
  • Understable flight for longer distances
  • Great for tailwind throws
  • Comfortable rim to hold



6. Yikun Discs View


Image Description

The View is the beginner friendly fairway driver in the Yikun lineup. This understable flying fairway driver is perfect for shaping control shots. The view is available in inexpensive Tiger Line plastic, making it affordable for any budget. It also comes in weights in the 160’s.

Light weight

Comes in inexpensive Tiger plastic

Understable flight that is easier for beginners




7. Infinite DIscs Sphinx


Although the Sphinx is a driver, it is a speed 9 disc that is perfect for beginning disc golfers who are ready for a faster disc. It’s a disc that won’t fade too soon while covering as much distance as possible. With an understable release and manageable speed rating, the Sphinx can fly with accuracy and ease. For experienced players the Sphinx is a wonderful, understable utility disc for hyzer-flips, long anhyzer throws, or power rollers. The Sphinx will stand the test of time as a disc that earns a spot in any bag.

  • Narrow rim for a driver
  • Lots of turn in its flight
  • Available in lighter weights
  • Useful for a variety of skill levels




8. Divergent Discs Leviathan


The Divergent Discs Leviathan is an easy-to-throw mid-range disc that works perfectly for new players as a go-to option for for minimal fade. It is a very understable, slow speed disc which means that it is very fade-resistant. If a new disc golfer wants only one disc to get them started, the Leviathan midrange is a great choice. It is definitely one  of the best beginner discs.


  • Beginner-friendly flight
  • Low-speed disc
  • Low fade prevents big skips


What is Disc Golf Disc for Beginners




best mid range disc for beginners

Plastic of Disc for Beginner

Although the plastic type does affect the flight of the disc, it is less so for beginners. Since base plastics are cheaper and get seasoned faster than premium plastics, beginners might as well save some money and go with base plastic. Then, as your skills improve you can try some of the premium plastics to see which ones feel good in your hand.

Disc Weight for Beginner

The heavier the disc, the more effort it takes to get it to fly fast. If a disc isn’t flying as fast as it needs to fly right, you will never get the best possible flight. Beginners should get lighter discs to start, then move up as your distances start to increase. Even discs that are 140-150g would be better than a max weight disc (around 175g). For putters, heavier weights are fine, since you won’t be throwing those as fast as possible.

Color for Beginners

In terms of the color of the disc, there is a usual preference depending on the type of the field. If you are playing on a field with green grass and neatly groomed, a light disc can be used perfectly. If you are playing on courses that tend to hide discs, then a much brighter disc will be the best one to use.

For better visibility, avoid green discs in wooded areas. Opt for bright orange or pink to easily locate a lost disc on wooded courses. Other than that, color preferences are really just determined by you, if you like a certain color go for it. This is just one aspect that allows you to personalize your equipment.


Learning disc golf is a process that takes a while to really master. Start with the proper equipment and get to know those discs well before you start getting faster, more overstable discs. When the discs you have aren’t flying very far or like they should, it may be time to look for other discs.

Have fun hucking!