The Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners in 2023

best disc golf disc for beginners

The best way for beginners to level-up their disc golf game is to be equipped with the right knowledge and skillsets needed in the sport. And one way to do it is to start using the best disc golf disc for beginners in practice and the actual game. Using the right equipment during practice and combining it with the determination to learn and improve will come a long way for every player in terms of improving their game every step of the way.

In this review, we feature 8 of the top disc golf discs for beginners that can be used by anyone who is just starting the sport. I am basing this review on my personal experience on the field and the time that I spent playing disc golf for so many years. Included in this review are different information and actual experiences that I gain from the actual use of each disc that will help any beginners who are just starting the sport.

Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginner Reviews

Products Comparison Table

Name Flight Rating Type of Disc
Prodigy P Model US Speed: 3 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 1 Understable Putter/Approach
Prodiscus Jokeri Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: -1 Fade: 1 Overstable Putter/Approach
Infinite Discs Chariot Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 Stable Midrange
Infinite Discs Inca Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 3 Overstable Midrange
XCom Griffon Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -2.5 Fade: 0 Understable Midrange
Infinite Discs Exodus Speed: 7 Glide: 5 Turn: 0.5 Fade: 2 Overstable Control Driver
Divergent Discs Kraken Speed: 6 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1 Understable Control Driver
XCom Zion Speed: 10 Glide: 4 Turn: -1 Fade: 2 Understable Control Driver

1. Prodigy P Model US

The Prodigy brand is one of the most popular disc golf disc manufacturers, and using one of their discs when you are a beginner is not a bad idea at all. I consider the P Model US as one of the best Prodigy discs for beginners that offers more control and straight-flying features. It is a nice approach disc that sticks pretty good to the ground and does not roll away. I consider it as one of the best putters for beginners with its good glide and ability to hold the line.

I tried to throw it on the field and it was incredibly straight, but it has a slight turn and fade towards the end of the flight. This disc makes it perfect for different types of shots ranging from straight shots, hyzer flips, and turnover shots. I feel that this is an underrated putter to some but for me, it is an excellent disc. I find that I can throw it very straight, and that it holds the line pretty nicely.

The P Model US also shines when being used for approach shots. I have successfully used it on the field on several long-distance putts. I throw it with the right amount of power and it travels straight and hardly ever departs from my intended line. I was amazed by its consistency and now I consider it as one of the main discs in the bag.

Physically, I was also impressed with the way it feels in my hand. It is firm grip to it any type of conditions of the course. I also like the consistency of the feel of the disc, it feels solid all the way through. This gives me great confidence when throwing it.

However, one minor issue that I find with the disc is that it is not as glidey as I would hope.

  • Straight-flying features
  • Provides a flight path that will help teach proper technique
  • Can be used on the different types of shots and situations
  • Ability to maintain the intended line
  • Firmness provides unique comfort on the hand
  • Does not have as much glide as advertised

2. Prodiscus Jokeri

If you are looking for an overstable disc that is meant for approach shots, then the Jokeri from Prodiscus is a good fit. Based on my experience with the disc on the field, I consider it as one of the best approach discs I have ever used. This disc has truly elevated my game with its straight-flight and reliable fade and its ability to give more control to the player.

My experience in the field with Jokeri was a good one. Once I threw it, I found that it does stay on the straight line and glides for a long time. It is reliably overstable, even as time progresses and it is beat in.

Also, when I’ve thrown it with a little anhyzer the result impressed me, it held the angle briefly, it flattened out and the faded off. Even throwing the Jokeri on a steep anhyzer angle I found that it was always fighting to get back to flat. This amount of stability ads a level of forgiveness to the player by offering some flight correction from accidental turn over (throwing the disc on an unintended anhyzer angle).

In terms of its physical features, I like that it provides a lot of grip  and comfort to my hand. The medium-deep rim provides comfort to players with large hands as well as smaller hands. The putter has a deeper rim, which can be an issue to people who do not like deep rimmed discs.

However, my only complaint with this disc is that it has a deeper rim.

  • Offers reliable fade
  • Provides an introduction to overstable discs
  • Constant and reliable flight path
  • Durable and can take a lot of beating
  • A smooth curved rim provides comfort to the hand
  • It has a deep rim

3. Infinite Discs Chariot

Thick and slim are the words that I can best describe to this particular disc from Infinite Discs. I consider this as a slim midrange disc with a thick rim that is best used for straight approach shots. In my experience, this disc is stable and is the best used as a go-to midrange. So, if you are looking for the best beginner disc golf disc, this midrange is definitely a great start because of its versatility.

Trying the Chariot on the field makes me realized that this is one of the best approach discs that I have used in the field. It is stable when thrown and gives you the ability of more control over the shots. I was impressed by its reliability and control which makes it perfect for people who are just starting in developing their skillsets and form.

I also like that I can use the disc with both forehand and backhand throws conveniently. This is the reason why this is one of my go-to discs. It is the answer to so many of the situations in which I find myself while playing a round.

In terms of its physical features, I was impressed with how it amazing it feels in the hand. I feel that every time I throw the disc, it leaves 100% exactly how I intended and will do what I want to do. It is comfortable in the hands regardless of the grip, which gives confidence to any player who uses it. For sure, the hype is real in terms of providing comfort and a perfect in hand feel, which converts into the perfect release of the throw.

However, one minor issue I see in the product after a lot of games of using it is it usually loses its versatility once worn out, it begins to be too flippy. This is normal for the weary and old disc and everyone must be prepared for it.

  • A stable midrange that can be used on a variety of shots
  • Ability to hold the line without flipping over too much even on long approach shots
  • Holds any intended line
  • Provides comfort to the hand for the perfect release
  • Loses its versatility when worn out

4. Infinite Discs Inca

If you are looking for the best mid-range disc for beginners, then the Inca disc from Infinite Discs is the best way to go. In my experience of using this on the field, this disc is best if you need midrange drives and controlled approaches.

On the field, I witnessed how consistent this disc was in terms of flying. It is one of the most trusted point-and-shoot midrange discs that has a reliable fade towards the end of the flight. I feel that every disc golfer needs this type of disc in terms of the versatility it provides. I have used this disc for short drives off the tee pad or an approach shot using a clear hyzer line.

For beginners who are just developing their midrange game, I recommend this disc. A newbie who throws it can have a fairly straight line and can hold the line to get the best distance. It also brings a little fade towards the end of the flight for the best result. I love the stability of this disc which is perfect for all players who are just starting to develop their skillsets.

Physically, I like the good grip that this disc provides in my hands. It feels comfy and soft, which gives me confidence before doing my shots. I can tell that this disc will provide a lot of comfort to any who uses it and should help in providing a perfect release to any type of shot for the desired flight.

However, the only issue I have in using this disc is its tendency to wear out quickly. This is normal since the disc only comes in I-Blend and P-Blend right now, which are not the most durable plastics available. 

  • Best to use on controlled approaches and midrange drives
  • Provides versatility especially in windy conditions
  • Ideal on the different type of situations
  • Can be relied on to provide a consistent finish
  • Provides good grip and comfort in the hand
  • Wears out quickly

5. X-Com Griffon

A beginner who is still developing his skills and form needs a midrange disc that will hold the line and flies straight when being thrown. And this is what Griffon is all about, an understable and straight-flying disc that offers versatility in handling different types of conditions on the field. I see this disc as one of the best beginner disc golf discs for midrange shots that produce results right away.

With all the discs that I tried, this one has the best flying features in all of the discs that I have thrown on the field. It glides for a long time and is very smooth on whatever angle you used. I have thrown this with less power but still achieved the distance that I want. Also, being an understable disc does not mean that this is uncontrollable, you can still get the targeted distance with the right throw and angle.

I have also thrown this disc for straight shots and the results simply amazed me. If the basket is just in front of me, this is my go-to disc for those open holes that are just in front of my eyes. I have used it for official games as well as for practicing my midrange throws. For beginners, this is also a good disc to help improve your form and perfecting your midrange skills.

In terms of its physical features, I like the durability that this disc brings to the player. It has a shallow rim and a dome that provides a deep feeling when being used. By controlling your grip, you will achieve a comfy and relaxing feel that will enable you to have the best release for your throw.

However, the only issue I have with this disc is that it only comes in a base plastic that is not very durable.

  • Provides versatility features that can be used on different shots and conditions
  • Promotes straight-flying feature
  • Can be used best on straight and turnover shots
  • Easy to throw and flies long
  • Provides comfort and powerful grip for the best release
  • Only available in a base plastic

6. Infinite Discs Exodus

I should say that the Exodus is one of the more popular fairway drivers used by a lot of disc golfers including me. So, if you are looking for one of the best disc golf drivers for beginners, this disc is highly recommended for your bag. Based on my experience, this disc will give you a lot of straight lines with a steady fade throughout the flight which is perfect for anyone looking for a beginner driver disc.

The Exodus was one of the first discs that I used on the field for my distance throws. In this disc, I have learned to develop both my forehand and backhand throws with the constant use of this disc. I still remember throwing this disc for the first time and noticing the overstable flight. I also feel that this is a great disc if you want to master controlling different angle shots on the field.

Another feature that stands out when I used it out on the course is its reliability. This disc when thrown will hold most any line you want. This is the reason why I feel that this is one of the best fairway driver discs for beginners that can be used to develop and hone their skillsets and form. It is easy to throw, holds the line, and has a reliable fade towards the end of the flight.

Physically, this disc feels great in the hand. It has a thin rim that stands out to me personally but the depth of the disc can also be noticed once you hold it. I like the overall profile of the disc as it gives the type of comfort I prefer to have for the perfect release in every throw that I made.

However, one minor issue I see in the disc is that its flight path can quickly change. This is especially true if you use it as frequently as I do.

  • Provides straight line and steady fade towards the end of the flight
  • Promotes driving consistency
  • Easy to throw
  • Flies true to the disc rating
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Wears out easily

7. Divergent Discs Kraken

As you can see, when looking for the best distance driver disc for beginners, there are a lot of options to choose from. And Divergent Disc Kraken is one of them based on what I have experienced with the disc on the course. I know that it is one of the highest-rated fairway drivers but its incredible glide, accuracy, and consistency make it the best fairway driver for those players who are just starting.

I consider this disc as my personal favorite when I was just starting. Using them and throwing the disc on the field makes me realized now that it’s a perfect disc for beginners. It has the best glide for the beginners who want more distance, even if he has still a slower arm.

Apart from being the king of the glide, I was also impressed by the versatility of this disc. I have thrown it with straight shots on a flat release and still have the result that I wanted. I have used it on different angles and the best thing about this disc, it teaches me how to control angle shots and get the results that I wanted. But overall, its easy use and tremendous glide make this disc perfect for beginners.

In terms of its physical features, it is more grippy and firm which I like in terms of throwing distance shots. I like the overall feel of the plastic as it gives me a lot of comfort and confidence before throwing the disc.

However, the only issue I have with this disc is when playing in wooded courses. It might not be the best disc in this type of field due to its glide and speed.

  • Provides the best glide for a fairway driver
  • Promotes accuracy and consistency
  • Ability to execute accurate shots
  • Provides the player with great control
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Not for wooded courses

8. XCom Zion

The most important part of having the best disc golf set for beginners is having the right distance driver in your bag. You will need a versatile and all-purpose driver that can be used on the different types of shots and conditions. And this is what the XCom Zion brings to the table, especially to beginners who are just developing their skills and form.

On the field, I certainly like this disc in terms of developing your throws. Whether it’s the backhand or the forehand, this disc has  helped me improve my form and skillsets. I have successfully made consistent throws with minimal power while getting the best distance. With forehand throw, the disc gives me a straight flight and then a slight turn to the left before ending it with a slight fade to the right for an overall straight flight.

When it comes to wooded holes, this is my go-to disc in terms of maneuvering difficult angles and obstacles. And the best thing about this disc is it is so easy to throw and gives a lot of control to the player. It is a neutral flying distance driver that should have a place in your bag during the game.

Physically, this disc is a little bit wider as it is a 10 speed, this will provide a lot of comfort from the get-go. So, if you throw it using a control grip, this disc can give the best result you are looking for. Overall, it’s comfy and can give a player the confidence they need for a perfect release.

The only issue I have with this disc is that it only comes in a base plastic, which is not ideal for drivers.

  • Easy to throw
  • Comfortable to grip regardless of backhand or sidearm
  • Provides versatility in using different shots
  • Ability to fly straight
  • Provides stability
  • Only available in base plastic

What is Disc Golf Disc for Beginners

best putters for beginners

In my years of playing disc golf, there seems to be a misconception that “beginner discs” are only for beginners. A lot of players tend to swap or change their disc preference after learning the basics and achieving good form. I have seen several players have this wrong notion that to push their game to the next level, they need to start using a high-speed and overstable disc.

For example, the Mako 3 is a disc that is quite popular among all newbies because of it being understable and easy to throw with lower arm speed. But I have to tell you that this type of disc is “beginner-friendly” and not a “beginner-only” disc.

I tell you, even the top players in the world carry understable and low-speed discs. These types of discs are not only for beginners but for professional players as well. When you are just new and starting to learn all the skills, do not worry about throwing the same discs that your more experienced friends throw. Just use the disc that you can throw well

How to Choose Disc Golf Disc for Beginner

When choosing the right disc for you, my advice is to learn first and understand anything related to the disc. Meaning, you must learn how to read the numbers on the disc, its flight ratings, stability, and the different types of disc.

Once you know, try to understand and practice your throwing ability. This means that you need to familiarize your arm strength, grip, and form. It also includes learning your walk-up, stand-still, and even approaches. You also need to learn the basics of the different throwing styles whether it’s the backhand, forehand, overhand, hyzer, anhyzer, and so on.

In choosing your disc preference, you must also answer several questions to help you choose the right one for you as a player. Do you like understable or overstable discs? Do you need a little faster disc or do you prefer something that is more overstable? Do you need a disc with less glide?

My Recommendation:

Once you answer all these questions and learn the basics of the sport, you will have a good chance of figuring out how you play. For me, this is the best time to figure out the discs that you prefer and start looking for the disc that fits your style of play.

I suggest that when buying a disc, you must go to the disc store yourself and feel the disc before buying. Meaning, how the disc feels in your hand is as important as its flight. You must buy a disc that you like to hold and the quality and result of the flight will follow. If this isn’t possible, ask friends or fellow disc golfers. Disc Golfers are generally nice and happy to recommend and let you throw a disc.

Type and Number of Disc For Beginners

When getting a disc, I would suggest buying slower and easy-to-control discs. I recommend you get putter sets and mids that feels good in your hands. You can use them for putting, approach shots, and short drives since these types of discs will give you the best control.

Then you can start to put these bunch of discs for a few rounds until you build your confidence and skills. It will also help you to improve your accuracy while also building your distance with the much slower discs. Once you are ready, you can have your next purchase of discs based on how well you can throw with the current disc you have.

My Advice:

My advice is to stay away from buying drivers until you developed the form and arm speed that suits this type of disc. You do not also need to buy the full 15-20 discs in just one go.

I suggest that you start off buying 1-6 discs first then use them to throw on the field while also figuring out if you like them when used in the game. For the 6-disc beginner set, I recommend having a putter, upshot, stable mid, overstable mid, understable fairway, and overstable fairway in your bag. This will give you a good range of shots to learn and practice your game while not being overwhelmed at the same time. It will also help as a guide in finding the right disc for you to look for upon your next purchase.

Disc Stability for Beginners

Stability also plays an important factor when choosing a disc especially if you are just a newbie. Always remember that the less stable the disc is, the more it is easier to control. When it is overstable, it will be more difficult to achieve the control and the proper distance you are looking for.

However, if you use an understable, glidey, and “finicky” disc, it will help in revealing a lot of flaws in your form compared to a more stable disc that usually hides it. Always remember that if you can throw an understable touchy disc consistently, you can throw anything on the field.

It’s a Matter of Adjustment:

When throwing a disc, if you find that it turns over too much when thrown at a higher speed, you can use or buy a more stable disc with the same speed as your adjustment. You can also have the option to go up two speeds to 9 and buy a Sidewinder which is another understable disc but is much faster.

You can try and see how this disc takes flight during your throw. Then, you can repeat the same process until you find the disc that works best for you.

The Role of Disc Speed to Newbies

The speed of the disc refers to how much spin, power, and speed you will have to put in to make the disc fly right. As a beginner, you must know your capabilities when throwing a disc. But how do you know how slow your arm is? Well, if you are throwing less than 250 feet on level ground, I can say that you still have a slower arm. To rectify this, you must work on your form because it will help you improve and will get you throw faster eventually.

For a beginner like you who has weak arm strength, do not buy a disc that is over a speed of 7 until you can throw about 300 feet comfortably on the field. You will just be discouraged and bound to fail if your arms strength is still not enough.

Slow Speed and Less Stable Disc are for Beginners

Meanwhile, using a slower speed and less stable discs does not need to be thrown hard to fly the way you want it. For beginners, these types of discs can give a nice flight by simply throwing smoother and slower. Newbie players should not force the disc too much during the throw which means giving them more control with their technique.

Always remember this, if you begin to notice that throwing with full power will make the disc  to start to “turn over”, you are now ready to try a disc with a higher flight rating. It can be the disc with a higher speed more resistance to turn, or more fade. As you increase your power and improving your form, the more chance you can select a disc of your choice.

Plastic of Disc for Beginner

best mid range disc for beginners

The premium disc offers more durability to the players but does not come cheap. In connection with this, the type of plastic the disc is made can change the stability of the disc. For example, the brand Innova has Champion as the most overstable disc. If you are looking for durability, I would suggest having Gstar or Star.

With all my experience, I can say that baseline plastics is better for beginners in the sense that it is much cheaper. It only costs around $8 to $10 which is not that bad if a player loses it in the woods during the game, or doesn’t like the disc. Also, a newbie needs to avoid baseline plastics for drivers because these discs do not hold their flight characteristics very long. The ideal is for beginners to use base plastic for putters or midrange.

Moreover, the best time to use putters and midrange discs in premium plastic is after a year or so of playing. The reason? The player will probably have the best idea of what he is doing on the field and will have a lesser chance to lose the disc during the game. The only exception is that if a player frequently plays in the woods or hit off trees a lot, then it makes sense to buy disc made with premium plastics.

Disc Weight for Beginner

The player’s choice of the weight of the disc also affects its stability during the flight. Also, the flight plate of the disc is the same regardless of the weight of the disc. So, using a disc that weighs less but produces the same amount of lift will change the way it flies. The disc will glide more and will be less overstable during the flight. Also, a lower weight disc will allow your arm to move faster with the same form which will give you an even bigger advantage during the game.

For the record, there are no specific weights for the disc that are best suited for beginners. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered and all are subjective. However, the difference between a light disc compared to a heavy disc is that the lighter disc is much easier to get up to with minimal effort. Heavier discs usually performs better in windy situations.

Weight Preference for Putters and Midrange

For putters, my recommendation is to use a heavier disc which is around 175 grams because it will not bounce off the chains as much and will not be affected by the wind which means more accuracy to the player.

For midrange disc, my recommendation should be around 165 – 170 grams because this will hold up the wind consistently without going much heavier. The weight is ideal because anything lower than that will be difficult to control in the wind.

For beginners, always remember not to buy anything with a speed of more than 7 or more which means no need to worry about distance drivers just yet.

Color Preference Guide for Beginners

In terms of the color of the disc, there is a usual preference depending on the type of the field. If you are playing on a field with green grass and neatly groomed, a light disc can be used perfectly. If you are playing on courses that tend to hide discs, then a much brighter disc will be the best one to use.

To be more color-specific, my advice is to avoid green-colored discs because they will be difficult to find in the woods. Bright orange or pink is a good idea if you want to find the disc easily when it is lost on wooded courses. Other than that, color preferences are really just determined by you, if you like a certain color go for it. This is just one aspect that allows you to personalize your equipment.


Using the best disc golf discs for beginners is the right way to do it when it comes to improving your game as a disc golfer. Having the right disc is just a small portion of the process of improving your game. You also need a lot of sacrifices, determination, and focus to get the much-needed skillsets and form to level up your disc golf game.