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Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs is a disc golf brand with a focus on affordable disc golf discs for beginners and recreational players. Divergent had their first disc approved in January 2021 by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). This brand’s focus is not on the professional disc golfer like other brands. Their focus is placed on the recreational or casual player.

One of their main goals is to make discs that are simple, affordable and easy to throw. In so doing, they are catering to the average player and providing discs that will help the average player achieve more control and distance over other brands. These discs are excellent discs that are beginner friendly, and are really affordable. Despite their affordability, these discs are more durable than similarly priced discs.

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Divergent Discs Plastic

Divergent Discs offers one plastic blend:


MaxValu is a base grade plastic blend that is ideal for putters and trying out new discs. This plastic is affordable and quite grippy. Giving the player a controllable disc.

Max Grip

Max Grip is a premier plastic blend that is affordable, grippy, and durable. This plastic can be related to a more flexible and grippy Innova star plastic. This is a unique plastic as it is more durable than other disc manufacturer's plastics that are at this price point.

Max Grip UV

Max Grip UV is a grippy plastic providing excellent grip. It is like the Max Grip plastic. However, it will react and change color when exposed to sunlight. Thus, providing you an excellent plastic with some cool cosmetic features.

Max Grip Glow

Max Grip Glow is a glow-in-the-dark take on the Max Grip plastic blend. It still features the same wonderful qualities of grip and durability. Charge this with the sun or a UV light, and it will glow in the dark.


MaxFlex plastic is a tacky and grippy blend that will not slip. MaxFlex is quite similar to Max Grip, but offers more flexibility for better grip. Its longevity is roughly the same, just slightly less durable as it is a flexier plastic than Max Grip.


MaxLife is a translucent premium plastic blend. This blend provides a flexible disc that withstands damage, maintaining its original flight for longer than other non-premium plastics.


StayPut is a rubber blend, providing a highly flexible mold. It is flexible enough to absorb energy on impact, yet firm enough to provide a comfortable grip. Making this blend ideal for those situations where you don't want a roll-away.

StayPut UV

StayPut UV has all the same qualities as the StayPut blend with an extra benefit. This blend will react to the sunlight changing from its original color to a new color or pattern. Giving you a flexible blend that has some excellent cosmetic features.

StayPut Glow

StayPut Glow rubber blend is just like its StayPut counterpart. Offering great flexibility and grip. All the while allowing you to have a disc that glows in the dark. This blend is surely has one of the best and long lasting glows on the market.
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