The Best Disc Golf Drivers for 2023

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For disc golfers, the best way to get that maximum distance is to use the best disc golf driver. It’s a vital disc for your bag, increasing your chances of winning. However, selecting the right disc that matches your skills, strength, and throwing style is paramount. This review presents our top ten best disc golf drivers to help you make an informed choice.

To get the most out of our reviews, we have tested several discs and ask other players about their experienced in using different disc golf drivers. We have compiled all this information and come up with a list of our recommendations to help you choose the right one for your skillset and throwing style. By doing this, you can select the right disc that will fit your ability and skills as a disc golfer.

Best Disc Golf Driver Reviews

1. Yikun Jiao

The Yikun Jiao is a control driver that offers a good amount of turn and a bit of finishing fade toward the end of the flight. I consider this as one of the best control driver discs for beginners because this disc is best suited for average throwers. A stable-understable control driver that offers a lot of straight-flying traits.

Many beginners use this disc to develop their big throws.It’s a valuable choice for boosting your power in the early stages of development and can continue to be your go-to disc as your skills improve, particularly for big distance throws.

I was also impressed by how this disc rips flawlessly on wooded courses and those situations which you need accuracy on your shots. You will also get a slight “S” flight when there is no wind while giving a nice fade towards the end of the flight. When dealing with a headwind, it will be more understable and not so much.

In terms of its physical features, the disc is low profile and slim which means it very comfortable to hold. The rim is not too thick and you do not need to wrap your fingers around to get a good grip because it has plenty of space to hold them around. This disc is good for players with small hands because it will give them a good hold and grip. Likewise, it’s made with Tiger Line plastic which is a great beginning plastic as it doesn’t cost to much to give it a try. It is a little softer to give you a nice grip on the disc, but due to that it can suffer damage easily.

However, one minor issue I have with this disc is that it only comes in a base plastic.

  • Perfect for average throwers
  • Good for developing the player’s big throw
  • Provides pinpoint accuracy on wooded courses and other similar situations
  • Low profile and slim
  • Made with Proton plastic which provides comfort to the throwers
  • Only available in a base plastic

2. Infinite Discs Centurion

The Infinite Discs Centurion is an excellent first fairway driver. For me, I call it one of the best disc golf fairway drivers for beginners because of its excellent glide and straight-line feature. It is popular as a starter disc because of it is easy-to-throw disc. It may not be the quickest flying fairway driver but it will get decent distance even if you are just starting to develop your game.

There are many reasons why a lot of players say that this is one of the best fairway drivers for a disc golf beginner. For one, it is one of the easiest discs to throw straight. It is an understable disc which is the main reason why it produces a straight flight for slower arms. I also like the way it forgives players and giving them the chance to innovate and refine their fairway game in teaching the proper release and form during the throw.

Another thing that makes this disc amazing is it can be used as a control driver. You can throw this best understable fairway driver for any kind of distance. The disc’s neutral flight is also good to teach basic shots and shapes. Newbies will have success in throwing different types of shots such as straight, hyzer, and anhyzer. I will tell you, it is a great fairway disc to learn and improve your game and should have a place in your bag for these reasons.

For its physical features, I like the disc’s narrow rim and good depth. It is comfortable in the hand and provides a good grip. It should give confidence to any player who will use it before going for the throw. You will enjoy throwing this disc because of its good feel and comfort.

However, one downside I saw in this disc is its availability, it is a highly popular disc and due to effects of COVID-19, this disc may be difficult to obtain.

  • Best fairway driver for beginners
  • A good turnover driver
  • Useful for long straight shots and gentle hyzers
  • Great in developing your throwing technique
  • Offers comfort and good grip
  • Lack of availability

3. Yikun FU

The FU is considered to be an overstable control driver from Yikun. It is one of the best disc golf distance drivers you can find and should have a rightful place in your bag. I like the disc’s ability to be used on long and accurate placement shots and its capability of holding down long dependable lines with a slow penetrating fade towards the end.

You will fall in love with this disc once you start to use it. It is excellent in so many ways while having a straight controllable flight which is perfect for backhand and forehand. If you are looking for a fairway driver to use on technical lines, this is the one I recommend. It is a good disc for newbies and will make into a nice fairway driver.

I also like the high-speed ability that it offers. Meaning, the FU will not turn, but will carry for long flights without having a lot of glide, but a reliable fade a the end of the flight. During windy conditions, it can be your go-to disc with its ability to fight headwind easily. It will be even more stable with a tailwind that it might fade out sooner than you’re used to.

Physically, this disc provides a great feel for the hand. If you are a player who prefers a smaller rim for a better grip, then this should be the driver you are looking for. It is comfortable and should give the player the right amount of confidence when throwing.

Again, like a lot of discs, the availability is lower than it has been in the past, all thanks to the disc shortage. Fortunately, there are base plastic and premium plastic options available at the moment.

  • Designed for accurate and long placement shots
  • Ideal for long and tight fairways
  • Provides high-speed stability
  • A solid workhorse driver
  • Lack of availability

4. Prodigy D Model S

If you are looking for versatility in a distance driver, then this is a good choice. For me, the D Model S is one of the best disc golf drivers for distance with its high-speed feature and its ability to be used on different types of shots. Whether it’s distance shots, pure hyzers, long anhyzers, or flex shots, this disc can get the job done for you. It can be your go-to disc in different game situations or when distance and shot-shaping skills are needed.

If you have this disc in your bag, it is all because it flies farther or you are looking for distance on the throw and this is what meant it to do. However, just like the other distance driver, it has different tendencies with different arm speeds. If you have a low arm speed, it will not give you a lot of turn and you will not achieve a lot of distance. For medium arm speed, you will get a straight flight with a little fade towards the end which means it’s a dependable disc for you. For a high-speed thrower, this disc will give you a straight flight while having a late turn to the right then come back to the left for a straight throw.

In terms of its physical attributes, the rim is big compared to the other discs. It has a pretty typical rim size for a 13 speed driver. If you like a fuller feeling in your hand in a distance driver, then this should fit your needs. Or if you are looking for a huge rim in a disc, you will enjoy this disc for real. The most important thing is you will get comfortable and get a good grip and you are good to go.

However, one downside with this disc driver is its thick rim, this may cause discomfort to some players – myself included. And this isn’t a beginner friendly distance driver.

You can get one that is made out of a premium glow plastic or just the premium plastic.


  • Overstable disc
  • Good for flex shots
  • Perfect for long-distance throws
  • Has a thick rim
  • Not a beginner friendly disc

5. X-Com Zion

The Zion disc is for players looking for a maximum distance driver that is also a fast disc. It is one of those best disc golf driver for beginner or intermediate players who are looking to achieve the best distance in their backhand throws. This overstable disc does require a lot of speed because it fades early while achieving the maximum distance late in the flight. If you are looking for a driver that turns and fades to achieve the maximum distance you want, then this is the disc you are looking for.

When I say this is one of the best disc golf drivers for beginners, I say it with intention. I have seen a lot of players who were just starting to develop their game getting some good distance with this disc. Its versatility is also obvious because it can also be used on roller shots with ease. You can also use this on a lot of heavy-wooded courses and navigate heavy bushes, trees, and other obstacles. The versatility of this disc is just amazing, to say the least.

If you are looking for a more gradual disc and flatter style of a disc, the Zion is your best bet. This disc is perfect for different types of courses, perfect for a turnover in the woods, and perfect for straight hyzer flips. Which means it’s a do it all driver. For slower and medium speed arms, this disc will cover those straight and a little of hyzer towards the end of the flight type shots. This disc says that it is overstable, but upon throwing the disc, it is more stable than depicted.

Physically, this disc comes with a gradual dome. The rim is just enough to have a comfortable grip while giving a lot of confidence to the thrower. Its softness is not that much it’s pretty sturdy due to its plastic type.

One downside this only comes in base plastic. I do think that this will change though, as I thin X-Com is working on a premium plastic.

  • Maximum distance driver
  • Provides the maximum distance for backhand throws
  • Does not require speed to get maximum distance
  • Versatile in using a different type of shots
  • Provides grip and comfort
  • Only available in base plastic

6. Divergent Discs Kraken

In the disc golf community, the Divergent Discs Kraken stands out as one of the best beginner disc golf drivers. It offers an optimal balance of speed, glide, and turn, maximizing distance for weaker throwers, especially beginners. Additionally, the availability of various lightweight options benefits players in the early stages of learning and developing their throwing and arm speed. If you’re new to the sport, the Kraken is among the top disc golf drivers to consider adding to your bag

This disc also can fly straight. It is an understable disc that can be used on tunnel shots. Throwing this on a hyzer flip will make the disc go straight. It also shows some versatility when I tried it for roller shots. Although you need to find a way to maximize this disc for a roller shot, it’s up to you to practice and find out if this can be good for that particular shot.

I was also impressed how this disc can be easily controlled on the field. It is an easy-to-throw driver that comes with an understandable flight path with a little bit of glide and a nice fade towards the end. Also, you can throw this disc nice and slow and it will hold the line no matter how much power you put it in which I think is the most important. If you are looking for a disc to grow with and develop your throw, this is the perfect disc.

In terms of its physical attributes, this disc feels so comfortable in the hand. It provides a good grip with its slim profile. Also, it is made with Max Grip plastic which has good durability. This disc can withstand punishment and can maintain its flight characteristics for a long time. It also comes with several varieties of colors which is an upside to the players.

One minor issue however is its ability to be useful to experienced players. Yes, this disc is good for players who are just starting but I do not think it will find a major role for the bag of experienced players.

  • Beginner friendly disc driver
  • Provides enough speed, turn, and glide to maximize distance
  • Rim size provides the perfect grip
  • Easy to control disc driver
  • Provides durability and will last for a long time
  • Not for experienced players

7. Infinite Discs Exodus

The Exodus is a fairway driver disc that flies straight and works best in navigating low ceiling tree lines. It is a smooth flying disc that also offers accuracy, which suits experienced and inexperienced players. This disc might not be the fastest but it can easily be controlled and has an excellent glide. If thrown accurately, this disc can go farther and longer to get that distance desired.

I tried this disc personally and I can say that this works best as control or fairway driver. It’s one of the best drivers of disc golf for fairways that you can use with its straight flight pattern. It’s also versatile enough to be used as a distance driver specifically for players with lower arm speeds. You can also use it for long approaches where the need to hit the line is there. It is a good driver for you to have in your bag.

Meanwhile, you can also throw this disc on a wide anhyzer and it will still hold with a full flight but with a long glide. Throwing it flat, it will drift slowly before a relatively small finish to the left. Putting more power into the disc will result in a hyzer flip and should be useful in carrying straight tunnel shots.

In terms of its physical feature, this disc is comfortable in general. The C-blend plastic is the most durable plastic in Infinite Discs. It comes with stiffness but it is also slick. The best thing about this is it will fly the same way for a long time because it’s durable and does not beat in easily compared to other plastic. It also comes with a narrow rim for a fairway driver. You can throw it with a power grip or a modified one and you will still be comfortable with it.

However, one downside with this disc is its lack of availability at the moment. Thanks COVID.

  • Straight flying fairway driver
  • A smooth flying disc that also provides accuracy
  • Offers excellent glide
  • Does not easily get beaten up due to its durability
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Lack of availability

8. Yikun Distance Drivers

yikun distance drivers

This disc is a distance driver that is manufactured using a new technology aiming to provide a professional and creative disc to all levels of players. I consider this as one of the best disc golf drivers for a distance that you can put in the bag. It is a type of fast driver that offers a nice grip and is best suited for forehand throws. This disc also is designed to works best in any type of weather.

The technology that we are talking about is the Double Ring Shell Overmold Technology. In this innovation, the ring of the disc is attached to the flight plate using a method that the company only knows. This is called the double mold which is pleasantly unique in my opinion. The result is a nice-looking disc and a wide yet comfortable rim. This unique disc is offering a new alternative to disc making but can it deliver in the field? I certainly hope so.

I have personally thrown this disc and I can say that I enjoy it during my time in the field. When used as a distance driver, it handles the power well. If you are not a great or strong thrower, you can release it with a little anhyzer and the disc will still fade back at the end of the flight after holding the line for a while. Overall, the performance is good but can be improved once I used it more.

But the best asset of this disc is its physical appearance. The over-mold design looks excellent and it feels comfortable in the hand. The width of the rim is just enough and it provides a nice grip which makes it more comfortable for sure. Overall, it felt good in the hand and the overmold is more than just its physical appearance because it also brings comfort to the player.

One minor downside of this disc is the quality of the print at the surface of the disc. It looks like it might peel off easily after a few rounds of playing. It needs an improvement from the manufacturer.

  • Made with premium plastic
  • Stable distance driver using advanced technology
  • Fast driver with good grip
  • Comes with comfortable rim width
  • PDGA Approved
  • Subpar printing

9. Infinite Discs Scepter

The Infinite Discs Scepter is the answer in looking for the best drivers disc golf that can withstand windy conditions. This overstable disc can fight the wind and fight hard during the flight. It also has a small lateral turn and a beautiful fade towards the end of the flight which will be able to handle headwinds and power throws without the risk of losing the flight line. It should be one of the best long distance disc golf driver that should have a place in your bag.

This overstable fairway driver fades as hard as possible during the end of the flight. The disc can also be used on skip shots and thumbers because it is too overstable which fit for those type of shots. There is also a little bit of glide during the flight and it does not flip easily. For windy conditions, this disc can be trusted to follow the overstable flight pattern while fighting the wind.

This disc also shows some versatility in its arsenal. While it is classified as a fairway driver, it can also be used as a utility disc specifically for doing shorter shots that need an overstable flight path. For this type of throw, this disc works perfectly with its overstable flight. The Infinite Discs Scepter also has a predictable flight and an impressive skip-action once the disc hits the ground.

In terms of its physical attribute, this disc is comfortable as it gets. It comes with a nice comfortable rim and a flat top. The disc also offers a firm grip which is beneficial before the release of the throw. The comfort should give enough confidence for the thrower to have a good and successful throw.

One downside is its lack of availability due to the remaining effects of the pandemic.

  • Highly overstable driver
  • Ability to handle challenging headwinds without losing its flight
  • Perfect for forehand and backhand players
  • Made with premium durable material
  • Lots of available colors
  • Lack of availability

10. Prodigy D Model US

This distance driver disc was designed and manufactured by Prodigy to go the distance for most players. The D Model US is an undersable disc that allows players to get the additional distance. The disc can hold the line while giving the additional distance you want.

The D Model US is a faster distance driver, that will do great things in the hands of a well seasoned disc golfer. Also, it is a great introduction to faster distance drivers. As a 12 speed disc, this has a pretty typical feel common to 12 speed discs. This driver will fly with some turn and finish with a fade at the end.

Since it is understable, it has some kind of appeal to different players at all skill levels. For those with experienced and more power, this disc can be used in picking up an angle of release for the disc to hold on. It is a good distance driver that should have the rightful place in your bag.

For its physical attributes, this disc has a shallower rim and a flatter top. It also has a smooth surface which makes it more comfortable for the thrower to help in doing that smooth release. It also provides a good grip which should give the player enough confidence before the throw.

However, I will not recommend this to players who are just starting. Intermediate and experienced players can maximize what this disc has to offer.

  • Ability to get hold of that extra distance
  • A faster disc with a more glide
  • One of the furthest flying distance driver
  • Provides smooth high-speed turn and soft finish at the end
  • Understable distance driver
  • Not for beginner

How to Choose the Disc Golf Drivers

best disc golf distance drivers

Type and Role of Disc Golf Drivers

In general, there are two types of disc golf drivers but we will discuss them later. What I want to share with you is my way of approaching an ideal driver selection based on different roles that the disc will do in the game. Here’s my selection:

Stable Control Driver

I consider this disc as the workhorse among all the drivers found in my bag. The disc will show a lot of versatility in terms of flying it straight or throwing it with a hyzer/anhyzer line depending on the game situation. Moreover, a stable control driver comes with more accuracy and predictability but is not an ultra-high-speed driver.

Distance Driver

This disc golf driver disc will be stable, understable, or overstable depending on the throwing style used that gives you the most distance. Furthermore, the main purpose of this disc is to give the maximum distance when you do not need accuracy in a game situation.

Understable Driver

This is a type of disc that can hold a right turn. Meaning, the understable disc is your go-to disc if you want to throw a different type of shots such as rollers, finesse hyzer flips, turnovers, and other “trick” shots.

Moderately Overstable Driver

I also consider this as a “pro stable” driver, meaning it can fly in a stable manner at high speeds and then flies moderately overstable at low speeds. The moderately overstable driver is best used for long hyzer shots and in mild to moderate headwinds. This can be used for utility shots as well.

Very Overstable Driver

I consider this as the most action-packed disc golf driver. The reason? This disc is stable to overstable at high speeds but will be very overstable at low speeds. The very overstable driver will exhibit predictability and stability over distance. This means this disc is best suited for strong headwinds, strong hyzer shots, and an array of trick shots and skip shots.

Speed and Arm Strength

The arm speed should not be confused with the distance during the flight. This is more on the player’s ability to throw a particular speed so that the disc will behave in such a way as the number indicates in the flight rating. Therefore, your arm speed and your power should be suitable for the disc speed.

Meanwhile, weak arms and high-speed drivers will put you in the worst place compared to weak arms and low-speed drivers. For example, if you can throw 300 feet and not much more with a fairway driver and get around the same distance with a distance driver, then you shouldn’t venture too much beyond a fairway driver. Of course, if you can do a 12-speed distance driver, then you can probably throw a 10, 7, or 6-speed fairway driver.


How is the weight of the disc affect the speed and the distance traveled and eventually to your disc golf driver selection? The answer is more complicated than you think but let me try to explain to you as simple as possible.

If you know Simon Lizotte who owns a pair of world records for the fastest recorded disc golf throw, then listen to this. His first world record is at 89.5 mph using a 130-gram Wraith while his other record was at 95 mph using a 110-gram Guts disc. What does it mean? A lighter disc can give you a high release velocity which in turn convert into a higher disc speed. But will it contribute to the distance covered? Of course, but other factors will be considered.

Which led me to another pair of world records which is the two longest record throws. The first one was at 863.5 feet using a 157 grams Boss disc while the other was at 836 feet using a 134 grams disc using the same brand. Which led me to this question: does it mean that using the lightest disc when selecting your disc driver? The answer is a big NO.

Using two discs with the same stability but different weights leads to varied speeds and flight patterns, with the lighter disc often having less desirable flight characteristics. If you plan to use a lighter disc to achieve greater distance, opt for a higher stability driver. This choice will provide a desirable straight flight pattern and the extra distance you seek. In essence, increasing stability compensates for decreased disc weight to gain more distance.

However, it does not stop there, because you also need to choose the right weight for the wind of the course. In disc golf driver selection, the lesser the disc weight, the less resistant to the wind the disc becomes. This means, the lighter the disc is, the more it will  push to the right because of the wind. So if you encounter more wind on the course, I would suggest that you use a heavier weight driver to compensate for the wind. You may achieve a lesser distance but you will have a more desired and straighter throw and a much better result.


How does the wind affect your disc golf driver selection? Let me start by describing how a disc driver does in normal condition and without the wind. If you throw your go-to driver at 65 mph while getting the optimal flight pattern in normal conditions, this will not be the same during windy conditions.

If there is a 15 mph headwind on the field, the flight pattern will not be the same because it will affect the release velocity and the speed of the disc. The result will be a more high-speed turn which is to the right. On the other hand, if you have a tailwind of 15 mph with the same disc, the release velocity and the disc speed will be slower. The result will give you less high-speed turnover and a flight that goes more to the left from the optimal pattern.

So, what does it mean to your disc driver selection? If there is a headwind in the field, you need to increase the stability of your disc by trusting a more overstable disc on your bag. This will make you pull the disc near to the center of the optimal pattern you are looking for. Meanwhile, if you are challenged by the tailwind, you need to do the opposite by decreasing the stability of your disc. By selecting a more understable disc, it will make your disc go back to the right and achieved your desired optimal flight pattern.

How to Choose the Distance Driver

What is a Distance Driver?

As the name implies, the distance drivers give players all the highest potential to travel at the greatest distance. But, to do so it needs the required speed to travel its intended flight characteristics. In terms of its physical features, distance drivers usually have wider rims and sharp noses. They also have the smallest diameter with a low profile and a sharp edge.

Distance drivers are also difficult to control but they are the longest flyers. This makes them less suitable for new, younger, or lower arm speed players. Most distance drivers demand considerable power from average or new players, making disc selection more challenging. Choosing the right distance driver for your skill level can be tough but enhances the enjoyment of the game.

Finding your Own Distance Driver

But what is the best way for you two to find the best distance driver? There are two ways that you can do it. The first one is to start using those beginner discs and work your way up until you find the right distance driver for you. The other way is to use what the top professional disc golfers use for distance drivers as a benchmark because these discs have a more consistent baseline and better path forward as you work to improve and your game continues to advance. But how will you do it?

If you check the bag of those top disc golfers, their distance drivers such as the wraith, destroyer, and boss disc to name a few share similar traits. They are all high-speed discs and the turn (-1), glide (5), and fade (3) are all the same. So, what does it mean? Of course, you will have a different flight pattern compared to the pros when these discs are thrown but it should be your benchmark moving forward in choosing your distance driver. You can adjust and find a disc that has a reduced turn compared to the one used by the pros. Another option is to use a disc with reduce speed and then find a disc that gives you the right optimal flight pattern. You can do the adjustment until you find the disc that gives you the best distance.

However, for maximum distance, you do not need to adjust for the fade or glide. It is only the speed and the turn that you need to find the right disc for your power. Also, distance is in no way related to speed. It is a fact that if you cannot get the disc to its proper speed, you will never be able to get more distance from your chosen distance driver.

How to Choose the Fairway Driver

best disc golf fairway drivers

What are Fairway Drivers?

Compared to distance drivers, fairway drivers have smaller rims and are easier to control as they require less speed for the intended flight. While they may not offer the same distance potential as distance drivers, they excel in straight flights, tighter lines, shorter drives, and reduced skip at the end. Consequently, fairway drivers are a great choice for both novice and seasoned players.

Yes, fairway drivers are relatively slow and do not have the same distance potential compared to the distance driver but they are much easier to control. They also glide much better compared to distance drivers. Fairway drivers also provide more accuracy and offer a cleaner release. Every time there is a wood shot or there are trees close to the teepad, the fairway is my go-to disc to make sure I do not hit those obstacles.

Choosing your Own Fairway Driver

But how to choose a go-to fairway driver? The first thing to do is look for a disc with a lot of stability and a lot more control. You need to be able to look at your go-to midrange and your go-to distance driver and find a disc that is something in between those two discs. That means you are going to replicate a lot of lines just to replicate that distance when going to change the shot until you achieved the best result. You also need to use different types of plastics to achieve that consistent release to replicate a lot of different shots.

Every player has their way of building their bag but universally, everyone has a go-to fairway driver. So, you need to try a lot of discs and see what you like for your fairway driver.

How to Choose the Disc Golf Drivers for Beginner

best beginner disc golf driver

Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

For beginners, my friendly advice is not to use drivers. I highly recommend using putters and midranges because you still don’t have the arm strength or technique for drivers. Newbies should always start with slower discs to have more control. Also, it requires less power to throw to achieve their designed flight paths.

Disc Golf Drivers for Intermediate Players

For intermediate players, you can get more speed to perform correctly. The first thing to do is used a shorter driver such as the teebird, eagle, or leopard. The focus on using fairways instead of a driver because these discs are more controllable. I would suggest sticking to a disc that has a speed of 9 or lower. You can also try a longer disc driver for a farther shot but you should make sure that you have enough speed for the driver’s disc requirements.


As a disc golfer, it is a challenge for you to find the best disc golf drivers that will fit your skills and throwing style. But we hope that our review has somehow given you enough information that will help you in selecting the right distance driver for you. Once you choose the right disc, do not stop practicing and continue to improve your game.