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Sune Sport

Sune Sports is a leading disc golf distributor in Norway. Their purpose is to provide discs to the new and recreational disc golfer. As such, they’re making a variety of discs all in base plastics that are much lighter than the majority of manufacturers. Which makes all of these molds more affordable. In conjunction with the lighter weight, these molds are more easy to throw. Making them an excellent beginner disc, or a disc for the casual player that doesn’t go out to the course that often.

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Sune Sports Plastics

Sune Sports provides two plastic options:


S-Plastic is a baseline plastic that is affordable and light weight. This has a grippy and stiff feel to it. Which makes this a great way to try out a disc. It is comparable to Innova's DX or Discraft's Pro-D plastics.

Safety Line

Safety Line plastic is designed for safety. This is a very soft bendable plastic, all to prevent injuries to individuals. As a result of this precaution, this plastic is ultra lightweight. This also allows the discs to float in water.