The Best Disc Golf Putters for 2021

best disc golf putter

best disc golf putter

They say that putting is a unique skill that will help in making you be a great disc golf player. And I certainly agree with my years of experience playing the sport that putting will play a pivotal role in your game. But to be able to improve your putting, you need to have the best disc golf putter to help improve and maximize your skills as a player. The disc golf putter complements your putting skills and its features will help you improved your game and ultimately, put the disc in the basket.

In this review, we showcase 8 of the best disc golf putter that have passed our standards and testing. We have included all the information you need in all the disc including its features, benefits, and other related information. This is to ensure that you will add the right disc golf putter in your bag right after purchase.

Best Disc Golf Putter Reviews

Products Comparison Table

Products Flight Rating Beaded Stability
Dynamic Disc Judge Speed2 Glide 4 Turn 0 Fade 1 Yes Stable
Streamline Discs Cosmic Neutron Pilot Speed 2 Glide 5 Turn 1 Fade 1 Yes Stable
Discraft Luna Speed3 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 3 No Stable
Westside Discs VIP Harp Speed4 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 3 Yes Overstable
Innova DX Aviar Speed2 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 1 No Stable
Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Speed2 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 2 Yes Stable
MVP Cosmic Electron Atom Speed3 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 1 No Stable
Axiom Discs Electron Firm Envy Speed3 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 2 No Overstable

1. Dynamic Discs Judge Putter

dynamic discs judge putter

If you are a beginner and want to improve your putting game, then this disc golf putter from Dynamic Disc Judge is the right one for you. Awarded in 2013 as the Disc of the Year from the People’s Choice Award, this is the best putter for beginners that provides stability and predictable flight. With a flight rating of Speed – 2, Glide – 4, Turn – 0, Fade – 1, it will provide reliable and predictable flight and is great with either spin or push putters.

In terms of its physical attributes, I like that this is a beaded disc that promotes a nice feel and an incredible grip to the player. Furthermore, if you are looking for a hard or stiff putter, then this disc should be on top of your list. It is a stable putter which I like and can handle high speeds without fading and is predictable during the flight.

When it comes to putting, it’s a stable go-to putter with an ultra-straight flight path. A push putter can have a nice line with the basket as this disc will just go straight and does not fly away. Also, the beaded design will give you a great feel as the disc will come out in your hands real smooth and consistent for a stable putter as it gives the best chance to hit the stick and the basket.

This disc can also be used on approach shots as it also provides stability when thrown towards the basket. It’s a straight thrower disc that you can put a little bit of snap and it will fly straight and lands to your target without going anywhere. I have even throw it with a little bit of hyzer and it does what I want going to the right a little and come back near the basket. This disc is also good for approach shots and will make you get near to the basket.

However, the only issue I see in this disc golf putter is your inability to choose the color of your choice. It is available in different colors upon purchase and you will not be given a choice to choose the color upon purchase.

  • Provides reliable and predictable flight
  • It can handle high speeds without fading
  • The beads design promotes an incredible feel and grip
  • Stable go-to putter
  • Good for both putts and approach shots
  • Inability to choose colors of your choice

2. Streamline Discs Cosmic Neutron Pilot Putter

streamline discs cosmic neutron pilot putter

This disc golf putter takes pride in being an all-around balanced putter which means that this can be used for both putting and throwing and still get the best results. With a flight rating of Speed -2, Glide – 5, Turn – 0, Fade – 1, I considered this as one of the best approach putter disc golf that I have used. As far as the functionality is concerned, this disc putter is fine in terms of giving the comfort you need when used in the game.

What impressed me the most is the quality of this disc golf putter. It is made with premium plastic and comes with two blends, Neutron and Cosmic Neutron. This disc provides stability which is perfect on approach shots or even off the tee. Moreover, the premium finish provides a comfortable grip and helps in creating straight and stable flights.

I tried to use the disc on the field using different types of throwing techniques and I was impressed. With the rating of 0 turns and 1 fade, this disc putter will be good at holding the hyzer angle. Throwing it to the right of the basket, this disc still has enough stability to go back at the center and near the basket. For anhyzer angle, this disc is an excellent choice holding the turn over during the flight but has the 1 fade rating the makes it flat and hit the ground perfectly.

In terms of its physical feature, I feel that any player will like the comfort that the medium depth and small beads of this disc provides. It also has a round nose which added to the comfortability of the disc. This disc is also a slow flyer but it flies straight and glides well which is perfect even for beginners.

However, I have an issue with the burst pattern of the disc which makes it appear cheap. It looks like a wash-out and so plain. I feel that this color design can still be improved by the manufacturer.

  • Made with premium plastic
  • Provides stability which is perfect for tee and approach shots
  • Small bead and medium depth gives comfort to the player
  • Flies straight and glides well
  • Provide nice functionality and a great feel
  • Subpar burst color

3. Discraft Golf Discs Jawbreaker Luna Putter

discraft golf discs jawbreaker luna putters

Luna is the first putter introduced from the collaboration of top disc golfer Paul McBeth and Discraft. It features a combination of jawbreaker plastic and rubber to produce one of the most durable and tacky disc golf putters that I have seen in years. It can be one of the best overstable putter disc golf that can be used on the course.

In terms of its physical features, I like that this putter offers a great feel in your hand. I did not expect the toughness and the tackiness when I first check on it. It is probably due to the melding and firming process of the plastic and the rubber which is the primary material of this disc. I think that the great feel it provides gives anyone the right confidence when putting or making other shots in the field.

Moreover, I will recommend this disc golf putter as a primary putter because it is more overstable compared to the others. If you are a straight putter or a little bit of a hyzer push putt, then this will be a great partner for you in the field. Furthermore, if you like a beadless and low-glide disc, this disc will be a great fit for you.

The Discraft Luna Disc Golf Putter is also a neutral flying putter. It can be your go-to disc in a heavily-wooded field and even open-style courses. The disc will give you more control which allows you to take on any angle shots which gives you the chance to maximize your full potential.

The only downside to this product is when playing in a dirty field. It will make it very slick and will be hard to grip which means you need to wipe it off constantly.

  • Provides durability and tackiness
  • Offers a great feel in your hand
  • Beadless and low-glide disc
  • Allows you to take more control of your shots
  • Ability to resist high-speed turn
  • Difficult to grip when having dirt

4. Westside Discs VIP Harp Putter

westside discs vip harp putter

If you are looking for the best driving putter disc golf to be added to your bag, I will highly recommend this disc putter from Westside Discs. With the flight rating of Speed – 4, Glide – 3, Turn – 0, Fade – 3, this disc can withstand any type of weather conditions in the field. It’s an overstable putt and approach disc that comes with an ultra-flat top which is best for straight drives.

What I am impressed the most with this disc is its ability to provide a great feel in your hand. I think that this will be a great fit not only for putters but for midrange shots as well. The depth suits a putter but the rim has the traits of a midrange disc. The bead of this disc is pretentious, meaning it feels good when your comfortable with it but you will not feel it directly if you preferred beadles’ disc.

Furthermore, it is made with premium plastic which makes it more reliable and overstable. This means that you can throw these discs for a long time and will never develop any turn too quickly. For me, this is a good go-to approach disc as it can hold any type of speed and still has the ability to hyzer. Meanwhile, for lower arms speed, this can still be the most dependable and approach disc you can use.

I also like that this disc has some translucent and semi-transparent properties. It looks good as it adds to the comfort of your hand but still not loses its durability. It will a reliable disc that you can always depend on when you are putting or making other shots.

The only issue with this disc is it does not go very far. You need to gauge the amount of power you need to get the distance you desired but you need to have more effort to get the distance you desired.

  • Provides a reliable flight
  • Great approach disc
  • Made with super-durable and premium plastic
  • Has the ability to hold in the wind
  • Provides a good grip and great fell in the hands
  • It does not go very far

5. Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Putter

innova dx aviar putt and approach putter

It is a fun fact that most of the experienced disc golfer at least used an Aviar in their hands at some point. The Aviar from Innova is one of the original molds that was first released in 1984 and up to this day is still relevant among proffesional disc golfer and amateurs alike. The best Aviar putter has been stable to all players regardless of playing levels. After all, it is considered the most popular putter in the world.

In terms of its physical attributes, this is a beadless putter that gives you a nice feel at the bottom if you do not like a disc with beads. It is a dependable putter that comes with neutral stability and glide. This is a disc that can keep its line as you throw it straight to the target. With a flight rating of Speed – 2, Glide – 3, Turn – 0, Fade – 1, it provides versatility and dependability in different conditions.

I like the ability of this disc in giving any player that chance to throw it while giving them a true flight. It can also handle power in the throw as it turns a little bit more if you release it with more force. The most important thing is to develop a throwing technique that can match the qualities that this disc is giving you. It will increase the chance of producing the best results while upgrading your putting skill.

Overall, I like the feeling that this best Innova putter instills in the hands of the player. It will bring a lot of confidence as it fits the hands with ease. I also like the durability and the flexibility in terms of using it from the tee going to the basket. This disc is the best option for you for a putter and approach disc.

The only issue I have with the disc is its weight. I feel that it’s too light and does not do well when it is windy on the ground.

  • Offers versatility and dependability in different level conditions
  • Provides a great fit and instill confidence in the hands
  • Promotes a great feel for the hand
  • Provides reliability which is best for beginners
  • Offers great durability
  • Too light
  • Unable to handle windy conditions

6. Gateway Wizard Disc Golf Putter

gateway wizard disc golf putter

This disc golf putter is also one of the most popular putters among disc golf practitioners. It offers a lot of different plastic blends and is good for putting and approach shots. This is an overstable disc that provides the best feel in the hands of the player and provides the best result.

This is a classic beaded putter which is great for people who want this type of design in the disc. The bead is large which fits well with the ring finger and I know that a lot of people like the traditional beaded putter feel that it brings. I also like the feel of this putter in the hands as it brings comfort to the player. It is actually a pretty rigid and stiff plastic that provides a nice feel in the hands.

When used in the field, I like this disc’s ability to fly straight into the basket. It also handles the wind well which is a good option if you are facing windy conditions. I also like the versatility of this product as it can handle long and short putts, approach shots, and even short drives. It also provides stability and you will never have to worry about flipping it too much because it can fly straight overall.

This is a good option for you off the tee and taking approach shots as well. This is not a gliding disc but flies pretty when thrown with power especially on drive type throw. But the best use of this is to use it inside the circle for your putting. It is straight and stable and will give you the chance to hit the basket.

The downside of this product is the availability of the colors. You may not receive the color you want once you purchased it.

  • Best for putting and approach shots
  • Handles the wind nicely
  • Provides versatility in using different shots
  • Ability to fly straight
  • Provides stability
  • Unavailability of colors

7. MVP Disc Sports Cosmic Electron Atom Putter

mvp disc sports cosmic electron atom putters

If you are looking for the best disc golf putter for push putting, then you might consider this disc from Atom. This disc putter is considered a straight flyer and offers a lot of potential off the tee and long approach shots. But the disc features the best stability with a little bit of fade which is good for a player if he develops a throwing technique with this disc.

This disc is specially formulated with putters. Its flight is characterized by a straight stable flight with a late subtle fade before hitting the ground. With a flight rating of Speed – 3, Glide – 3, Turn – 0.5, and Fade – 0, it provides the player a perfect control as it flies straight into the target. Another attribute of this disc putter the large plate and the narrow wing design. I feel that this disc will provide a long gliding line.

The MVP is using mid-grade and soft plastic but has several patterns and available colors. It provides a great feel in the hands but is not made for long velocity shots. This disc was specially formulated for putters and it works best at it.

The only issue I see in the product is the quality of the color. It has the tendency to fade fast in a short time. The company might improve this slight issue.

  • Provides neutral stability
  • Great straight flyer
  • Gives the player the perfect control
  • Available in a different color
  • Provides a good grip to the hands
  • Subpar color quality

8. Axiom Discs Electron Firm Envy Putter

axiom discs electron firm envy putter

The Axiom Envy is relatively new in the Axiom line of the disc. It is made to be the first putt and approach disc that offers a slower but overstable even at high speeds. It also provides a dependable drop which for me is great. It is a great option for you if you want to develop and be the best putters that you can be.

This disc golf putter is made with baseline plastic. It provides durability but is less flexible as it was formulated for putters. For me, I like the appearance and overall it is a great looking disc that provides the best feel in your hands. It is also not slippery which is good in terms of getting a better grip when throwing the shot.

What I like best about this disc is it holds the line very well and it fades smoothly going down the ground. It is definitely good to use it on approach shots aside from putting. You can also use this for short straight drives provided that you know the technique that will match its flight rating of Speed – 3, Glide – 3, Turn – 0, Fade – 2.

The only issue I see in the disc is you might not get the color you wanted. The color availability varies upon purchase.

  • Provides stability at high speeds
  • Comes with a dependable drop
  • Has a beefier and thicker wing
  • Ability to hold its line and fade smoothly
  • Brings consistency to the putting
  • Inability to choose colors of your choice

What is the Best Golf Putter?

best putters for beginners

In so many years of playing disc golf, I’ve seen newbie players always made a mistake in choosing their disc golf disc putter. A lot of times they tend to copy and buy the disc that was being used by their more successful friends and competitors. Others are buying the same disc that the professionals or their idols are using which for me is not the best way to go.

For me, the best approach in choosing your best disc golf putter is to find the right one that meets your standard and skills.

A disc that will create a certain connection between you and your skills as a player especially if you are new. After all, the performance of the disc largely depends on the player who is throwing it. The most important factor is that the disc should feel good in your hands to come up with the best and cleanest release during the game.

Another factor that may affect your decision in choosing the best disc golf putter is how it is made physically. In fact, a lot of disc golf putter tend to differ in their physical qualities. Some players like their putter deep and some others like it more shallow. Other players performed better with beaded discs while others like throwing with the unbeaded ones.

In general, in choosing the best disc golf putter, the disc you choose should feel good in your hands so that you will feel comfortable throwing it.

Facts to Know about Disc Golf Putter

They say that disc golf putting is one of the most important skills to learn when playing the game and I certainly agree. The fact that you are putting in every home unless you make a long shot earlier than expected. But before going deep into the topic, let us learn some facts about disc golf putter that I want you to know. Check the list below.

  • Since putters are made for short distances, they are more stable and straight and do not need a lot of power from the player to achieve the maximum distance and good form.
  • While every disc turn, putter do not move very much which means they are much easier to control in terms of aiming for the landing angle and speed.You do not need much arm power to throw a putter which means it is easy to control while keeping ot flying to your exact target.
  • In general, all putters fly the same under 7 meters. Some may flip or some will resist headwinds better but under the 7-meter distance, they are flying the same ways regardless of types and brands.
  • After the 7-meter distance, the disc will show its true nature. Right after 10 meters, you will observe significant deviations in the flight path between different putter types.
  • Because of this, you need to learn and familiarize yourself to read the numbers found in the disc. These numbers are the ratings of the disc in terms of its speed, glide, turn, and fade.

How to Choose a Disc Golf Putter

best approach putter disc golf

As a newbie, choosing the right disc golf putter will be determined by several factors. All of these factors are connected with you and your skills as a player as you try to choose the right disc putter to be used in the game.

Choosing with Your Personal Preference

As I mentioned earlier, choosing the disc putter of your choice will largely depend on how it feels in your hand. It all boils down to the comfortability of the disks when being used. The comfort and how it feels can be affected by the physical attributes of the disc such as its wing shape and depth. There are also disc putters that come with beads and some do not have one. Some have much thinner while others have domey shaped. All of these physical attributes can affect the comfortability of the disc in your hands and will also affect the quality of the flight when thrown during the game.

Another factor that would affect your personal preference is the style of your putting. Whether your specialty is using a push or a spin putting or the hybrid sploosh putting, you need to select a disc that would fit and works best with your style preference. For example, if you are a player who wants to “fly” the disc in the basket, then you will need a putter with more glide and understable. Meanwhile, if you are someone who likes to huk your putter in the basket, then you should lean on an overstable disc as your preferred choice.

All the factors mentioned above have one way or the other affect how the disc gold putter feels in your hand. When choosing the right disc for you, you must consider the feel of the plastic in your hands while giving comfort to you when throwing the disc.

Choosing Between Hard or Soft Putter

When choosing your disc golf putter, you will ultimately choose between hard or soft putters. For most players who use the push putter style, the hard putter is their preference because this type of disc does not flex much and the transfer of energy is much better compared to a softer disc when being release with less spin. Meanwhile, most spin putters preferred the softer disc because it gives an extra spin and the force is dissipated by the chains because of the extra friction. The soft putter also tends to flex a bit more during impact to catch far better.

Meanwhile, a hard putter performs better in a windy situation because it does not flex as much. The soft putter, on the other hand, will give a much better grip and provide a better grabbing on the right-side chain. This is because a soft putter creates more friction in surfaces they came in contact with.

Disc Weight and Wind Condition

The weight and the wind condition in the ground can also affect the choice of the disc putter. Heavy putters are likely will be less affected by the wind compared to the light ones. But, the disc with maximum weight makes it a little bit harder to get up to speed when it takes flight. Moreover, heavy putters are good at staying in the chains but if you plan on driving or approach, it will be best for you to start with a lighter disc especially if you are just a newbie.

In general, those discs with maximum weight tends to minimize the wind effect. If you are a newbie, a child, or a woman, my suggestion is for you to use the disc that is not more than 170 and not below 160.

Plastic Type Preference (Premium or Base Plastic?)

The type of plastic that that disc is made of can also influence our preferred disc putter. Some companies use premium plastics while others use base plastic during the manufacturing process. It makes a difference in terms of making the disc feels good in the hand and provide a better grip. If you find the disc that has this type of comfort to you, I would suggest to buy it immediately for your usage.

Premium plastics have a better appearance and do not beat up easily as time goes by. Disc made with premium plastic has a more reliable flight shape over a long time. It is also more durable and can withstand harder and farther throws even if it hits trees or find other mishaps outside circle two. Meanwhile, baseline plastics tend to provide a better grip and comes with a more reasonable price which means you can buy more at your convenience.

Through the years, I have tried putting premium and baseline plastics from different companies and I have settled on softer blends of baseline discs. I like the extra grip it provides while for driving putters, I would prefer premium because of the durability it provides.

Give it a Try

After you find a disc putter whom you feel is the right one, the best thing to do is try it out. If you are not hitting them at first, no worries because it will take some time. Remember that each putter flies differently and you must figure out which disc you like and feels comfortable with. Once you choose the one, it’s time to learn how to throw it the right way.

Putting is a unique skill in disc golf and is the most player-specific part of the game because every player has his distinct putting style. For example, let’s make up an imaginary foursome and see their putting style:

  • Player 1 likes his putting using an understable disc that flips up to fly straight so he can putt on a bit of a hyzer to glide it straight in.
  • Player 2 likes to putt it with an overstable putter with a consistent finish, so he putts to the right of the basket, and let the disc carves its path the same way every time.
  • Player 3 likes it to put with a much heavier overstable putter that can withstand the wind, so he pushes the disc towards the band and let it drop in by its weight.
  • Player 4 likes to putt with a straight low-glide putter, so he snaps his wrist and spins it straight into the basket.

The examples above are just some of the ways to throw a putter and there are other million ways to throw it. Everyone has different ways and styles of putting and most are convinced that theirs is the best. But on the contrary, the best putting style in the world is the one that will help you hit the chains. Each of the putting styles is unique and has its advantages and disadvantages but every style can be worked out and improved during practice.

It is better to start throwing now, make an experiment, and find the disc putter that you like. Through the years of playing the sport, my advice for the new players is to try many different putters and figure out which factors are important to you personally and as a player.


It is a fact that looking for the best disc golf putter can be challenging with all the brands available. The purpose of this review was to give you, our readers the chance to have the right information for you to choose the right one for your skill. Once you choose the right putter, it is time for you to practice consistently to improved your putting skills and your overall capability as a disc golf player.