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Prodigy is a leading disc golf brand based in Dalton, Georgia. They produce high quality discs and disc golf gear. Offering a full line of discs, gear, and plastic types for all disc golfers of all skill levels. This gear is supported and used by some of the worlds top disc golf professionals.

There are two lines of discs produced; their original line which is manufactured in the US, and their Ace Line which is produced overseas in China. Each line has its own set of discs and plastic types unique to that line.

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Prodigy Plastics

Prodigy has two lines of discs: originals and Ace Line. Within each line Prodigy has devised a system to determine the plastic's durability. The original line has an alphanumeric system while the Ace Line follows a more traditional format of naming the plastic.

Ace Line Plastic


BaseGrip plastic is a base plastic that offers a solid stiffness and good grip. Though it is considered to be a base plastic, it is considered to be more durable than most other baseline plastics from other brands. It also has a glow variation.


DuraFlex plastic is a premium plastic that is designed to be very durable. It is a stiff but grippy plastic. Its durability will help keep the disc's original flight path for longer than lesser plastics. This too has a glow variation, allowing for dusk or night time play.

Original Line Plastics

Prodigy's original line of plastics follows a number system to detail the type of plastic rather than a name. The number system isn't an even dispersement of numbers, but as follows: 200, 300, 350, 350G, 400, 400G, 750, and 750G. How the system works is that the lower number is more of a base plastic. The lower plastic offers more grip but less durability. While the 750 will offer less grip but more durability. You may have noticed the "G", this generally denotes a lighter version of that plastic. Discs that come in this plastic usually weigh less than 165g.
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