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In disc golf, finding that perfect mid-range disc is like unlocking a secret level in your game. These aren’t just any discs; they’re your go-to for nailing those tricky shots where drivers are too much and putters just won’t cut it. These discs are your all-stars, perfect for maneuvering through tight spaces or delivering a slick approach shot. They’re not just gear in your bag; they’ve got the potential to become an extension of you on the field. So whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, it’s all about finding that one disc—the one that fits like it was tailored exclusively for your playstyle. And when you do find ‘that’ disc? Well, then magic happens! And it’s not just about having the right tool in your bag—it’s about finding the one that feels like it was made just for you, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for years.

We’ve been out there, just like you, tossing discs, hitting the fairways (and yes, the trees too), and chatting up fellow enthusiasts to figure out which mid-ranges really stand out.  Our picks come from real sweat, some laughs, and a whole lot of throws.  So, if you’re looking to step up your game or just curious about what’s out there, you’re in the right spot.  We’re here to share what we’ve found to be the best of the bunch—the mid-ranges that could give your game that extra edge or just make your next round a little more fun.  Let’s delve into the best disc golf midrange discs:

Top Midrange Comparison Table

Name Flight Rating Type Plastic
Infinite Discs Chariot Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 Stable Variety
Infinite Discs Anubis Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 0 Understable Variety
XCom Eden Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 2 Stable Basic
Divergent Discs Kapre Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -1.5 Fade: 1 Stable Variety
Infinite Discs Ra Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 2.5 Overstable Premium
Divergent Discs Leviathan  Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -4 Fade: 0 Understable Durable
X-Com Griffon Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -2.5 Fade: 0 Understable Basic & Durable
Infinite Discs Inca Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 3 Overstable Durable

Best Mid Range Disc Reviews

1. Infinite Discs Chariot Midrange

This is one of my favorite molds of all time, I absolutely love the Chariot. It is such a versatile disc, it’s awesome. I’ve been able to shape multiple types of shots with this mold. The stability of this disc allows for a variety of shots; from hzyers to anhyzers. It fits very nicely in my hand, all of the plastic types are incredibly comfortable and suitable for any disc golfers needs. I love this disc!

Within my time of using the Chariot, I’ve used this for a large variety of throws. I’ve really enjoyed using it for straight throws, with a little bit of fade at the end. I’ve been able to have this disc keep a slight anhyzer line. It keeps hyzer lines pretty nicely as well. It impresses me with the variability it offers. I enjoy throwing it for a lot of my throws because of its ability to do so many different lines. One of my favorite throws with it is the straight-flying hyzer-flip. This is definitely one of my favorite molds that I recommend regularly.

This mid-range disc golf disc also can get some pretty good distance. It holds any line but can easily be turned over with power. I recommend this disc if you want to learn angle control because it is consistent, reliable, and stable and will fly exactly how you release it.

In terms of its physical feel, I like that the rim is very comfortable in the hands. Whether you have big hands or small hands, you can still power-grip the disc with ease. Also, whatever your throwing preference (backhand or forehand), this disc fits comfortably and works well. It is definitely one of my go-to discs, and it compliments a lot of midranges.

  • Consistent, reliable, and stable disc
  • Highly recommended disc for all skill levels
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Easy to throw
  • Good for practicing angles
  • In I-Blend, it can be on the understable side (which can be nice also – depends on your preference)

2. Infinite Discs Anubis Midrange

This is one of the straightest mid-range discs you can use in the Infinite line. The flight is always reliable, even though it will turn a little bit, it will fade at the end of the flight. If you are a newbie who is looking for a straight flyer mid-range, I would highly recommend this disc.

I also like the versatility of this mid-range disc in terms of performing on different angles. If you throw with either hyzer or anhyzer angles, the disc can hold the angle until the flight is finished to the ground. So this means, once you know how to control it, this disc will be perfect for getting around obstacles. It’s one of the most amazing mid-range discs you can use for shots that need accuracy and distance combined.

Aside from being a straight flyer, this disc is also perfect for hyzer flips to flat shots and it can glide for days. So, it can be helpful on a wooded course with tight lines. Furthermore, you do not need to throw it very hard as it stays on the line and does not move. It is so straight flying, which makes it very accurate for longer shots.

In terms of its physical attributes, this disc is made of transparent and durable plastic which makes it comfortable in the hands. The rim is shaped in such a way that it fits in the hand very nicely. With a pretty moderate dome providing a comfortable grip.

Again, another issue that I found in the disc is the color selection. You will not have a lot of choices upon purchasing as you will have no control over the disc color that will fall into your hands.

  • Straight flyer
  • Ability to hold angles with a little bit of fade
  • Provides accuracy and distance at the same time
  • Made in a variety of plastics from base to premium
  • Provides a comfortable and easy grip
  • Some runs have excess dome

3. XCom Eden Midrange

The “Eden” as this disc is commonly called is the only mid-range disc in the XCom stable category right now. But, it is the company’s answer to all players at any skill level who require a trusted mid-range disc. For me, this is probably one of the best mid-range drivers you can put in the bag as it offers versatility and straight-flying properties in the flight.

Another feature that I like about this disc is that it is a straight flyer. When you throw it on a hyzer release, it will have a little bit of turn. With full power flip up to flat as you will see that it will glide for a long time. You will get more distance because it has that extra speed and the extra distance in it. Meanwhile, on a flat release, it will tend to work to the right a little bit since it is slower compared to other fairway drivers, it didn’t work far to the right as it goes far back to the left to maintain that straight line that I am talking.

Finally, if you are a beginner looking for comfort on the disc, then this is the best mid-range disc for beginners that you can find. The disc is more on the grippy baseline plastic that provides newbies with a comfortable grip even in cold weather. The Eden is not very deep which provides a very good grip to anyone who uses it. The disc has a more pointed rim rather than a rounded rim, providing a better seal in the hand to give the players the confidence they need when throwing on the course.

However, the downside I see in this mid-range disc is that it only comes in base plastic at the moment.

  • Designed to be user-friendly
  • Provides a predictable flight
  • Promotes better grip and comfort
  • Super Cheap $6 Disc
  • Only available in a base-grade plastic

4. Divergent Discs Kapre

The Kapre is a surprisingly great midrange by Divergent Discs. I’ve really enjoyed throwing it around, and love its flight path. It has a little more fade than depicted by the manufacturer. I really enjoyed this flight, it is a staple in the bag. This disc is incredibly reliable, and its stability is excellent. I can trust this to fly straight and end with a healthy fade, I don’t much use this for turnovers or shots like that. It works very nicely for this type of flight, super fun and easy to throw.

For me, this disc just clicks with me as well. I think this is a lot of fun to throw around. I can easily get the distance that I need with this disc, whether that is short or long. Because of this, I use this on a lot of my approach shots. It is excellent for the pretty straightforward approaches, where nothing is in the way. It really is a reliable disc that I enjoy throwing all over the course.

The feel of this disc is fairly comfortable in my hand. The plastic blend of Max Grip has an incredibly grippy feel to it, and a little bit of a rubbery feel. This is a little bit different of a feel of what other disc golf manufacturers’ plastics feel. This is different and some people do not like it, while other people really like it.

I enjoy recommending this mold to individuals, whether they’re just starting or have been playing for a while and want to try something new and different. It is also helpful, that their molds are fairly inexpensive. This may be a little more stable and maybe a little harder for beginners to throw.

  • Ability to take powerful throws with great precision
  • Ability to hold straight lines with a good finishing fade
  • Promotes a comfortable in-hand feel
  • Allows for good distance & control, even in windy conditions
  • Provides stability and more glide than others
  • Plastic feels a little different from other plastics

5. Infinite Discs Ra Midrange

The Infinite Discs Ra is an overstable mid-range disc that was manufactured to handle straight and stable flights while having a reliable fade. This mid-range disc is excellent for players of most skill levels. Whether you are a rookie or a skilled disc golf player, this can be a perfect mid-range disc that must be in your bag.

This disc has a smooth flat top that contributes to its reliability. It will also give the player the ability to control the throw even in difficult windy conditions. This mid-range disc also offers consistency and can also be used as a utility disc if you want to. Overall, this is a perfect disc for a newbie who wants to improve and experiment with overstable discs.

In terms of its physical attribute, this is a beaded disc that comes in premium plastics. This bead increases its durability and ability to hold to its overstability longer. It also provides comfort and a great feel in the hand. It will give the player the much-needed comfort before the throw and the confidence behind the shots. If you want comfort and durability at the same time, then this best midrange disc golf disc is what the doctor ordered for your game.

However, even with the nice design and features, this mid-range disc is still not approved by the PDGA which means it cannot be used in sanctioned tournaments. Despite this, I strongly recommend this to recreational and non-professional players for their mid-ranges.

  • Made in premium plastics
  • Comes in a wide variety of assorted colors
  • Ability to handle power, providing a straight and stable flight
  • Promotes consistency and distance control
  • Some players like a deeper feel

6. Divergent Discs Leviathan Midrange

If you are looking for the best understandable midrange, then this disc from Divergent Discs is the right one for you. This is quite the dynamic midrange disc that can hold straight lines and curves even with minimal fade at the end of the flight. I can say that this disc is one of the easiest discs to throw and turn over.

But what I like best about this midrange disc is that it can hold an anhyzer line in its flight all the way to the ground. During the flight, the disc will give a lot of glides while slowly finishing the flight to the ground with minimal fade. I would suggest this disc for beginners who want to master their straight shots and are determined to have a trusted mid-range in their bags.

I also believe that this midrange disc provides flexibility in different playing situations. I’ve personally employed it both off the tee, in wooded areas, and even for approach shots. Although, it will fade a little at the end of the flight, throwing it hard will make it flip but still hold the line while having a smooth glide towards the end of the flight. To summarize, if you want smoothness and control on your throw or big turnover shots, you can always trust this disc.

Meanwhile, for its physical features, I like the Max Grip plastic which provides a durable base plastic and excellent grip. This type of plastic is strong and can withstand hard impacts on the field and other punishments when being used. When it comes to its feel, the disc is a little bit dome which increases the glide. Overall, it feels great in the hand and should inspire and give confidence, especially to new players.

The only downside I see in this best understable midrange disc golf disc is the size which is slightly smaller compared to the size of the regular disc. I feel that the size can affect the quality of the throw but this is just a personal opinion.

  • Ability to hold curves and lines with a small fade
  • Good for big turnover shots
  • Ability to withstand hard impacts and punishment on the field
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Too Understable for Advanced Players

7. XCom Griffon Midrange

If you are just starting with disc golf, I recommend the XCom Griffon as one of your first midranges. Apart from being included in the X-Com starter set, this disc can fly very straight and is ideal for dealing with courses that have difficult obstacles. I can also say that this disc is perfect for all skill levels, especially on the hyzer and anhyzer drives and its ability to have a predictable straight flight.

The Griffon is low-key an excellent mold! By far, this is an underrated disc for sure. The flight characteristics of this disc are that of an understable midrange. The rim is a comfortable fit in my hand, it is easily controlled. And it works as an excellent disc for a beginner. I can get very straight flights with this, and some pretty nice easy and strong anhyzers. Because of this, I really enjoy throwing the Griffon.

There are a lot of times that I like to use this mold. It’s generally when I need to throw something that is perfectly straight. As the Griffon can fly straight without much effort on my part. Whenever I need a disc to go to the right without much distance, I reach for the Griffon. It can easily maintain a anhyzer line without fading out of it. Basically, I love using this disc for its understandability.

In terms of its physical attributes, the disc offers a good feel in the hand which can contribute heavily to the release. Also, it fits well in the hands which makes it more comfortable when taking the throws. The smooth rim and the consistent release will also help all beginners in having confidence when throwing.

  • Beginner-friendly mid-range disc
  • Best for handling obstacles and trees
  • With a smooth rim, you get a consistent release
  • Good feel in the hand
  • Straight flyer
  • Quite Chalky and not as clean looking in the premium plastic

8. Infinite Discs Inca Midrange

For a disc golfer who is looking for a disc that can handle power and difficult wind conditions, the Infinite Discs Inca should be in his or her bag. This is an overstable midrange disc that provides excellent wind resistance and a predictable fade. Probably one of the most affordable discs is the Infinite Discs Inca, also, this disc is one of the best midrange discs that you can find in the market today.

For me, this is a solid mid-range, which offers a great feel with forehand and backhand approach shots. I have seen this disc handles well with anhyzer once it is needed and can also fly straight with a small fade at the end of the flight. If you have the arm’s strength, this is a perfect fit for you as it demands power in the throws.

I also feel that this disc is great for upshots. Since it’s pretty overstable, it will give the player more control during the throw. If you want the mid-range shots to take flight accurately with a slight hook towards the end of the flight, I would highly recommend the Inca. It is a smooth flyer and a great disc overall.

If you try to inspect its physical attributes, it comes with a bead and an almost flat-top design. It provides a comfortable grip to the hand once in hand. Aside from providing a great feel, it can also give the thrower the confidence and comfort he or she needs while throwing.

The only issue I see in the product is that it is difficult to purchase online during this time of COVID.

  • Ability to handle power and wind
  • Comes with a solid outer rim
  • Provides reliability and minimal fade at the end of the flight
  • Provides comfort and a good grip
  • Good for approach shots
  • Availability is low right now

What is a Midrange Disc?

best mid range disc for beginners

Generally, the mid-range disc is similar to the putter disc when it comes to flight path. The only difference is that the mid-range disc flies farther and has a little more fade at the end of the flight. Although this disc flies farther than the putter disc, it is still shorter when compared to the fairway driver or distance driver disc.

In my years of experience as a disc golfer, the midrange disc will be more useful on intermediate shots. It is far better for a player to throw the disc with normal power or effort rather than powering down a driver. If you try to differentiate it from the other discs, it will all boil down to these three characteristics below:


In terms of size, the midranges are one of the larger discs in all of the disc golf disc types. They are basically larger in diameter compared to the putters which means that the flight has the potential to go a little bit farther. On the other hand, the rim of the midranges is narrow compared to the other types allowing players to have the best grip when throwing.

Typical Distance

I have been mentioning in this review the ability of the midranges to take straight flight, glide, and even shape shots. For this reason, a typical midrange disc has the ability to go inside 300 feet when thrown by the average player. But for the elite one, the midranges can reach as far as 450 feet when being by professional players.

Flight Ratings

When it comes to flight ratings, the midrange disc usually has a speed rating ranging from 2 to 6 which is normal. In terms of glide, the disc normally has a higher rating compared to the other types of disc. To simplify, low-speed rating and high glide generally describe the overall flight rating of the mid-range discs.

Best Midrange Discs by Brand

Midari Midrange DiscAt Discount Disc Golf, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of disc golf brands, catering to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re loyal to a specific brand or exploring your options, our collection of midrange discs is sure to impress. Let’s dive into some of the top picks from our inventory, highlighting what makes each brand and its midranges stand out.

ABC Discs

ABC Discs presents a duo of midrange discs that are notably user-friendly, appealing to a wide range of players. The Mission stands out as a reliable straight flyer, perfect for those precise shots down the fairway. On the other hand, the Flying Squirrel offers a delightful understable option, making it an excellent complement to the Mission for those tricky shots requiring a bit more finesse.

Clash Discs

Clash Discs boasts a quartet of midrange discs, each with its own unique flight characteristics. The lineup, ranked by popularity, begins with the Berry, known for its balanced flight, followed by the Peach and Mango, offering varying degrees of stability. The Peppermint rounds out the selection as a go-to overstable approach disc, favored for its reliability in windy conditions.

Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs caters especially well to beginners, with a selection that includes neutrally straight, overstable, and very understable midranges. The Leviathan leads in sales, offering unmatched understability for those learning the ropes. Close behind, the Kapre and Kataw provide options for those seeking more stability in their mid-game.

Doomsday Discs

Doomsday Discs has quickly become a favorite among disc golf enthusiasts, thanks to its impressive array of midrange discs. The Frag, known for its extreme overstability, tops the sales charts, followed by a diverse lineup including the Desolation, Flat Earth, Despair, Wasteland, Scope, Scavenger, and Crisis, each offering unique flight patterns to enhance any player’s game.

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs offers a comprehensive range of midrange discs, from the neutrally flying, wide-diameter Anubis to the understable Kon Tiki. The Chariot claims the spot as the second most popular, with the Inca, Galleon, and Ra following suit. The Khonsu, their latest release, brings an understable option to the table, reminiscent of the beloved Innova Rollo.

Lone Star Discs

Lone Star is renowned for its rapid expansion of disc molds, and their midrange selection is no exception. The Texas Ranger leads their sales, followed by the BB6, Middy, Harpoon, Walker, Lone Wolf, and BearKat, each designed to offer something unique to the midrange game.

TSA (Thoughtspace Athletics) Mids

Thoughtspace Athletics mids are admired for their artistic stamps and vibrant colors. The Pathfinder emerges as the top choice among both amateurs and professionals, celebrated for its blend of performance and aesthetic appeal.

Viking Midrange Discs

Viking Midranges are headlined by the overstable Loki, a favorite among those who need reliable fade in their midrange shots. The Nordic Warrior and Axe follow, offering players a range of stability options to navigate the course effectively.

Yikun Midrange Discs

Yikun stands out for its extensive selection of understable midrange discs, making it a top choice for players seeking easier-to-throw options. Top sellers include the Yan, Shu, Crossbow, Tomahawk, Kang, Kui, Wings, Zheng, Yao, and Tian Shi, each with unique flight characteristics to suit a variety of playing styles. Shop all Yikun Mids here.

How to Choose Mid-Range Disc

best mid range drivers

Before choosing a midrange disc to use in the game, it is essential to know the different factors that will affect the type of disc you want to use in your game bag. The type of midrange disc can affect your game as well as the weight of the disc. The plastic used in the manufacturing, as well as the durability of the disc, which also affects the quality of its flight; which essentially affects every aspect of your game.

Types of Mid-Range Disc

If you’re new to disc golf and unsure about the different types of mid-range discs, this is your chance to learn about the right ones for your game. Typically, there are three types of mid-range discs:

  1. Stable Mid-Range Disc : Known for straight, accurate flights, offering control. When thrown, it maintains a straight path with minimal turn and a reliable fade as it slows, essentially balancing its turn and fade.
  2. Overstable Mid-Range Disc : This disc fades significantly at the end of its flight, requiring strategic planning for each throw.
  3. Understable Mid-Range Disc : Ideal for turnover shots, it reacts sensitively to speed, offering more flight versatility.

Having at least one of each type in your bag allows for straight shots or controlled turns. Remember, the kind of plastic you’re dealing with can play a big role in determining your disc’s stability. It’s more than just picking up any disc and throwing it – each shot gets shaped by the properties of its material. A good understanding of this nuance could give you that extra edge on the course.

Players may prefer one type over others based on their style and the course. When you’re tackling a technical course, it’s all about precision. So pick out a disc that you can handle with ease. You need to know your throw will land just where you want it every time because control is the name of the game here. After all, isn’t accuracy what makes or breaks your performance on these courses? Think smart and choose wisely! For beginners, a stable to slightly overstable disc with predictable fade, decent glide, and a speed rating of 4-5 is advisable, requiring less power. Quality plastic is recommended for durability and performance.

Practice is key. If you can make an understable mid-range fly straight, you’re progressing. Regular practice with a variety of discs will improve your game.

Weight of Mid-Range Disc

The disc’s weight affects your game, depending on arm strength, technique, and desired flight path. Your disc’s weight isn’t the only thing you’ve got to consider – wind plays a role too. When the breeze picks up, it can make or break your game depending on what you’re throwing. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between weight and wind for maximum control.

  • Lighter Weights : Easier to throw hard but more sensitive to form and wind, offering better glide and usually less stability.
  • Heavier Weights : More control and less affected by wind, better for accuracy over distance, especially useful in windy conditions.

As a seasoned player, I recommend heavier weights for mid-range accuracy. Stability varies by player, so find what works for you.

Plastic / Durability

Disc plastic affects stability, flight path, and longevity. Harder plastics offer more stability and durability, maintaining the flight path longer, while softer plastics may become less stable over time. Choose based on your preference for stability and feel.


Without a doubt, the best midrange disc can help elevate your game to the next level. Constantly working on your throwing form  will come a long way in the development of your skills and abilities as a disc golfer. Keep on practicing and working on your technique while using the right disc to be able to be the best player that you can be out on the course.