The Best Tomahawk Discs for 2021

best tomahawk disc

When playing disc golf, it is normal that you will encounter challenges such as obstacles, corridors, and other hazards on the field. This type of situation needs a throw such as a “tomahawk” or “thumber” and the best tomahawk disc or best thumber disc. The tomahawk shot, if learned and familiarized provides accuracy and reliability […]

Leopard vs Leopard3 – Comparing Famous Fairway Drivers

leopard vs leopard3

Over the years, Innova has put out some of the best discs in the world. Its tendency for innovation is surprisingly consistent. In this post, I will examine two of Innova’s most well-known fairway drivers. This is a comparison between Leopard vs Leopard3. I will discuss their ratings and dimensions. Then I will compare their […]