Roc vs Roc3 vs Buzzz – Comparing the Best Mid-Range Discs

roc vs roc3 vs buzzz

There are a lot of discs available to disc golfers. Among the four types of discs – putters, mid-range, fairway drivers, and distance drivers – each has different ratings, models, and makes. In this post, I will compare the three most common mid-range discs: Roc vs Roc3 vs Buzzz. I will examine their differences, similarities, […]

How to Get Sponsored in Disc Golf (Step-by-Step)

how to get sponsored in disc golf step-by-step

Professional sports, in general, is a fickle game. Success in the realm of athleticism doesn’t just require skills. In the modern-day, sponsorship is critical for up-and-coming players. Disc golf in particular is gaining popularity worldwide. As such, organizations or businesses are open to sponsoring exceptional disc golfers. Amateurs may wonder how to get sponsored in […]