Roc vs Roc3 vs Buzzz – Comparing the Best Mid-Range Discs

roc vs roc3 vs buzzz

There are a lot of discs available to disc golfers. Among the four types of discs – putters, mid-range, fairway drivers, and distance drivers – each has different ratings, models, and makes. In this post, I will compare the three most common mid-range discs: Roc vs Roc3 vs Buzzz. I will examine their differences, similarities, […]

Keystone and Discount Disc Golf Merger!

We are excited to announce that Discount Disc Golf and Keystone Disc Golf are combining forces for an even better consumer experience! This merger provides several advantages to both parties. We will use the domain name of for all future information and articles. Our current Keystone fans and followers will still to get the […]

How to Get Sponsored in Disc Golf (Step-by-Step)

how to get sponsored in disc golf step-by-step

Professional sports, in general, is a fickle game. Success in the realm of athleticism doesn’t just require skills. In the modern-day, sponsorship is critical for up-and-coming players. Disc golf in particular is gaining popularity worldwide. As such, organizations or businesses are open to sponsoring exceptional disc golfers. Amateurs may wonder how to get sponsored in […]