7 Discs for the Price of 1 – Why Pay More?

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As I was reviewing our online orders from last night, I stumbled upon a remarkable purchase: a savvy customer had managed to snag 14 high-quality disc golf discs for just $52.48, shipping included! That works out to merely $3.74 per disc.

Here at Discount Disc Golf, our prices are the lowest you’ll find online, but through a combination of daily deals, sale items, and bulk discounts, this savvy shopper optimized their savings to an incredible extent. We take pride in offering the most competitive prices and best deals on the web—it’s a win-win for smart shoppers like you.

Reflecting on Rising Prices in the Disc Golf Market

Recently, the Trilogy brands including Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs have implemented a price increases. For perspective, purchasing just two standard discs from these brands at most retailers could cost you as much as our customer spent on 14 discs!

For example:

  • A regular Latitude 64 Royal Grand disc now carries an MSRP of $25.99.
  • Even a simple Zero Line putter is listed at $15.49.

These prices are nearly seven times what our customer paid by taking advantage of our special offers at Discount Disc Golf.

Across the Board Price Hikes

It’s not just the Trilogy brands; other major players like Kastaplast, Discmania, Discraft, and MVP are listing their standard discs for over $20 each. Even more specialized options like tour series discs, which support professional players, from companies such as Innova, Lone Star, and Infinite Discs regularly exceed this price point.

Why Choose Discount Disc Golf?

With the trend of rising prices, Discount Disc Golf continuously strives to buck this by lowering our prices even further on promotional and clearance items. Here, you have the freedom to choose: Would you rather have a stack of 14 versatile discs or just a couple from the latest lines for the same price?

If your strategy is to maximize the quantity and variety of your gear with cheap discs, make Discount Disc Golf your go-to source. Make it a habit to swing by every day; you won’t want to miss the incredible deals we’ve got lined up! When you shop wisely, not only do you end up with more choices in your bag but also extra cash in your pocket for a few additional rounds of the sport we’re all crazy about.