Divergent Discs – Brand of the Week

This week’s featured brand is Divergent Discs—a beacon of uniqueness in the homogenized world of disc golf. Unlike their competitors, who tailor their discs to seasoned pros (because apparently, they need all the help they can get), Divergent focuses on the fresh faces, the weekend warriors, and the folks who think “hyzer flip” is a […]

Evolution of Disc Golf Equipmment – Disc Golf History

  When you play a round of disc golf, you likely aren’t paying much attention to the equipment you are using. You may not know it but the disc you are throwing and the basket you are trying to hit are actually the end result of a lot of change that has taken place in […]

20 Ways to Use Your DDG Savings

What to do with all the savings from Discount Disc Golf

A common conundrum our customers face is figuring out how to spend the surplus cash they’ve accumulated thanks to the substantial savings from shopping at Discount Disc Golf. We get it; it’s a tough dilemma to have. With discs so cheap you can dip your dog in them you’re likely swimming in excess cash. But […]