2022 Ideas for Disc Golf Christmas Gifts

Its pretty exciting that the holidays are just around the corner. Hopefully the Holidays brings time to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. Additionally, it is also a time of giving gifts. Within this blog we will detail some disc golf Christmas gifts which you can give to your favorite disc golfer.

The products below are some of the best selling items from this entire year. As such, they ‘otta make the best gifts for disc golfers.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes are an excellent Christmas gift idea. These offer a large breadth of disc options; varying in disc type, plastic type, and in brand. Additionally, there are varying sizes, giving you an option that may fit into your budget. Giving you a disc golf Christmas present that suits your disc golfer. These are excellent options if your disc golfer is unsure as to exactly what they want. Or if you want to offer an excellent surprise! These are by far the best disc golf Christmas gifts that we have to offer, and also some of the most unique disc golf gifts out there. Check out the options below:

Disc Golf Mystery Budget Box – $28.99

This is the most popular mystery box of them all, it offers 5 discs at the lowest price ever. It features at least one putter, one midrange, and two drivers; with another putter, midrange, or driver. This provides a variety of discs to try out, flight paths, and plastics. Helping your disc golfer learn more as to what kind of disc suits them best! The discs included in this set will all be base plastic, which is excellent for putters, approach discs, and midranges. But, it may not be the best for drivers as they can take on more damage and may not last as long in a base plastic. Regardless of this, base plastic is an excellent way to try out new discs.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Jr. – $38.99

The Mystery Deals Box Jr. is a close second best selling mystery boxes that we offer. This offers the same disc mold variety as the budget box does, however, two of the discs will be in a premium plastic. The benefit of the premium plastic is that it will last a long time, it can withstand the rigors of course obstacles. This box offers excellent variety in a larger breadth of plastic types. Giving a great taste of different plastics and molds, helping anyone find something that they enjoy

Disc Golf Mystery Box XL – $109.99

This mystery box is huge, and it isn’t our largest one either, giving you 12 discs. You’ll get at least two putters, three midranges, and seven drivers. All of the drivers will come in premium plastic. While the putters and midranges will come in a premium or midgrade plastic. Giving you an excellent plastic for your putters and approach shots. Midgrade plastic is a blend that usually offers excellent grip and better durability than the base grade plastic. People like this for their putters and/or the approach discs (throwing putters and midranges). Because of this, this box offers an ideal selection of discs and plastics . Not to mention the large variety of discs.

There are a handful of other mystery boxes that we offer. Those can be seen here. There is a box that offers a variety of putters (great for those who want to try out new putters), larger boxes, and glow boxes. There is even a massive mystery box that comes with a huck pack and 15 discs! I’m sure that there is a disc golf mystery box that will suit your disc golfer’s desires. If you want to read a further in depth review on some of our disc golf mystery boxes, check out this blog post from Disc Golf Reviewer.

Build Your Own Deals Box

30 percent off bulk disc golf packThese deals boxes were added to our product catalog late in the year. Despite this, they have rapidly become one of the best selling items on our site. They offer the ability to buy multiple discs of your choosing at a discounted price! Who wouldn’t love that? The gist of this product is that you can chose 5, 9, or 18 individual discs. And then, those discs are discounted by 15%, 20%, or 30% (depending on which set you go for). The discs that are included in the selection are any of the discs that are in stock in our entire store. Offering you the ability to get a great deal on discs that you want, making these bundles such great gifts for disc golf players.

Build Your Own Deals Box (5 Discs) – starting at $34.39

Take the mystery away and build your own Deals Box! You can select from a variety of discs to buy a bundled deal at a big discount! It’s as simple as choosing your discs and checking out with your very own curated Deals Box! This bundle gives you 5 discs at a 15% discount beyond our normal ‘lowest on the internet’ prices.

Build Your Own Deals Box (18 Discs) – starting at $101.85

Take the mystery away and build your own Deals Box! You can select from a variety of discs to buy a bundled deal at a big discount! It’s as simple as choosing your discs and checking out with your very own curated Deals Box! An 18 Disc Deals Box will give you 30% off!

Beginner Disc Golf Set

Do you have a family member or friend that is thinking about joining in the disc golf endeavors? Well starter sets are an excellent option for them. These offer a handful of discs at a fraction of the cost than if you were to buy them individually. Some of our best sellers have come with three discs and some will come with eight. Some sets even include a disc golf bag! For the most part, these include all the necessary items that you need to start playing disc golf. Check out the available options:

Divergent Discs 3 Disc Max Performance Starter Set– $19.79

This is our most popular set that we sell. With good reason too, it includes the Basilisk, Kapre, and Nuno. The Basilisk is a distance driver that is designed specifically for the beginner. It is easy to throw and provide good distance. The Kapre and the Nuno were also designed for the new disc golfer. As an individual gets better and improves their form, they will find that the Basilisk may be harder to control and throw than when they had started off. However, the Kapre and the Nuno will continue to be excellent discs to use even as skills improve.

Divergent Discs 3 Disc Glow in the Dark Disc Golf Set – $25.19

The Glow set from Divergent Discs is an awesome set as well. This is one of my favorites, as it offers discs in a glow plastic. This set gives an individual a Kraken, Kapre, and Nuno. These molds are excellent for a beginner, they are easy to throw and can be used even beyond the beginner skillset. The Max Grip Glow plastic offers solid grip, its comfortable and tacky!

Infinite Discs 3 Disc Starter Set – $26.99

Infinite Discs provides a premium starter set filled with some of my favorite discs on the market today. The Sphinx is an excellent fairway driver, I love driving with it and shaping shots with it. Basically it is a great disc to have, regardless of skill. The Anubis is a very straight flying midrange. In addition to its straight flying tendencies, this is a really easy disc to throw. While the Alpaca is just loved by so many people, it is easy to throw and it is versatile. People use this as a putter and as a thrower. Point is, this set offers excellent discs.

Viking Discs 8 Disc Tournament Set – $86.26

This set of eight discs is more geared towards the intermediate to advance players. Featuring a healthy mix of Viking Discs in Armor and Storm plastic. It includes Knife, Loki, Fenrir, and Odin – all in Storm plastic. Additionally, the set includes Thor, Warrior, Barbarian, and Valhalla – all in Armor plastic. These discs do cater to more skilled player, as they are a little harder to throw. All of these discs are pretty great flyers as well. I’ve enjoyed throwing most of these discs around, some offer a overstable flight and others are more controllable. Definitely worth it to get this set for your more seasoned disc golfer, as it is a great way to step up their game.

Divergent Discs 8 Disc Set with Bag – $69.99

This is probably my most favorite set of them all. This set comes with so many discs, and a bag. One of the things that I love about Divergent Discs is that they focus on the recreational player and beginner, designing discs that are easy to throw. All of their discs are easy to throw, and glide effortlessly! This set comes with eight discs: Basilisk, Lawin, Minotaur, Kraken, Leviathan, Kapre, Nuno, and Narwhal. These are all in Max Grip, an excellent plastic that offers good durability and grip. The bag that comes in this is an excellent beginner bag, holding around 10 discs. Making this a great bag to have to start off. The Divergent Discs 8 Disc Set with Bag truly comes with all that you need and more to start playing disc golf.

Single Discs for Disc Golf Christmas Gifts

This is probably one of the most affordable options available for a disc golf Christmas present. This can range from about $8 all the way up to around $20. It all depends on the manufacturer and the plastic type which you purchase. The general rule of thumb is that base grade plastic will be the most affordable, generally speaking around $8. This plastic blend offers good grip, but easily shows wear and tear. Making this plastic excellent for putters and midranges and for trying out new discs. While the more premium is the most costly plastic blend, as is with all things. It is more costly because the plastic blend offers good grip, but lasts a long time. It doesn’t beat up all that easy. And for this reason, this plastic blend is generally better suited for midranges and drivers.

We’ve gathered the list of our best selling single discs, just to give you an idea of which ones may be good for a disc golf holiday gift, check them out below:

Excellent for all Skill Levels

Viking Discs Rune – starting at $8.99

The Viking Discs Rune is a pretty straight flying putter. It is real popular as well. As it fits comfortably in the hand, it is easy to control, and works well for putting or for throwing. I’ve used this putter many times, and it is reliable! This comes in a variety of plastics, ranging from base to premium blends. Helping you to have the right plastic blend for the job that you want it for: putting or throwing with power. In addition to being able to buy this in a single, you can also purchase it in a 10 pack – great if you want a lot of Runes for practice.

Infinite Discs Alpaca – starting at $7.49

This is probably my most favorite putter that has ever been made. It has a comfortable profile, rim depth, and a very reliable flight path. I like this disc for putting as well as for throwing. It is quite impressive how versatile this putter is, it helps that it comes in a large variety of plastics. You can get this in base plastic, midgrade, and premium plastic. So whether you need it for putting, approaches, or drives; you’ll be able to get it in a plastic that offers the attributes you need.

Best for Beginner Players

Viking Discs Cosmos – starting at $15.29

The Cosmos is a point and shoot kinda disc, offering very little fade at the end and great glide. Because of these attributes, this makes for an excellent mold for the beginner. It proves to be easy to throw and control. This kind of disc is also helpful for the beginner as it will show the individual how they release the disc. The Cosmos will hold most any line, so if you release it with an anhyzer angle it will hold that angle, the same can be said for hyzer angles, and flat releases. Because of this, the individual will have an easier time seeing if they release the disc on the angle that they intend. Where other discs will tend to do their natural thing and make it difficult to determine the release angle.

Infinite Discs Sphinx – $12.59

I absolutely love the Sphinx, it is a blast to throw and probably one of the molds that I find that can suit so many people. It works well in the hands as a beginner because of its easy to throw tendencies. Proving a means to greater distance and easy glide than other molds. While for the more skilled player, they’ll find that it works as an excellent controllable disc. Capable of big turnover lines or hyzer flips. This is a great disc to have to start off as you can find use for it as your skill improves. Definitely a solid disc golf Christmas gift.

RPM Discs Piwakawaka – starting at $16.19

This Piwakawaka is an incredible mold by RPM. It is an absolute joy to throw, capable of so many lines. In addition to that, it just glides for days, such a good mold. First of all, this mold is easy to throw. Making it a great disc for someone who is just starting off, helping them to achieve greater distance than before. Because of this, it will work wonderfully as a distance driver in the beginning. As their form improves, they’ll be able to use this mold for different shots as well. For the more skilled player this can be used for distance still, hyzer flips, and turnover shots. Basically RPM has made a well rounded mold that is usable by so many individuals!

Perfect for Intermediate to Advance Disc Golfers

Infinite Discs Pharaoh – starting at $12.59

The Pharaoh is loved by so many people, it isn’t a surprise that this is among the best sellers our website has seen. People of a large skillset love this mold. The beginner who is starting to throw faster speed discs can have great success with this, and the advanced player can find some excellent distance with this mold. Because of its ability to be a formidable distance driver in the hands of so many, this for sure would make an excellent disc golf present for your disc golfer.

Viking Discs Odin – starting at $10.79

This is a pretty cool and interesting distance driver. This provides a good dependable flight. Now this disc will fly differently dependent upon which plastic you get this mold in. Normally there is a slight difference between plastic types, however, the Odin it is quite the difference. The Odin in Armor plastic will be easier to throw than the Odin in Storm plastic. So, if you want a disc that is more controllable and gives good distance, get the Odin in Armor. If you need something that can handle a powerful throw, then you should get the Odin in Storm plastic. Either way, this is an a popular mold and makes for a great disc golf gift idea for your loved one.

Disc Golf Bag for Disc Golf Christmas Gifts

One of the things that all disc golfers need at some point in their disc golf journey is a disc golf bag. That is why a disc golf bag makes for an excellent Christmas present! Here are some of our favorite, and best selling disc golf bags. Hopefully one of them will work well for your disc golfer’s need and make them happy upon opening on of these disc golf Christmas gifts. Check them out below:

Easy Bag – $9.89

This simple bag is a good starter bag. It holds around 10 discs, and provides an affordable bag. If all that is needed is just to hold some discs, this is the bag. This will work for the casual/recreational disc golfer, or as a travel bag. Check it out, it makes for a good disc golf Christmas present.

Huck Pack – $32.39

The Huck Pack is a wonderful backpack type disc golf bag. It is comfortable to wear, and it’ll hold 16-18 discs in the main compartment. All the while capable of holding two 32oz water bottles, and some other disc golf necessities. Making an excellent bag upgrade from a starter bag, or for a first time bag. People have loved this bag, and your disc golfer will love it also!

Power Pocket – $39.59

This is an interesting disc golf bag. It is a top seller in disc golf cart accessories. This increases the amount of discs that are easily accessible on the disc golf cart from the typical 2 discs to 8-12 discs. As we all know, most any disc golfer can always use more disc while out on the disc golf course. The Power Pocket is definitely is the best putter pouch for a disc golf cart.

Discount Disc Golf Gift Cards

And if you are unsure as to whether one of the above disc golf Christmas gifts is a good fit for your disc golfer, you can always get them a gift card to Discount Disc Golf. This will allow your player to chose the specific thing that they would want. And this makes it so that both parties are happy! You get to give an excellent gift, and the receiver gets to chose exactly what they want

Concluding of Discount Disc Golf’s Disc Golf Christmas Gifts

Hopefully this season brings you some good times, and happy days. In addition to these disc golf gift ideas, you can parous our website for many other disc golf items. If it is disc golf related, I’m sure that your disc golfer will appreciate the gift regardless. After all, we all enjoy getting things that pertain to our hobbies. Thanks for reading, and I hope that this disc golf Christmas gifts blog has helped you discover some gift ideas for your disc golfer.