Best Small Disc Golf Brands

Best small disc golf brands

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 09:31 pm

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There are numerous disc golf brands today, encompassing a range of new and small brands. But which one is considered the best small disc golf brand?
The criteria for a good disc golf brand vary based on personal preference. Factors to consider include price, the quality of the plastic, the design of the discs, and most crucially — how the discs perform for you.
While we can’t pinpoint the best disc golf brand for you, we can identify the most popular ones. Big brands like Discraft and Innova are generally the most well-known, but here at Discount Disc Golf, we specialize in affordable discs. Typically, the less expensive discs are produced by smaller disc golf companies striving to make their mark. These companies often have limited marketing budgets, which restricts their ability to invest in professional players and advertising to enhance their brand recognition. The key to success for these smaller brands lies in the quality of their plastic. Their popularity grows based on the performance of their discs and the word-of-mouth recommendations from disc golfers who share their positive experiences with friends.

Most Popular Disc Golf Brands of 2023

As a disc and disc golf brand gain popularity, consumers actively seek them out. For this article, we will determine the best small disc golf brands based on Google searches. Google offers a useful tool that shows the relative number of searches for each term. We will use specific brand names for our search, and will only include those brands that we actually sell.

Most Popular Medium Disc Golf Brands

First we will examine the “medium sized” disc golf brands. I consider medium sized brands those that actually have a marketing budget and sponsor professional disc golfers. There are four different companies that all have similar search volume.

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Topping the list, with an impressive Google search score of 35, are Lone Star Discs and Prodigy Discs. Both brands have carved out a significant presence in the disc golf community, capturing the attention of players with their high-quality discs and innovative designs. Their equal scoring is indicative of their strong market positions and the competitive nature of the disc golf industry.
In third place, Clash Discs made a notable impact with a Google search score of 29. This brand has rapidly gained popularity among disc golfers, thanks to its unique offerings and commitment to quality. The brand’s ability to resonate with players and create a buzz in the market is evident in its impressive search score.
Trailing closely in fourth place is Thought Space Athletics, scoring 26 in the Google search analysis. This brand has distinguished itself with its creative disc designs and a strong focus on aesthetics, alongside performance. Their growing popularity reflects a trend among disc golfers who value both form and function in their gear.

Most Popular Small Disc Golf Brands

Now when it comes to the smaller disc golf brands, those without any sponsored professional players, here are the results.
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Leading the pack is Doomsday Discs, scoring a notable 23 in Google searches. This emerging brand has rapidly carved a niche for itself with its edgy designs and vibrant community. Doomsday Discs’ growing popularity is aided by their unique disc designs that get people talking.
RPM Discs follows with a search score of 17, reflecting its rising status among disc golf enthusiasts. Known for its innovative approach and diverse disc selection, RPM Discs has established a loyal following, which is clearly reflected in its Google search popularity.
Yikun Discs, with a score of 13, is next in line, showcasing its growing influence in the disc golf community. Yikun has some absolutely beautiful discs, more than thirty different molds and some unique overmold discs like the Tomahawk, Twin Swords and Meteor Hammer. These unique discs help give this brand something to talk about.
Divergent Discs, scoring 12, also makes the list, highlighting the brand’s increasing recognition. This brand is known for its focus both beginner-friendly and discs for low arm speed players.
Finally, Finish Line Discs, with a search score of 11, rounds out the list. Despite being a smaller brand, Finish Line Discs has made an impact with its high-quality products and being owned by professional disc golfer Drew Gibson certainly helps.

Disc Golf Brands Not Popular Enough

When evaluating the best small disc golf brand, we discovered that numerous young and emerging companies had such limited online presence that they didn’t generate any search results. These companies evidently need to enhance their marketing strategies to increase their visibility and popularity. By doing so, they can encourage potential customers to seek out more information about their brand and products through Google searches. The brands that are currently too small to yield search results include:

Conclusion: Discovering Your Ideal Disc Golf Brand

While the brands we’ve highlighted are among the most popular small and medium-sized disc golf brands according to Google search trends, it’s important to remember that popularity doesn’t always equate to personal preference. The best way to find the brand that resonates with you is through experimentation and exploration.
Diving into the world of disc golf, the key is to try discs from a variety of different companies and experience the unique qualities of different plastic types. Each brand offers something distinctive, whether it’s the feel of the disc, its flight characteristics, or even the aesthetic appeal. By experimenting with a diverse range of products, you give yourself the opportunity to understand what works best for your style and needs.
Most disc golfers find their preferred brand organically. This journey often begins with experimenting with various discs and gradually noticing a pattern in your choices. You might find yourself gravitating towards a particular brand after discovering a few discs from their line-up that perfectly match your playing style. This natural affinity towards certain brands is what makes disc golf not just a sport but a personal journey of discovery.
So, while lists and popularity rankings can be a great starting point, they are not the definitive guide to finding your perfect disc golf companion. The real adventure lies in the hands-on experience of testing, throwing, and growing with your discs. Embrace the diversity of the disc golf world and enjoy the journey to finding the brand that feels like it was made just for you. A great way to try new brands at an ultra low cost is to try out our different Mystery Box options.