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Prodiscus is a disc golf manufacturer based in Finland that started in 2006. This is the first disc golf company based out of Finland. They strive to produce high quality products for both professional and amateur disc golfers. While focusing on product development, they created a full set of discs along with other disc golf equipment and gear. These discs are well made, excellent for most everyone who plays disc golf. With a healthy line up of discs, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

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Disc Golf Starter Sets

Prodiscus 3 Disc Introductory Set


Prodiscus Plastics

Prodiscus has a few options for plastic blends, they are as follows:


Basic plastic is Prodiscus' base plastic which offers a soft plastic and superb grip. Making this a great choice to try out a disc or for your putter.


Premium is a Prodiscsus' premium plastic. This is highly durable plastic that is somewhat translucent and grippy. Due to the amount of grip, it has a slight gummy feel to it.


Ultrium is the best premium plastic that Prodiscus has to offer. This plastic is grippy and stiff, offering excellent grip and durability. It is comparable to Prodigy's 400G plastic.
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