Innova is one of the largest manufacturers of disc golf equipment in the world. Providing a full line of quality made discs and disc golf equipment. They have a large selection of distance drivers, fairway drivers, midranges, approach discs, and putters. Within this full line of discs you’ll find discs for players of all skill levels and for almost any need on the golf course. Along with this line up, they have one of the most extensive selection of plastics. Ensuring that you can find a disc that suits your needs.

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Innova Discs Plastics

Innova provides a full line up of plastic options:


DX is a base plastic that offers a good amount of grip for an affordable price. This is a great introductory plastic for any disc, to determine whether you like it or not without breaking the bank. This plastic tends to beat in quickly than most other plastics.


Champion plastic is a translucent and highly durable plastic. This helps helps the disc to maintain is original flight path much longer than other discs. Champion plastic can withstand a great amount of wear from throwing it.


Star is a premium plastic that offers a good amount of grip and excellent longevity. This plastic is also rather stiff, enabling a comfortable and controlled grip. Star plastic makes an excellent plastic maintaining the disc's flight path and have great grip.


Gstar plastic is a premium plastic designed specifically for use during the cold winter months. It is like a more flexible version of star plastic. This offers a little bit more grip and more flex than the star plastic. 
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