Hyzer vs. Anhyzer

hyzer vs anhyzer

If you are still learning disc golf, it is normal for you to hear terminologies that are so unique to the sport. You probably haven’t heard these terms before, but you need to familiarize yourself with them because they are essential to disc golfers like you. Two of these words are hyzer vs. anhyzer, two terminologies that are important for you to learn if you want to improve your throwing skills and technique.

But what is actually the meaning of hyzer and anhyzer and their importance to disc golf? What is the difference between these two related disc golf terms? The answer to these questions and other related information related to these two terminologies will be dealt with in this article. We will discuss the importance of hyzer and anhyzer in relation to the throwing technique of every disc golfer.

Hyzer vs. Anhyzer: What is the Difference?

The hyzer and anhyzer are two types of release angles when you throw a disc in the game. The difference between hyzer and anhyzer is how the disc is released in an angle by the disc golf player. The hyzer throw happens when the top of the disc is facing away from the thrower. The opposite is anhyzer, where the top of the disc will face the thrower upon release. Always remember that hyzer and anhyzer are all about the release angle of the disc when the player throws it on the field.

There have been many misconceptions where players associated hyzer and anhyzer with how the discs fly after leaving the thrower’s hand. Certainly, throwing with a hyzer or anhyzer angle will cause the discs to fly in specific ways. However, other factors, like the type of discs and the wind, also influence these flight characteristics. So, always remember that hyzer or anhyzer is all about the angle of your release when throwing a disc and nothing else.

What is Hyzer?

what is hyzer

A hyzer is a throw where the thrower releases the disc’s edge downward, be it a backhand or forehand. Mastering this fundamental shot can help you navigate trees and save strokes on the disc golf course.

You need to learn different hyzer throws as they will help you deal with different game situations. For instance, hyzer flips involve releasing the disc with an outward angle, causing it to flip up to flat or to the right due to its understable nature. This technique is useful on tight courses for tunnel shots or maximizing distance.
A spike hyzer happens when you throw the disc in a super hard hyzer angle using an overstable disc. In this throw, you are meant to maintain the hyzer line while driving it toward the ground. In a utility throw, use a low hyzer release with an overstable disc to make it skip left, helping it navigate trees and land close to the basket.

What is Anhyzer?

Anhyzer is the complete opposite of hyzer when it comes to throwing the disc. So, instead of releasing the disc with the angle down, you are going to release with the angle up. Doing this type of release will give a completely different flight compared to the hyzer. For a standard anhyzer shot, use an understable to stable disc to maintain the desired line throughout the flight.

Anhyzer releases are excellent for flex shots. With an overstable disc, releasing it on an anhyzer will allow it to return to flat and finish to the left with stability. Flex shots offer both distance and accuracy, ideal for maneuvering around obstacles and targeting specific lines.

Meanwhile, rollers are excellent utilities in your bag that can be used in specific game situations. For successful rollers, lean back slightly to achieve a sharp angle. Upon release, the disc will either pop up to flat or roll for maximum distance. A forehand throw works best for controlling the landing angle.

Learning to throw anhyzer is easy if you spend your time practicing it. When throwing anhyzer, all you do is lean back but make sure that you will stay balanced. It is important to keep that exact angle and pull through; you will eventually hit the line you are looking for. But make sure to have the right angle you want before releasing the disc.


Learning the concept of hyzer vs. anhyzer can be difficult if you are a beginner. This situation is understandable, but find ways to know the difference between these two release angles. If you can learn to remember the angles, you will have some idea of how the disc will fly. Always remember that whatever the side of the disc is facing down will determine the direction of the flight. If the top is facing away from you, then that is a hyzer angle. If the top is facing towards you, then that is an anhyzer.

These release angles are just one of the many factors that every disc golfer will need to improve and refine their skills and forms. Learning the details of the hyzer and anhyzer release is an excellent start for you to improve your throwing technique. More importantly, you will now have some kind of idea once you hear all those experienced disc golfers talking about these two terms.