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Yikun Disc Golf

Yikun has been making waves as one of the leading disc golf manufacturers since its inception in 2008. Hailing from China, Yikun has made a name for itself in the disc golf world, crafting top-notch discs that have earned the trust of big players like Discmania and Viking Discs among others. Yikun’s broad skill in crafting discs reveals their knack for both quality and adaptability in the disc sports market.

History in Discs Sports

Yikun’s commitment runs deep; they’re not just making discs, but actively shaping the sport itself. Yikun’s impact on the disc golf scene in the States is hard to ignore; they’ve got gear for pros who know their way around a course and rookies just starting out. But what really puts their passion on display is how they’re backing Ultimate Frisbee in Asia. Yikun doesn’t just support Ultimate Frisbee in Asia; they roll up their sleeves, setting up and backing tournaments that amp up the sport’s vibe. Yikun not only champions disc sports with their events but also kits out numerous Ultimate teams, making the game more visible and easier to jump into. Yikun lives and breathes disc sports—it’s in their DNA, as their motto “Born for Disc Sports” boldly proclaims. They’re all about pushing the game forward and making sure everyone, everywhere can get a taste of the action.

Yikun Disc Line

Yikun’s own disc line is a testament to their innovation and attention to detail. With more than 35 different molds, they offer a range of discs suitable for various skill levels and play styles. Their array features discs that are a cinch for newbies, easy on the wallet choices, distinctive patterns, and a special collection of triple mold discs that stand out from the rest. Every disc Yikun churns out hits that sweet spot—looking good while nailing the performance.

Yikun Drivers – Yikun boasts a range of 10 distance drivers and eight fairway drivers. For those seeking significant distance, the She Gong is a top choice. Discover more about Yikun Drivers here.

Yikun Fairway Drivers – Yikun has some good fairway drivers with a good selection of straight flyers, understable, and overstable discs.

Yikun Midrange – Yikun offers some of the most accurately flying midrange discs in disc golf, particularly suited for beginners and players with lower arm speeds. Explore the complete range of Yikun Midrange discs here.

Yikun Putters – Yikun presents a comprehensive selection of putters for those in search of a new option. Their variety includes beaded and beadless putters, models both tall and thin, as well as stable and understable options, some featuring thumb tracks. Delve into the world of Yikun Putters here.

Yikun Claws – $5.99
Yikun Hammer (Chui) – $5.99
Yikun Crossbow – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Gou – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Gui – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Hu – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Jiao – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Jun – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Kang – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Kui – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Ling – $5.99
Yikun Shu – Starting from $5.99
Yikun View – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Wei – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Wings – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Xing – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Yan – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Yao – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Yi – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Zheng – Starting from $5.99
Yikun Rong – $9.99
Yikun Zhu – $9.99
Yikun DA’E – Starting from $12.49
Yikun Bi – Starting from $12.49
Yikun Long – Starting from $12.49
Yikun QI – Starting from $12.49
Yikun Jin Wu – Starting from $12.99
Yikun FU – $12.99

For More Information on Yikun and some of the Great Molds, Watch This Video

Plastics Varieties

The variety of plastic types available from Yikun is another aspect where they excel. Their lineup includes floating plastics for water hazards, ultra-soft plastics for safety and enhanced grip, Halo-Esque multi-color plastics with distinctively colored rims, and cost-effective base plastics. They also have an eco-friendly blend made from recycled materials. The quality of Yikun’s plastics has seen significant improvements over the last decade, a change partly attributable to their partnership with Discmania.

Yikun Disc Art

Adorned with unique artwork that celebrates the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, Yikun’s discs offer players a touch of heritage alongside their sport. Yikun discs stand out not only for their performance but also as emblems of Chinese heritage, each one intricately decorated to celebrate the richness of that culture on the playing field. Yikun’s discs, merging top-notch playability with traditional Chinese motifs, have swiftly become favorites on the disc golf scene.

If you’re looking for quality and affordable disc golf discs, Yikun is a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yikun Discs

Where are Yikun Discs Made?

Yikun Discs are made in Ningbo, China. They have a state of the art facility there where they manufacture disc golf and ultimate frisbee discs.

Does Yikun Manufacture Discmania Discs?

Yes, but not most Discmania Discs. The Yikun Originals and Evolution lines are made at their factory in Sweden. The Discmania Active Line discs are manufactured by Yikun in China.

Are Yikun molds the same as Discmanias?

Most Yikun molds are unique, however some molds are shared with some of the other brands, including Discmania, that they partner with.

Are Yikun Discs Good?

This question is very subjective, but most would agree that Yikun Discs are indeed very good. Yikun is not just a Chinese Manufacturer but an international company focused on disc sports. They have high quality plastics and a variety of molds. Some would argue that Yikun makes the best beginner discs in the game.

Yikun Disc Golf Banners at a tournament