Simon Line Pixel and Eagle Envy – Huge MVP Announcements!

Eagle McMahon contemplating about his new sponsor MVP

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 05:12 pm

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Best Small Disc Golf BrandsMVP Disc Sports made a huge announcement this morning.

Not only did they announce the release of the next Simon Line Disc, the Pixel, but they also announced the reuniting of the Crush Brothers with the same disc golf brand sponsor.

Eagle McMahon to Be Sponsored by MVP

Yes, it’s confirmed. Eagle McMahon will now be sponsored by MVP and Axiom Discs. While the specifics of Eagle’s contract haven’t been disclosed, it’s speculated that it may not be as substantial as Simon Lizotte’s contract from the previous year. Nevertheless, the offer must have been significant to entice Eagle away from his long-standing sponsor, Discmania.

Eagle McMahon Axiom Envy

Eagle McMahon EnvyFollowing the sponsorship announcement, it’s likely that part of Eagle’s contract includes incentives linked to disc sales, and he has chosen an exceptional disc for his first signature edition. The Axiom Envy, the first MVP-manufactured disc to feature Eagle’s name, is also, perhaps not coincidentally, the best-selling disc from Axiom. Already a crowd-pleaser, the popular Envy is sure to attract both fans of Eagle McMahon and the disc itself.

Pre-Order your Eagle McMahon Envy Here

Axiom Pixel

Simon Line PixelNot to be overshadowed by the Eagle McMahon announcement, MVP has also unveiled the latest addition to the Simon Line today: the Axiom Pixel Putter.

The Axiom Pixel is arguably the most anticipated disc of the year. Granted, we’re only 16 days into the year, but this release could very well be the highlight of 2024!

Designed by and for Simon Lizotte, the Pixel is his chosen putter, likely making it the most frequently used disc in his bag. Unlike the hugely popular Timelapse, the Pixel is a disc that players of any skill level or experience can enjoy. Many will purchase this disc simply because it bears Simon’s name, but they’ll quickly discover that it’s a top-quality putter, thoughtfully designed by Simon Lizotte himself. He has already released several teasers and highlight videos on his YouTube channel, showing his genuine enthusiasm for this disc.

There are three different variations of the Pixel available. You can pre-order any of them at the best price and with special bonus item offers right here.

Pre-Order the new Simon Line Pixel here.