How to Play Disc Golf

how to play disc golf

If you happen to be interested in disc golf and want to learn the sport more, then learning how to play disc golf should be your next plan. Disc golf is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to enjoy a lifetime sport that is affordable, easy to learn, and provides excellent physical and mental conditioning. I have known several players who started with a limited fitness level then gradually improved as they increased their playing level.

If you want to learn how to play the sport, then reading this article from start to finish is essential for you. Our team will give information you need to start playing the sport, such as the equipment you need to start playing. We will also teach you the proper way how to score in a disc golf game to give you a glimpse of how disc golf is played on the course.

How to Play Disc Golf for Beginners

Basically, disc golf is similar to traditional golf but only uses different equipment during the game. So, instead of using golf clubs and balls, this sport uses a disc golf disc and targets a disc golf basket during the game instead of a hole in the ground. The basket is made up of a pole that is planted into the ground with chains and a basket where the disc should land.

The game’s main objective is quite similar to traditional golf, which is to complete all of the holes with the fewest number of throws. In general, a disc golf course usually comes with 9 to 18 holes which should be completed in one full game. The disc golf player with the lowest total throws after playing all the holes wins the game.

Step 1: Things You Need to Start Playing

Believe it or not, you will only need one disc golf disc if you want to start playing immediately. If you have the disc, you can go to an open and uncrowded space and start practicing throwing the disc. You do not need an official disc golf course immediately as you can convert open space to be your own disc golf course. But, if you want to play for a legitimate course, there are around 10,000 disc golf courses worldwide that are ready to serve you anytime. Udisc is a popular app that people use to find course around them and to keep score.

Meanwhile, I have emphasized that this sport is inexpensive to play, which is suitable for anyone looking for a recreational sport to excel in. The average price of the disc golf discs is from $10 to $25, depending on the quality. This affordability is why I always feel that this sport is perfect for the family as a form of recreational or a bonding activity.

Disc Golf Discs

If you are a beginner and still learning the sport, the most important thing is to choose suitable discs during the process of learning. Most of the disc manufacturers usually offer a starter pack for beginners that includes one of each of the different types of disc golf discs which is the putter, midrange, and driver. Please take note that many discs manufacturers produce different types of discs. These manufacturers provide different types of discs with various weights and plastics to let players choose and experiment with a disc that will help level up their game.

For beginners, I suggest focusing on improving your throwing technique using the slower discs, such as putters and midranges. These discs are usually easier to control and throw with a lot of glide. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the flight rating of the discs, which is generally indicated on the discs, as it will help you understand the flight characteristics of each disc and how it responds to the type of throw that you want to do.

Other Things You Need

You will also need a comfortable wardrobe during the game, which will allow you to throw easily on the field. It is essential that you are comfortable and can move around effortlessly during the game. Other things you may need to include are a mini-marker disc, towel, snacks, and water. A disc golf bag is also recommended to organize your discs, although it is not necessary to have some if you don’t see the need.

how to score disc golf

Step 2: Playing an Actual Disc Golf Game


Before playing an actual disc golf game, preparation is essential. You can prepare by familiarizing yourself with the course if you can before the actual round. As a player, it is also your responsibility to practice a few days before an actual round. Then, you should be prepared physically and mentally on game day by eating the proper meal. A carbohydrate-rich meal is highly recommended to help you meet the challenge of playing an actual disc golf round.

You must also make sure that everything is already prepared, including all the equipment you plan to bring on the course. Also, preparation means that you will need to make sure that you are ready to play and enjoy whatever happens on the disc golf course.

Playing a Disc Golf Game

The game will start at the tee, where the tee-off order will be determined through a mutual arrangement made by the players. Another option is to flip the discs where the printed side is the head, to help determine the throwing order. The order on the subsequent holes will be determined depending on the player’s scores where the player with the lower score on the previous hole should throw first.

A disc golf hole starts from a tee area and ends at a target, usually an elevated metal basket. Once a player advances to the fairway, he should make the next throws to the spot where the disc has previously landed. Please note that all of the trees, bodies of water, shrubs, terrain, and other obstacles are all part of the challenges presented in the game to make it more exciting.

Also, a mini marker disc is used to mark the position where the disc came to rest after the throw. Every beginner should also learn the proper placement of the foot during the throw. The foot where you put your weight should be located close to the front line of the tee and behind the marker disc.

If the disc hits a tree or a bush or hits the water, there are specific rules to follow, such as the out-of-bounds area designated for players to throw their discs when in these situations. This rule is to make the players safe once their discs land in a difficult position such as the tree or water.

Step 3: How to Score Disc Golf

Scoring in disc golf is a relatively easy job where you will just count each throw you make as a stroke. You will need to keep track of all the throws made in each hole using a scorecard. After playing all of the holes, all the strokes will be added together where the players with the lowest strokes win the game. When it comes to scoring in disc golf, you will need to put the total number of throws that a player makes on every hole, including the penalty strokes and throws.

Each hole has specific requirements of strokes or throws to get the disc into the basket. If the player can get the disc into the basket required by each hole, that is called par. If you did fewer throws, it is called birdie (1 below par), eagle (2 below par), albatross (3 below par), or ace (hole-in-one). If a player required more throws, it is called a bogey (1 above par), double bogey (2 above par), triple bogey (3 above par), +4, +5, etc.

For example, if the course you played is par 54, where each of the 18 holes is a par 3. If a player throws a 56, then his score is +2. If a player shot a 52, then his score is -2 because you throw two strokes under par. Please take note that after all the players play all the holes, you will need to add the score on the first nines holes and do the same on the back nine. You will add them together to determine your total score, which will be added to the total box on the scorecard.


If you are interested in this sport, learning how to play disc golf is a must. Playing the sport brings a lot of upsides for you as a person, be it mentally or physically. It is also a significant advantage that playing disc golf will not need you to spend a lot of money in order to learn and play the sport. Overall, dis golf is an excellent recreational and bonding activity for families who want to enjoy their free time.