How to Become a Pro Disc Golfer

how to become a pro disc golfer

If you have been playing disc golf for a while, then the thinking of going professional has probably crossed your mind. Since you are confident in your skillset and always stand out from other disc golfers during local competitions, the desire to turn pro is probably in your plan. But how to become a sponsored disc golfer? What is the easiest path to take if you want to earn a living using your disc golf skills?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, you’ve got to read this article from top to bottom. We have compiled and listed different tips that can get you to become a pro disc golfer and start earning money from the sport you love. Also included is additional information you can use to increase your chances of becoming a pro disc golfer.

How to Become a Professional Disc Golfer

The best thing about doing what you love is to start earning money from it. This situation is similar to disc golf, where you can turn your love for the sport into a career and start making money for a living. But this is easier said than done, and you need to follow the tips below to jumpstart your career as a pro disc golfer.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

If you want to be a pro disc golfer, you need to polish your skillset, form, and every aspect of your game. Meaning, you must improve continuously and take your game into another level. When I am talking about practicing more, I am not talking about playing more disc golf rounds. Yes, play more often will help you, but constant practice is all about fine-tuning every aspect of your game. That means doing fieldwork

Actual practice has a routine that should work in improving every aspect of your game. You need to devote your time to work on one part each practice and try to improve it. For example, you can improve your putting first, then midrange shots, and so on. You need to develop a perfect routine that suits your needs in developing your game’s aspects. By doing this consistently, you are going to get better and play like a pro.

Train To Be a Professional

Apart from improving every aspect of your game through constant practice, being a professional disc golfer also requires your body to be prepared for the grind that lies ahead. Meaning, you need to be physically fit and conditioned to be a professional disc golfer. And being fit is achievable if you train like there is no tomorrow to build the strength and the conditioning you need.

Just like your practice routine, you need to formulate a strength and conditioning routine for your training. You need to allocate time for this to be able to achieve optimal fitness levels. In disc golf, you do not need to build huge muscles like a bodybuilder. What you need are combinations of power, stamina, and flexibility, and these factors should be your focus of training.

Watch More Films and Be a Student of the Game

Another way to improve yourself and become a pro disc golfer is to watch more disc golf rounds on videos and be a student of the sport. Being a student means studying the plays on film, paying attention to all the details, including how the top golfers throw, place the shots, and other information you need to learn. It is like a film session that will enable you to learn from the best and apply it to your game.

The good thing about having film sessions is you can rewatch it again at any time. You can evaluate what went wrong during the game and what needs to improve, especially in approaching the game. You can also learn from top golfers how they come to the game and their form when preparing for a shot.

Finding and Hiring the Right Coach

The best way to speed up the process of your development as a pro disc golfer is to look for a coach to help you. There is no better way to improve than to have someone who can see your form and techniques from an outsider’s perspective and opinion. Meaning, the coach should be able to see all your strengths while also having the ability to pinpoint what is missing in your game and the areas that need improvement.

A good coach should be an expert in his own right and should create a training program that will cater to your needs as a disc golfer. Although it will be challenging to find a good coach, having an investment like this will come a long way in improving you as a player in general. You can find local coaches in your area or hire professionals to teach you because they have all the knowledge and experience to impart to your overall learning of the sport.

Play in Accredited Tournaments and Go on Tour

If you plan to be a professional disc golfer, you must start signing up for official tournaments and competing. There are lists of events listed on the official website of the PDGA where you can refer for your planned games. Or you can look at Disc Golf Scene. I would suggest to start competing in tournaments near your area and take it from there.

If you have been competing locally, as you win the local tournaments more and start to leave the local competition behind, the best thing to do is to go on tour. Doing this will expose you to a higher level of competition and, of course, new courses to play. The more rounds you play, the more it will help in acclimatizing your game as a pro, while developing your game at the same time.

How to Get Sponsored in Disc Golf

how to get sponsored in disc golf

Sponsorship on the disc golf sport is not given to a player on a silver platter. A player needs to earn it by getting noticed by sponsors and companies. The key to getting a sponsor is your performance in every tournament that you have participated. If you outperform the rest of the field in every tournament or seeing your name consistently on the leaderboard, chances are that  sponsors and companies will notice as you start making a name for yourself.

And having a name for yourself can only be done if you start competing in high-level tournaments sanctioned by the PDGA and start winning them. Many companies will be watching and are watching from the sidelines while trying to spot promising talent among possible candidates as ambassadors for their brand. Whether it’s a local brand or a big-time company, you need to showcase the game’s passion and dedication to be the best ambassador of the game.

Market Yourself to Get Sponsor

Another tip is to market yourself to become a sponsored professional in disc golf. Companies like Innova and Discraft are looking for players that can market their brand. Please take note that these companies want exposure to the brand so that they can sell more discs. If you deal with yourself well and have the ability to impress potential sponsors, then you are on your way to impress potential sponsors.

Other ways to market yourself are to hold clinics  if you can regularly. You can do this while also improving your skills and play at the highest level at the same time. Having a personal brand on your own as a player will play a significant part in getting sponsorships.

Having a website or Youtube channel is a great way to start a brand to get many followers in the process. Once you have the following, sponsors will come to you once you have a solid social media presence and many followers.

A good rule of thumb for sponsorship is to answer this question; “what can I do to make the sponsor more money?”


How to become a pro disc golfer is not an easy thing to do. Its pathway is rugged and rough, but if you are determined to achieve your dream and put in the work, you will become a pro disc golfer in no time.

The most important thing is to put your mind to it. Practice and train like a pro and look for other ways to improve your game. Whether it is hiring a coach or consistently studying the sport to enhance your game, or anything else that will benefit your skills and form.

Meanwhile, getting a sponsor as a disc golfer will not come easy. You’ve got to have a name for yourself and be consistent in winning. Not only that, you need to be the best version of yourself and act like a real ambassador for the sport or to possible companies and brands.

The most important thing is to make a name for yourself and get noticed by companies to get sponsorship deals as a disc golfer.