How to Get Better at Disc Golf

how to get better at disc golf

So, you have started playing disc golf and wanted to take it to the next level. The only way to get better at the sport is to practice and work on the necessary skills. Whether it’s knowing the correct form and technique or leveling up your disc golf skills.

But developing your skills and getting better at the sport will require you to make a tremendous amount of effort and constant practice. If you are dead serious about taking your game to the next level, you need to understand that you have to take action now. Putting in the work as early as now will come a long way as you gain knowledge and gain experience, which will convert into additional skills and techniques.

Different Ways to Improve your Disc Golf Game

There are certain things that you can do to get better at disc golf. Some of these things require you to change your lifestyle to improve your body’s condition while some will change your throwing form. Please check on the list below for different ways on what you can do to improve your disc golf game:

Get Your Body in Shape

If you want to improve your disc golf game, you’ll need to get your body ready for the challenge and the difficulty of playing the sport. In other words, you must get your body in shape or improve your physical fitness. If you are not yet in good physical condition, my advice is to develop a fitness routine to help your body get into the best physical shape. You can create a general exercise plan or look for a workout that will help in improving your cardio.

An ideal way is to find a workout routine that is made specifically for disc golf. There are new workout routines being designed primarily to improve the muscles used in the sport. You can do several exercises to help improve all the muscles required in disc golf. There are also disc golf workouts developed to make you stronger and more fit in playing several rounds of disc golf. There are more structured programs available also, like Disc Golf Strong.

Learn New Techniques through Instructional Videos Online

Learning new disc golf techniques will not need you to go outside and play on the field, until you need to practice the technique. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can learn new techniques and skills by watching instructional videos online, such as Youtube and other platforms. Youtube is the most popular medium where many free instructional videos are found and are free of charge. The disc golf player can get a lot of information and knowledge applied on the entire disc golf course.

Used the Right Disc Golf Equipment

If you want to improve and level up your game, you may need to acquire the proper disc golf equipment. If you can, using disc golf equipment used by professionals is an excellent way to prepare yourself and your skills to the next level. Doing this will also help acquire the right mindset when it comes to competing with seasoned professionals and experienced disc golf players. Whether using the right putter, midranges, and drivers or using a high-quality disc golf bag, all of these things can help you improve as a disc golf player. One of my favorite disc golf exercise equipment to use is the Pro Pull.

Look for a Mentor

Another way to improved your skills and get better at disc golf is to find a good mentor who will teach you the ins and outs of the disc golf sport. A professional player is a good mentor to have, or you can get any player who has been playing the sport for a long time. Someone who has been playing and winning tournaments can also be a good mentor. Whether it’s a professional or semi-professional player does not matter as long they can impart a lot of knowledge to you in relation to the sport.

Another way to find a mentor is to attend or enroll in disc golf clinics. The difference in attending a clinic is that it focuses on special skills or techniques that you need to improve your game. Attending clinics is all about improving the weakest link in your game and improving whatever it is that needs improvement in your skills, form, and consistency.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

As cliche as it sounds, practice makes perfect, which is also true for improving your disc golf game. Whether it’s practicing outside or at home, the most important thing is to focus on every aspect of your game that needs improvement. Practicing constantly is the key to gain more improvement into your disc golf game.

How to Practice Disc Golf

how to practice disc golf

In order to have a great disc golf practice is to have a plan. You already know what to do by doing this, and it eliminates wasting your time on the field. Avoid going into a practice session without a plan or a goal in mind. You need to know what specific purpose or goals you need to achieved when doing the practice session.

You also need to have a partner that will serve as your eye during the practice. Your partner can be your mentor or other players who will watch you and what you are doing. You need someone who will be observing you and will let you know your performance during practice. By doing this, you will have an idea if you are close or have achieved your goals in every practice session.

How to Practice Disc Golf at Home

Sometimes, practicing your disc golf game does need you to go to a disc golf course. Some circumstances prevent you from going to the field, but you can always use your home as an alternative place for your practice. You can even do it without the basket by simply picking a target a few meters away from where you are standing. Then you can aim and try to throw the disc aiming for your target. You can repeat what you are doing until you perfect your throw and achieve your required target.

If you own a disc golf basket, you can find a space on your home ground and try to work on your putting or any other types of throws. If you do not have a disc golf basket, try to be creative by using unconventional materials such as an old basketball hoop, trash can, or even a big drum. Using these materials can also help you perform your practice drills even in the comfort of your own home.


There is no way to go but up! This phrase should be your motivation when it comes to learning how to get better at disc golf. There are many ways to improve your skill level and technique, but the most important thing for you is your commitment to improving every day. The secret to being a better disc golf player is putting in the works daily and putting your 100 percent effort into it. When you do this, you will be a better disc golf player in no time.