Exel Discs – Brand of the Week

Exel Discs Logo

Exel Discs is another premium plastic Import brand, this time manufacturing ultra quality discs in Finland.

After trying them, you will agree that Exel has some of the most premium disc golf plastic on the market.

Each disc is named after trees or vegetation, emphasizing their nature-inspired theme.

  1. Nila Putter: Offers a comfortable grip with a flat top and smooth finish.
  2. Havu Approach Disc: Ideal for long putts and short holes, with a slight understable turn.
  3. Kanto Midrange: Features a blunt edge and large bead with straight flight and consistent fading finish.
  4. Tuohi Midrange: Flat top and pronounced curve on the rim while featuring a similar flight pattern to the Kanto.
  5. Puro Fairway Driver: Smooth flight, good for 300-foot shots.
  6. Korpi Distance Driver: Overstable, suitable for players with high arm speed.

Read more about Exel Discs here.

Exel is our brand of the week and you will be able to try these amazing discs for a fraction of their MSRP price this week. Try these great discs now!

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