Alfa Discs – Brand of the Week

Alfa Discs Logo

Say hello to our latest pick for Brand of the Week—Alfa Discs! Norwegian brand Alfa Discs prides itself on supplying everyday disc golfers with reliable and well-crafted gear that boosts confidence and enjoyment out on the course.

Alfa Discs is a Norwegian disc golf brand founded by brothers Alexander and Benjamin Eliassen after being inspired by their visit to Infinite Discs in the U.S. They started by selling various brands online and at local tournaments but transitioned to manufacturing their own discs in response to supply shortages during the pandemic. Alfa’s first disc, the Apollo, is a straight-flying midrange designed for both beginners and experienced players. Quality control is paramount for this brand—they examine every single disc carefully. Beyond that attention detail, they’re investing in sponsorships for players while consistently rolling out new equipment options. Learn more about Alfa here .

Alfa Discs currently boasts a diverse lineup of four discs designed to enhance your game:

1. Atlantis– A highly understable easy to throw, high glide, nine speed fairway driver perfect for low arm speed players.

2. Cosmic – Another top-tier fairway driver that complements the Atlantis, providing versatility in your disc selection with a consistent reliable stable flight.

3. Apollo – A straight-flying midrange disc that ensures precision and consistency, making it an essential part of any disc golf arsenal.

4. Snoopy (also known as Theios) – A putt and approach disc that excels in short-range accuracy and control.

This week, we’re offering a special clearout deal featuring three of Alfa’s standout discs: the Apollo, Cosmic, and Theios. Grab this set of three premium imports—ideal for beginners looking to learn the ropes or pros wanting that extra edge in gameplay. Grab this chance to take your disc golf game up a notch with Alfa Discs!