Disc Golf Discs Cheaper than Amazon (and better too).

Amazon vs DDG

For many online shoppers, if you’re buying something, chances are you’re doing it on Amazon. Fast-forwarding through traditional retail challenges, Amazon offers both quick-shipping options and an impressive range of low-cost products. However, while products on Amazon are typically affordable, they can be even cheaper when bought directly from the source. In this case for disc golf, that source is DiscountDiscGolf.com.

So, how exactly are we certain about that?

Because we also sell on Amazon. As a seller, it’s not cheap to sell on Amazon’s platform.

This is one of the reasons we started DiscountDiscGolf.com.

Discount Disc Golf offers the same inventory you find on Amazon, using the same behind-the-scenes inventory management program. Our products use the same inventory as sold on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and directly on our Shopify website. By avoiding the high Amazon selling fees (which can amount to up to 50% of the product cost due to selling fees, shipping fees, storage fees, and advertising fees), we pass these savings on to you. We sell the exact same products from the same inventory but without the added fees.

Because the fees for selling on Amazon are so high, small businesses can only make a profit if they either:

A. Jack the prices way up

B. Sell really low-cost products (which usually means low quality).

Amazon Products Are Not Always the Same Quality

You won’t find low-priced American-made discs on Amazon because the profit margins just aren’t there. Yes, there are really cheap discs on Amazon, but these are often low-quality knock-offs. The cheap discs you find on Amazon are usually made in China by companies that know nothing about disc golf, the flight of a disc, or what makes a disc golf disc good. They use low-cost, inferior plastics that aren’t durable, are too stiff, and are not deemed safe by the PDGA. In many instances, these Chinese companies simply knock off American-made disc golf molds with their own cheap plastic versions. They photoshop stock images and try to apply them to disc golf, even though the models are obviously not playing disc golf. For those who understand disc golf, many of these Chinese Amazon pages are quite comical.

In terms of internet sales spaces, none can compare to how extensively and effectively Amazon has captured this arena. Some people will only buy on Amazon, which is why we list our products there.

Save More By Shopping Direct

However, if you’re looking for affordable disc golf discs that are high quality, made by, and recommended for people who know, love, and actually play disc golf, at prices even cheaper than those on Amazon.com, shop directly from the Discount Disc Golf outlet store.

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