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Thought Space Athletics, or TSA, is our Brand of the Week for May 12th-18th.

At the heart of the disc golf community, Thought Space Athletics leads with unmatched artistic flair and inventive ideas. Known for their visually striking designs and high-quality craftsmanship, Thought Space Athletics offers a range of discs that not only perform exceptionally on the course but also stand out for their aesthetic appeal. At Thought Space Athletics, it’s all about blending utility with beauty in each disc. Players seeking gear that works as well as it looks need look no further—this brand delivers just that.

Unlike most other disc golf brands, Thought Space creates unique artwork for every disc run. This increases the collectability of the discs and provides better consistency, as different disc runs sometimes exhibit different flight characteristics. Most discs in the TSA line are manufactured by MVP in the USA, but some of their putters and newer molds are produced by different manufacturing companies, giving this brand more variety.

Best Thought Space Discs

All TSA discs are exceptional, but these are the top sellers according to sales at Infinite Discs over the last year:

The Mantra, the original disc released in the Thought Space line nearly five years ago, remains the best seller. It is an understable driver that provides sneaky distance for new players and holds an excellent anhyzer line for advanced throwers.

Professional disc golfers like Matt Bell, Eric Oakley, and Thomas Gilbert have helped increase the awareness and popularity of discs like the Votum, Construct, and Pathfinder. TSA supports a number of touring professionals.Thought Space Discs

Thought Space Drivers

There are a number of excellent drivers in the TSA line. The Synapse stands out as the only true distance driver, targeting advanced and professional players. The Animus and Construct are speed 10 drivers that are suitable for players of all skill levels.

Where Thought Space really excels is with their fairway drivers. The Coalesce and Votum offer stable and reliable flights; the Coalesce is a speed nine driver, while the Votum features a thinner rim and a speed rating of 7.5. If you’re seeking a robust wind-resistant disc, the Omen serves as the Firebird-like mold in the Thought Space line. Completing the control driver lineup is the popular Mantra, an understable driver.

Thought Space Midrange

The TSA line currently includes two midrange discs. The Pathfinder is a Buzzz-like midrange with a straight to slightly stable flight, while the Mana is quite understable, making it ideal for beginners and new players. Soon, TSA is expected to release an overstable midrange called the Crux.

Thought Space Putt and Approach Discs

For those who prefer grippy putters, the TSA line will not disappoint. The Alter, Muse, and Pneuma are excellent for putting, while the Temple is perfect for reliable overstable approach shots that need to land softly near the basket. The Praxis is a premium plastic, straight-flying approach disc, ideal for navigating tight gaps on wooded courses.

Get TSA Discs for Less!

This week, you can get extra deals on select TSA discs including the Synapse, Omen, Construct, and Pathfinder at more than half off their normal MSRP. With deals this low, it’s the perfect time to try out a new brand. Check out these on-sale discs here.

A great way to acquire Thought Space discs for even more savings is by purchasing them as part of a TSA bulk set. This offers additional savings on every disc.

Thought Space is a unique disc golf brand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try their great discs this week.

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