Thought Space Athletics

Thought Space Athletics (or TSA) is a disc golf company out of Maine that makes premium discs with attractive three color stamp designs. TSA has a goal of elevating the mind and body through sport and art. They initially started off as an apparel company in 2012, focusing on on bringing attractive and comfortable apparel to the market. In 2019, they started to manufacture their own molds and plastic blends. Each run of discs offers a unique stamp for each mold and each plastic type. Their discs are sure to elevate your game.

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Thought Space Athletics Plastics

Thought Space Athletics offers a handful of plastic types:


Aura plastic is a premium opaque plastic. It offers good grip and is highly durable. Making this a very comfortable plastic to use on long approach shots or for your drives. This plastic is excellent for any disc that is used off the tee.


Ethereal is a premium blend that has a metallic shine to it. This plastic provides good grip and high durability. This is the most stunning plastic TSA offers. which makes this plastic a great option for throwing or as a collectible.


Ethos is a translucent plastic that offers various bright colors. It is well designed to maintain the integrity of the disc's flight path. Making this a long lasting and durable plastic.

TSA Glow

TSA Glow plastic is similar to their Ethos plastic. However, this is a little more tacking, allowing for a better grip. TSA boasts that this glow plastic will shine brighter than most other glow plastics on the market. Making it a great choice for day or night use.