XCom Discs


This week, we are excited to feature XCom as our brand of the week!

XCom is a prominent Chinese frisbee manufacturer specializing in Ultimate Frisbee and making significant strides in the Asian market. Much like Yikun, XCom is now expanding its presence in the U.S. disc golf market.

Quality and Affordability

XCom offers an impressive selection of disc golf discs in a variety of plastics. During the pandemic, XCom discs sold quite well. However, as mainstream brands restocked, we found ourselves with a surplus of these excellent discs. This surplus presents a fantastic opportunity for disc golfers: you can now get high-quality XCom discs for much less than other brands, especially this week while they are our featured brand.

XCom Drivers

XCom boasts a robust lineup of drivers, including eight distance drivers and four control drivers, all PDGA approved. Notable mentions include:

  • Zion: A stable driver that delivers consistent performance.
  • Helios: An understable driver, perfect for beginners looking for ease of control.

Midrange Discs

XCom’s midrange lineup includes six PDGA-approved discs. Highlights are:

  • Griffon: The most popular midrange, known for its straight flight. Also available in glow plastic.
  • Eden: Offers additional stability for those more challenging shots.


XCom offers six PDGA-approved putters, each designed for different play styles:

  • Bennu: Features a domey shape with a glidey, slightly understable flight.
  • Dawn: Known for its unique feel, flat top, and greater stability as a throwing putter compared to the Bennu.

XCom Disc Golf Sets

One of the most popular ways to purchase XCom discs is through their disc golf sets. These sets provide an excellent way to try a variety of discs at an affordable price.

Why Choose XCom?

If you’re budget-conscious but don’t want to compromise on quality, XCom is the brand for you. Made in China, XCom discs are among the most affordable on the market. There’s no better time to try out XCom discs than this week, as they are on sale as our brand of the week.

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore XCom’s range of high-quality, affordable discs  today!

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