Disc Golf Memorial Day Sale 2022

Memorial Day is just around the corner. We are pretty excited about this as we are going to have some sweet deals and awesome things! This disc golf memorial day sale is to help you to get ready for the Summer. After all, Summer basically starts now. So this is what we got going on for you:

Memorial Day Sale Items

Infinite Discs

Dynasty (I-Blend) is on sale for $10.49

Alpaca (I-Blend) is on sale for $10.49

Centurion (I-Blend) on sale for $10.49


Thought Space Athletics

Omen (Ethos) on sale for $14.99

Synapse (Aura) on sale for $14.99

Synapse (Ethereal) on sale for $14.99

Viking Discs

Viking Discs starter sets on sale up to 20% off:

3 Disc Starter Set  – $17.99

8 Disc Starter Set  – $54.99

Ground Set – $43.19

Storm Set – $74.99

Armor Set – $84.99

Tournament Set – $79.99

Knife (Storm) on sale $11.99

Divergent Discs

Minotaur (Max Grip) on sale for $6.99

Max Grip Glow Plastic on sale for $7.55

Kraken (Max Grip Glow) for $7.55

Lawin (Max Grip Glow) for $7.55

Leviathan (Max Grip Glow) for $7.55

Narwhal (Max Grip Glow) for $7.55

3 Disc Glow Starter Set for $16.99

Other Disc Golf Memorial Days Sale Items

In addition to these featured items there will be other items that are up for sale. You can check out the various other sale items through this link.

To all of our veterans and active duty members, thank you for your service. It is difficult for us to put into words the gratitude that we feel for your service. Though we do not fully understand all that you have given up and what you face; we recognize your efforts. Thank you.