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Note. This post was written for 2021 Disc Golf Black Friday Sale. Click here for the most current Discount Disc Golf black Friday discounts. 

Black Friday is around the corner, which is real exciting! Here at Discount Disc Golf, we want to provide you a wonderful disc golf shopping experience for 2021 Black Friday. Be sure to read on to check out the Black Friday disc golf deals.

To see the disc golf Black Friday sales you’ll simply need to go to our home page. Towards the bottom, there is a category titled: On Sale. There you will see every item that is on sale. Making it easy to shop the sale items without navigating to any special page.

Disc Golf Black Friday Disc Sales

Every disc golfer enjoys new discs to throw and try out. Starting the last weekend of November, you’ll save 10-30% on select discs. There will be a variety of discs from a handful of brands. Brands like RPM Discs, Divergent Discs, X-Com, and Yikun Discs; to name a few. Within these molds, we will have different plastic types available for your benefit as well.

Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs is a brand that is focused on making discs for the amateur and casual player. These discs are easy to use and provide some pretty good flights. They have discs that work well for the beginner, and others that work well for more advanced players as well. During the Black Friday weekend; the Nuno and Kapre will be on sale. These discs will sell for 20% off of manufacturer suggest retail price (MSRP).

Check out the Kapre here, this makes a great straight flying midrange. This can be the workhorse of your bag as this disc can do most any line you wish it. And check out the Nuno here, this works great for your putter or for a throwing putter. It has enough stability to handle a full power throw. These discs will be available for $9.59.

RPM Discs

RPM Discs is a great manufacturer from New Zealand. They make some excellent plastic and have a lot of good molds. This brand will have the most discs on sale. They have a disc for everyone, the beginner as well as the professional player. They have base plastic, mid-grade plastic, and premium plastic. And they have some of the most beautiful plastic that I have seen. These discs will be 15% off of MSRP. You’ll see that the Tui, Pekapeka, Kea and the Kiwi are on the Black Friday Deals of 2021.

Check out the Tui in Magma Plastic here, this disc is a straight shooting putt and approach disc. Making a great disc to throw that has very little to no fade. You can purchase these Tuis for $13.59. Take a look at the Pekapeka options here, this a great driver for all skill levels. For the beginner this disc can help achieve greater distances. While for the more advanced player, you’ll be able to achieve rollers, hyzer-flips, or massive turnover throws. The sale for the Pekapeka will be on the Strata Plastic (for $11.89), Cosmic Plastic (for $15.29), and the Atomic Plastic (for $16.14).

See the Kea in Cosmic plastic here, the Kea makes for an excellent overstable midrange. This is a constant, hard hooking utility disc. This disc golf disc will be on sale for $15.29 during Black Friday weekend. And the Kiwi in Cosmic plastic is another disc that deserves a look. This is a beefy distance driver. Designed to handle power, or to be your utility disc for those crazy high headwinds. This too is on sale for $15.29.


Yikun provides a great product for the Disc Golf community for an affordable price. They provide discs in varying plastics and for all skillsets. Ensuring that you’ll find a mold that suits you and your needs. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of their molds in stock to provide a great selection of Yikun discs. But we are able to discount the Yikun FU.

Check out the Yikun FU (Pheonix Line) here, this is an excellent workhorse disc. This is a low speed fairway driver that has a good amount of stability. Making for a great beginner disc that will last the years. This disc will be on sale at 30% off MSRP, or $11.19.


XCOM is a manufacturer that started off in ultimate, and has recently branched off into disc golf. They have a good line of beginner friendly discs. These discs are all easy to throw, and help the beginner learn how to throw. All of these discs have been in base plastic, to help keep the prices low and affordable. However, they’ve recently released a new premium plastic that makes these discs better. For this Black Friday the durable plastic will be on sale for $10.49, or 25% off MSRP!

Check this Griffon out here, this offers some great straight flights for beginners and advanced players alike. This disc makes for a great go-to disc for the beginner – a disc that can do it all. While for the more advanced player, this becomes more of a controllable understable disc – used for hyer-flips and turnover shots, or touch straight throws.

Also, take a look at the Helios here, this disc is an understable fairway driver designed to be thrown easily. Beginners will some good distance with throwing this disc. They’ll see some good S-cure flights, and will be able to learn more about angle control and increase their game with this disc.

Disc Golf Black Friday Gear Deals

Above and beyond discs, we will have some disc golf gear on sale for this Black Friday weekend as well. We will have disc golf bags, a tournament stool, and a rangefinder. Check out the specific Black Friday disc golf gear deals below:

The Prodigy BP-1 is on sale for a steal of $104.99. This bag is a massive bag. It can hold 20+ discs, two water bottles, and still have room for other disc golf needs. It is made out of a Nylon Ripstock fabric that is durable and long lasting.

The Prodigy BP-2 is on sale $59.99. While not as large as the BP-1, this bag still has a large storage capacity for discs, drinks, and other course essentials. Still be able to hold around 28 discs. It too is also made of the Nylon Ripstock fabric, providing a great bag that will last a long time. This is a great bag to have for all disc golfers.

The Divergent Disc Golf Bag is a great starter bag. This bag is on sale for $12.49. This bag is great for the betting as it can hold the bare essentials. It’ll hold around 10 discs, where 1-2 can go in the putter pouch in front. It has a water bottle holder, and a mesh pocket on the top flap. Which gives you a spot to hold a wallet, keys, or a phone.

The Apex Rangefinder is an excellent tool for any disc golfer who is working to improve their accuracy and game. This helps the disc golfer know exact distances, to practice and replicate it in a round. This will be on sale for $109.99 for these Black Friday sales.

The Infinite Discs Tournament Stool is a great portable stool to use while on the course or in tournaments. A great seat to have while out on the course needing a break, or stuck in a hole backup during a tournament. The tournament stool will be on sale for $29.99 during the Black Friday weekend.

Final Thoughts

The Discount Disc Golf team is excited for this Black Friday and the disc golf deals we are offering. We hope that you’ll have a goo experience. It is crazy that Black Friday is just next week.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need any help.