Disc Golf Gift Ideas

disc golf gift ideas

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The best thing about playing disc golf is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to play the sport. At the bare minimum all you need is a disc to throw around. Specifically the right kind of disc. Another upside of playing the sport is you can influence others to play by giving different gifts related to the sport. There are many disc golf gift ideas that I can think of which you can give to aspiring disc golf practitioners.

There are so many disc golf items of which you can gift, and the majority of them are rather affordable. Additionally, giving disc golf items is one way to encourage other people to try and play the sport.

Whether you’re looking for a disc golf gift for a beginner disc golfer or the seasoned disc golfer, you’ll be sure to be able to find a gift that matches your budget easily. However, navigating the terminology of disc golf can be quite intimidating. Even I find that I have to reconfirm the meaning of some terminology to myself. This terminology is especially difficult for those outside of the disc golf community. This is to help the disc golfer or the non-disc golfer to help find some gift ideas for the beginner and the seasoned disc golfer.

Gift Ideas for Non-Disc Golfer

There are a variety of different gifts that are excellent for a non-disc golfer. The idea you want to focus on is getting good equipment that will provide a good experience and optimize their ability to perform. The products recommended below will do just that.

Entry Level Disc Golf Discs Set

For a non-playing friend of yours, there is nothing more valuable than giving them a disc golf starter disc set. This will help them feel comfortable playing and using their own discs. These discs are generally designed for the beginner in mind. The discs will give them the best opportunity to feel confident in throwing and progressing beyond the beginner stages.

One of our best selling starter sets is the X-Com Golf Beginner Starter Set. You may read this post for other great disc golf starter sets.

A Single Disc

At the bare minimum, a single disc is all that is needed to play disc golf. Which makes buying a single disc a great present to get. This gift can be a little harder, as you want to find a disc that is beginner friendly.

Our best selling beginner friendly disc is a Divergent Discs Leviathan. If you want to look at other options check out this post on beginner friendly discs

Gift Ideas for Disc Golf Players at All Skill Levels

gift ideas for non-disc golfer

There are all sorts of different items related to disc golf; books, discs, and other gear. What I mean, there are a ton of gift ideas and items related to the sport which you can give to anyone regardless of their experience. Whether they just started playing or are already an experienced disc golfer, there are many disc golf-related items that you can provide to them as a gift.

Portable Disc Golf Basket for Practice

This disc golf item is an excellent gift to anyone, regardless of their experience playing the sport. This portable basket is a perfect way for any disc golfer to improve their putting skills just in their backyard. The portability of this product will let the player set up the practice session anywhere as long as it has an area that will allow him to putt easily.

Infinite Discs Rescue Retriever

This gift idea is an excellent gift for any disc golfer. This particular pole is a telescopic pole that can extend to 16 feet and shrinks down to about 2 feet. Making this quite the effective tool as it increases the reach without taking up too much space. This tool is used to retrieve discs from hard to reach places.

This is an excellent gift as it will help your disc golfer friend to save their discs from the hard to reach areas. The Infinite Discs Rescue Retriever is a great retriever tool for any disc golfer.

Disc Golf Bag

Whether a disc golfer is just starting or is an experienced player, they need a disc golf bag to keep their discs organized while also providing extra storage for the other things they bring out to the course. The type of disc golf bag you will give will all depend on the type of disc golf player.

For example, if the player is new to the game, a starter disc golf bag that can accommodate a minimal amount of discs is enough. Take for example the Infinite Discs Easy Bag. However, if you are giving it to someone who is a disc golf enthusiast, you will need a bigger disc golf bag that suits their preference. A high-end disc golf backpack or a large disc golf bag that can accommodate many discs is best suited for these players.

A large shoulder bag is a good bag that will hold a lot of discs. Enabling the player to carry all of the needed discs for their round. However, the amount of storage space is lacking. A good large shoulder bag is the Infinite Discs Tournament Bag. The ability to carry things outside of discs isn’t the best, especially when compared to backpacks.

Depending on the backpack will determine whether you will have a greater capacity than large shoulder bags. Backpacks are a great way to more easily carry your discs and other disc golf gear. These bags can increase storage capacity or offer a lower storage capacity than large shoulder bags. One of the best selling backpacks that we offer is the Prodigy BP-1. This increases disc storage as well as increases the capacity to hold other items that your disc golfer wishes to carry with you while playing a round.

Other Gift Ideas

Apart from the basic disc golf items mentioned above, there are other related disc golf items that you can gift. For experienced disc golfers, you can give a disc golf rack, disc golf cart, limited edition discs, disc golf shoes, gift cards, and many more. Disc golf items designed to make the life of a disc golfer easier are available online. All of these products are excellent gift ideas during the holidays and other special occasions.


There are many disc golf gift ideas that you can give to your family, friends, and acquaintances. For the more experienced disc golfer friends of yours, there are also many gift items that you can give to make them more comfortable and organized when playing the game. As a sport, there are many items related to disc golf that you can give to your friends to make them happy during the holidays or any other special occasion. Your options are unlimited when it comes to gift ideas.