Clash Discs – Brand of the Week

Clash Discs

Clash Discs is our featured brand of the week.

For those unfamiliar with Clash, this brand has rapidly made its mark in the disc golf world over the past few years. Known for their catchy disc names, innovative products, and premium plastics, Clash has seen consistent growth year over year since its inception in 2021—even in a declining market.

Clash Discs promotes itself with the motto, “throw it to hear it.” As a premium Finnish disc golf brand, their discs are whimsically named after foods, with offerings like Candy, Peach, Mint, and Popcorn.

Innovative Approach to Disc Golf Design

Unlike mainstream brands such as Innova and Discraft, Clash aims to innovate rather than imitate. They have introduced double mold plastics unique to the industry. Their latest Tone plastic discs incorporate a denser plastic at the base to add weight to the outer rim, enhancing distance.

Their Double Steady plastic line features distinctive shapes and designs. The interior flight plate uses a different plastic and color than the outer rim—a pioneering approach in the industry. While these Double Steady discs come at a premium, they offer unmatched uniqueness for those seeking something truly special.

Cheap Clash Discs

Although Clash is not a discount brand, here at, we offer the lowest prices on their discs—especially this week while they are on sale as our featured brand.

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Best Clash Discs

Among the extensive range of excellent Clash discs, the following are the top sellers:

  1. Wild Honey: A favorite for its ability to cover great distances, making it our top seller.
  2. Vanilla: Ideal for those with slower arm speeds, offering an understable flight path that makes distance easy.
  3. Salt: A distance driver suited for advanced players and forehand throws, comparable in flight ratings to the Innova Wraith.
  4. Berry: Known for its straight flight path, perfect for narrow, wooded courses.
  5. Soda: A slightly understable fairway driver with a reliable fade, great for new players.
  6. Popcorn: A versatile putter with a straight to slightly understable flight and impressive glide.
  7. Cookie: Offers consistent flight and stability in all conditions, with a mild fade.
  8. Peach: A straight-flying midrange, slightly more understable than the Berry, ideal for Hyzer flip throws.
  9. Butter: A beadless putter with a distinct flight and feel, different from the Popcorn.
  10. Cinnamon: A fairway driver with a speed rating of 9, known for its solid control and distance.

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