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Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 02:05 pm

Last updated by Simon

If you’re a regular customer, you might’ve noticed the recent facelift to your disc golf outlet store. We’ve upgraded our website platform to Shopify, the crème de la crème of e-commerce platforms, known for its breezy purchase process and seamless checkout. These tweaks were crafted to amplify your shopping joy, making bagging the top disc golf deals smoother than a perfectly thrown hyzer.

Indeed, our prices still reign supreme as the internet’s most wallet-friendly. Every disc’s price tag is unbeatably low, the lowest on the internet, and always challenging MAP pricing. And now, there are even more opportunities to save and save big.

Thanks to our latest site revamp, promotions are juicier, and deals are so good they’ll make you do a double-take. Here’s a sneak peek at what your go-to Disc Golf Outlet Store has in store:

Daily Deals Galore!

Sure, this isn’t a new concept, but our daily deals have undergone a serious glow-up. Now, you have four stellar bargains to choose from daily, not just one.


Build Your Own Bundle Sets

Back by popular demand and better than ever, our build-your-own bundle packs let you handpick your bulk disc selection, ensuring you snag exactly what you need with the same epic discounts. Dive into our build-your-own bundle packs for savings up to an additional 50% off.

Starting with as few as four discs, choose from specific brands or maximize your savings with our overstock Not-so-Mystery Box. The more you add to your cart, the bigger the savings!

$5 Disc Golf Discs!

Yes, you read that right. And it’s not just a Black Friday treat. These $5 deals are an everyday staple at the internet’s premier disc golf outlet store. At these prices, stocking up is a no-brainer, especially if you’re eyeing that free shipping threshold.

$10 Premium Plastic Discs

Explore our vast selection of discounted discs and find premium plastic options at 40-80% off retail. Why wait for sales when premium discs are under $10 any day of the week? Don’t miss out on these unbeatable deals.

Easy Comparison Feature

If you have a preference for the flight characteristics of a specific name-brand disc but are deterred by its price, our advanced search feature is here to assist. It’s all about helping you discover affordable disc options that mirror the flight and feel of your favorite pricier models. You won’t have to sacrifice either quality or how it performs in your game, because we make sure of that! Thus, you’re empowered to keep the game you cherish in play, utilizing discs that align with your quality standards without making a dent in your finances. Dive into our user-friendly platform and let us guide you to high-quality, affordable discs that don’t sacrifice on the flying experience you’ve come to cherish.

Shop discs by speed, and stability to determine whether it’s overstable or understable. Once you’re within any pages you can narrow down the search further. Filter by disc type, speed, glide, turn, fade, or Brand.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

We’ve made it even easier to qualify for free shipping. Just a few more additions to your cart and voilà – shipping’s on us.

Growing Every Week

Just warming up, we’re constantly on the hunt for closeout deals, adding more of the most sought-after disc golf gear weekly. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and check back often to find out what’s new


Get ahead of the crowd with our pre-order options for the hottest new discs, ensuring you snag these treasures before they fly off the shelves.

For unbeatable disc golf deals, your search ends here at your dedicated disc golf outlet store. Thanks for letting us be a part of your game!